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U.S. 301 was realigned from Middletown Warwick Road and Summit Bridge Road (SR 71) on January 10, 2019 with the opening of the toll road northeast to SR 1 at Biddles Corner.

U.S. 301 north
Welcome to Delaware sign posted beyond the U.S. 301 intersection with Strawberry Lane. Construction realigned the US route onto a limited access toll road directly from the state line northward. Photo taken 12/16/16.
A short distance north of Strawberry Lane, U.S. 301 intersected SR 299 (Warwick Road) west. SR 299 connects with MD 282 and the community of Warwick, Maryland. Main Street through Warwick was originally numbered as MD 299, which is the reason why SR 299 is numbered as such.
This shield assembly was previously removed by 2014. Photo taken 08/27/05.
Traffic lights were added during construction of the new U.S. 301 toll road for SR 299 (Warwick Road) west. SR 299 combined with U.S. 301 north into Middletown from here. The state route was realigned in 2017 onto a frontage road along the west side of the U.S. 301 toll road to Levels Road. Photo taken 12/16/16.
U.S. 301 north & SR 299 (Middletown Warwick Road) curved northeast and approached the town of Middletown. Annexations from the municipality overtook undeveloped farmland for new subdivisions, town home complexes, shopping centers and schools. Photo taken 12/16/16.
A reassurance marker for U.S. 301 north appeared after the former intersection with Middle Neck Road. Middle Neck Road angles northwest from the realignment of SR 299 (Warwick Road) to Middle Neck between the Little and Great Bohemia Creeks in Maryland. Photo taken 12/16/16.
SR 15 north & 299 east
SR 15 merges with SR 299 along Warwick Middletown Road (old U.S. 301) from Levels Road by the Middletown Levels Business Park. The intersection with Levels Road was relocated 850 feet to the west in 2007 to eliminate the acute angle of the intersection. Photo taken 12/26/16.
The ensuing signal along Middletown Warwick Road operates at Merrimac Avenue. Merrimac Avenue arcs north from Industrial Drive by the Amazon Fulfillment Center to SR 15 & 299, adjacent retail areas, the Arbor at South Ridge community and the continuation of SR 15 along Bunker Hill Road. Photo taken 12/26/16.
SR 15/299 (Middletown Warwick Road) advance eastward along a commercialized stretch to their split at Bunker Hill Road west and Main Street east. Photo taken 12/16/16.
Diamond State Boulevard west and South Ridge Avenue east come together at the succeeding traffic light along SR 15/299 north. The local roads connect Middletown Warwick Road with adjacent big box retail and the Parkway at South Ridge town home community. Photo taken 12/16/16.
SR 15 and 299 partition for Bunker Hill Road west and Main Street east respectively. Bunker Hill Road leads SR 15 west between the Bunker Hill Center business park and the South Ridge communities to Appoquinimink High School and Choptank Road. Photo taken 12/16/16.
SR 299 follows Main Street through Downtown Middletown on the eastward continuation to Odessa. A formerly rural drive, the SR 299 corridor comprises a suburban arterial beyond the Middletown street grid. Photo taken 12/16/16.
Middletown Warwick Road continues northward with four lanes to Peterson Road, the alignment of U.S. 301 until 1994. Photo taken 12/16/16.
U.S. 301 north
An Interstate 95 trailblazer stands along Middletown Warwick Road beyond the split with SR 15 north and SR 299 east. This stretch of arterial will be unnumbered upon completion of the U.S. 301 toll road in January 2019. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Peterson Road parallels a set of Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks from SR 299 (Main Street) north to Middletown Warwick Road. Doc Levinson Drive stems west from the signalized intersection with U.S. 301 to the Middletown Village town home community. Photo taken 12/20/16.
A premature signing of SR 71 appears along U.S. 301 north of Peterson Road. SR 71 remains along Broad Street to the east of the Norfolk Southern Railroad line. Photo taken 12/29/17.
Broad Street takes SR 71 north across Middletown directly to U.S. 301. Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 71 (North Broad Street) south leads motorists back to SR 299 (Main Street) in Downtown Middletown. The state route joins the town with Townsend and U.S. 13 (Dupont Parkway) near Blackbird. Photo taken 12/20/16.
U.S. 301 & SR 71 combined along Summit Bridge Road northward from Broad Street. SR 896 joins Summit Bridge Road north from Mount Pleasant for its continuation to Glasgow and I-95 at south Newark. Photo taken 12/20/16.
The Norfolk Southern Railroad line bisects the wye intersection of Middletown Warwick Road (old U.S. 301) with SR 71 (Broad Street). Long queues are common at this traffic light due to commuter traffic during the peak hours. Photo taken 12/20/16.

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08/27/05, 12/16/16, 12/20/16, 12/26/16, 12/29/17 by AARoads

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