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U.S. 287 North
Departing from IH 40 west, U.S. 287 north accompanies the ending IH 27 freeway north to a two-wye interchange with the one-way couplets of Buchanan / Pierce Streets and Fillmore / Taylor Streets. U.S. 287 merges with U.S. 60 east beyond the Fillmore Street off-ramp for U.S. 87 north. Photo taken 05/05/12.
Traffic on U.S. 60 east & 87 north separates with U.S. 60 taking the two-lane ramp and combining with U.S. 287 north on Buchanan Street. U.S. 87 northbound parallels the U.S. route pair two blocks to the west through Downtown Amarillo. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 60 East U.S. 287 North
Decorative arches are positioned at both entry points to Downtown Amarillo from IH 27 north, and above the departing U.S. highways to IH 27 and 40 south. Photo taken 05/05/12.
Trailblazers direct motorists onto Buchanan Street north from the freeway end. The north section of Buchanan Street originates as a residential street from Interstate Drive and the Plemons neighborhood. Photo taken 05/05/12.
The first in a series of traffic lights along U.S. 60 east & 287 (Buchanan Street) north is located at SE 11th Avenue. 11th Avenue leads west to Ellwood Park. Photo taken 05/05/12.
SE 10th Avenue doubles as SL 395 east to Tee Anchor Boulevard. The unmarked state highway provides a direct route from Downtown to IH 40. Photo taken 05/05/12.
SE 9th Avenue flows east from the central business district to nearby industrial areas along the BNSF Railroad. Photo taken 05/05/12.
Heading west with one-way traffic, SE and SW 8th Avenue stretches across the original Town of Amarillo area to Mc Masters Street. Photo taken 05/05/12.
Reassurance markers for U.S. 60 & 287 posted north of SE 8th Avenue. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 60 east & 287 (Buchanan Street) north at SE 7th Avenue eastbound. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 60 & 287 intersect SE 4th Avenue by the Amarillo Civic Center and the Globe-News Center for the Performing Arts. Photo taken 05/05/12.
3rd Avenue provides the next through route across the BNSF Railroad line en route to the Wolfin and Denver Heights areas. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 60 east & 287 north shield assembly posted at Buchanan Street and SE 2nd Avenue. Photo taken 05/05/12.
2 photos
2 photos
Buchanan Street northbound dips below a BNSF Rail yard through a 1936-built subway. Photos taken 05/05/12.
Drivers emerge from the subway at NE 2nd Avenue. A traffic light follows at NE 3rd Avenue at the Holland community. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 60 east & 287 (Buchanan Street) north at NE 7th Avenue. Photo taken 05/05/12.
A sign bridge precedes the split of U.S. 60 east from U.S. 287 north at Business Loop I-40 (Amarillo Boulevard). U.S. 60 overlaps with the business loop east throughout east Amarillo. Amarillo Boulevard represents the 1953-70 bypass alignment of Historic U.S. 66. Photo taken 05/05/12.
The original bypass for U.S. 66 followed Amarillo Boulevard west 4.8 miles to SW 9th Avenue. Business Loop I-40 overlays all of the route west to IH 40 at Exit 62A. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 287 North
U.S. 287 remains on Buchanan Street for three more blocks from U.S. 60 (Amarillo Boulevard) before shifting westward onto a freeway with U.S. 87. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 87 U.S. 287 North
Traffic from U.S. 87 and U.S. 287 combines ahead of the NE 15th Avenue underpass. A short distance further is the ramp departure for Oak Drive and the Hamlet community. Photo taken 05/05/12.
The ensuing northbound exit consists of a diamond interchange for NE 24th Avenue at Thompson Memorial Park and Amarillo Zoo. A lane drop follows at the SL 434 (River Road) off-ramp. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 87 & 287 (Dumas Drive) continue north between Wonderland Amusement Park to the west and Hamlet Shopping Center to the east. Photo taken 05/05/12.
U.S. 87 & 287 (Dumas Drive) shift west and partition with Loop 434 (River Road) at a half diamond interchange. Traveling north for 4.999 miles, Loop 434 follows the pre-freeway alignment of both U.S. highways. Photo taken 05/05/12.
The succeeding northbound exit joins U.S. 87 & 287 with Hastings Avenue on the north side of Thompson Memorial Park and Ross Rogers Golf Course. Photo taken 05/05/12.
Interchange sequence sign outlining the final three Amarillo city exits. Cherry Avenue follows across U.S. 87 & 287 at the subsequent exit on the city line. Photo taken 05/05/12.
A pedestrian overpass spans U.S. 87 & 287 (Dumas Drive) north at the off-ramp for Central Avenue. Central Avenue leads west to FM 2176 (Broadway Avenue) and east from parallel SL 434 (River Road) into the Pleasant Valley community. Photo taken 05/05/12.
The 1965-built freeway elevates over Central Avenue on the half mile approach to Loop 335 (St. Francis Avenue). Photo taken 05/05/12.
Presently a diamond interchange joins U.S. 87-287 (Dumas Drive) with Loop 335 (St. Francis Avenue). Long range plans involve upgrading the 40-mile beltway around Amarillo into a limited access highway. Photo taken 05/05/12.
The U.S. 87 & 287 freeway extends another five miles north from the SL 335 underpass to Reclamation Plant Road. Photo taken 05/05/12.
Following the east side frontage road, drivers bound for Loop 335 enter a signalized intersection with St. Francis Avenue. Loop 335 narrows to a five-lane arterial east to Glen Street, where it incurs expressway like characteristics east to Texas 136. Photo taken 05/05/12.
West from U.S. 87-287 (Dumas Drive), SL 335 comprises a four-lane, divided highway to interchanges with FM 2176 (Broadway Drive) and FM 1719 (Western Street) on the outskirts of Amarillo. Photo taken 05/05/12.

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