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The bulk of U.S. 301 throughout North Carolina parallels Interstate 95 as a local route. Exceptions occur through Lumberton, where U.S. 301 follows the original bypass route of Downtown, which in 1961 became a part of Interstate 95. Further north, U.S. 301 overlaps with nearly the entirety of Business Loop I-95 through Hope Mills and Fayetteville. Until 1988, a lenghty portion of U.S. 301 through the Rocky Mount vicinity was also cosigned as Business Loop I-95.

U.S. 301 North
U.S. 301 northbound after the diamond interchange with Interstate 95 (Exit 33). Photo taken 12/16/07.
Driving north along U.S. 301 after the intersection with Blanchard Road. A small crop of residences line the intersection in an otherwise forested and rural area. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Parkton Tobemory Road leads northwest from U.S. 301 to the village of Parkton and NC 71. U.S. 301 continues north from that intersection here. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Kinking northeast, U.S. 301 approaches Oakland and NC 71. Photo taken 12/16/07.
An unusual intersection diagram sign posted ahead of the NC 71 northern terminus. Photo taken 12/16/07.
NC 71 travels southwest three miles to Parkton and seven miles to Lumber Bridge (NC 20). Red Springs is a 15-mile drive via the state highway. Photo taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 301 north at the southbound beginning of NC 71. NC 71 totals 28 miles overall between here and U.S. 74 Business & NC 130 at Maxton. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Continuing north from NC 71 on U.S. 301. Interests to Interstate 95 should follow the route to Hope Mills. Photo taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 301 travels 12 miles to Fayetteville (U.S. 401) and 37 miles to Dunn (U.S. 421). Photo taken 12/16/07.
Northbound after the intersection with Canady Road north and Green Springs Road south on U.S. 301. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Entering Cumberland County, home of Fayetteville, along U.S. 301 north. Photo taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 301 remains rural through farm land on the approach to Hope Mills. Photo taken 12/16/07.
Four miles north of NC 71, U.S. 301 prepares to merge onto Business Loop Interstate 95 north. Photo taken 12/16/07.
A wye interchange joins U.S. 301 and Business Loop I-95 north of its separation from Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/16/07.
U.S. 301 South
Situated between the communities of Four Oaks and Smithfield along U.S. 301 is the northern terminus of U.S. 701. The Carolina based US highway travels south of U.S. 301 through a diamond interchange with the adjacent Interstate 95 (Exit 90). This photograph displays the junction shields for both highways as posted along U.S. 301 southbound. Photo taken 08/07/00.
U.S. 301 scenes
NC 72 (West 5th Street) splits with the original U.S. 301 alignment ahead of the diamond interchange with I-95 at Exit 17. U.S. 301 followed West 5th Street before Interstate 95 was constructed. Photo taken 12/16/07.
NC 72 west at I-95/U.S. 301 north to Fayetteville. NC 711 combines with NC 72 west from this exchange. NC 711 travels ten miles to Pembroke while NC 72 turns northward to Red Springs. Photo taken 12/16/07.
NC 72 west at I-95/U.S. 301 in Lumberton. U.S. 301 follows Interstate 95 north to Exit 22. Photo taken 12/16/07.

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