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U.S. 290 East
Looking east from the ramp from connecting the Sam Houston Tollway south to US 290 eastbound. Photo taken 06/19/05.
U.S. 290 advances one mile southeast to the off-ramp for Fairbanks - North Houston Road. Photo taken 06/19/05.
U.S. 290 between Beltway 8 and IH 610 previously had six general purpose lanes and one reversible HOV lane. During peak hours, the at-grade freeway was unable to meet traffic demands. The US 290 Program construction project through late 2018 added an additional lane per direction and rebuilds the reversible HOV/Toll lane to include a shoulder, and extends it west to SH 99 (Grand Parkway). Photo taken 06/19/05.
One quarter mile from the slip ramp to Fairbanks - North Houston Road. 290 Program construction relocated this off-ramp further west. Texas does not place exit numbers on non-Interstate Highway (IH) roads. Photo taken 06/19/05.
Fairbanks - North Houston Road constitutes a north-south arterial serving various industrial and business parks, warehouses and distribution centers. Photo taken 06/19/05.
Elevating across Fairbanks - North Houston Road, U.S. 290 continued 0.75 miles southeast to the Tidwell Road off-ramp. Program 290 road work relocated this off-ramp to depart within one quarter mile. Photo taken 06/19/05.
Tidwell Road and Hollister Street intersect just northeast of U.S. 290. The arterials navigate through a densely populated area of apartment complexes and big box retail. Photo taken 06/19/05.
The succeeding exit from U.S. 290 east connects with the south side frontage road ahead of Pinemont Drive, Bingle Road and West 43rd Street. Photo taken 06/19/05.
Pinemont Drive stems east from Hempstead Road through industrial park areas to intersect Bingle Road just east of U.S. 290. West 43rd Street parallels Pinemont to the south across several neighborhoods east to Cole Creek. Photo taken 06/19/05.
The HOV lane previously elevated across West 43rd Street for a ramp to the Pinemont Drive Park & Ride facility. This viaduct was demolished during the 290 Program. Photo taken 06/19/05.
The next exit serves Antoine Drive and West 34th Street, which intersect just south of U.S. 290. Photo taken 06/19/05.
Antoine Drive heads south from the Greater Inwood community to cross paths with U.S. 290 through an industrial corridor to Hempstead Road. West 34th Street comprises an east-west arterial by several shopping centers and apartments buildings. Photo taken 06/19/05.
The last U.S. 290 exit before IH 610 is Dacoma Street and Mangum Road. Photo taken 06/19/05.
A diagrammatic sign outlines the default movement of U.S. 290 east to IH 610 south, which immediately meets IH 10. Photo taken 06/19/05.
U.S. 290 ends at the three-wye interchange with IH 610 constructed in 1962. The HOV lane connected to IH 610 southbound and the Northwest transit center. Photo taken 06/19/05.


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06/19/05 by Kevin Trinkle

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