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U.S. 301 North
The forthcoming intersection with MD 300 (Sudlersville Road) uses J-turns. 12/16/16
MD 300 leads 3.87 miles west to Church Hill and 3.29 miles east to Sudlersville. 12/16/16
MD 300 joins U.S. 301 with Dover, Delaware via the connection with SR 300 and SR 44. Dover lies 24 miles to the east. MD 300 transitions into SR 300 two miles east of Peters Corners. 12/16/16
MD 300 (Sudlersville Road) meets MD 290 (Dudley Corners Road) in two miles east at Dudley Corners and MD 313 in four miles at Sudlersville. 12/16/16
Beginning from MD 300 (Sudlersville Road) at Dudley Corners, MD 290 (Dudley Corner Road) heads 1.2 miles north to meet U.S. 301. 12/16/16
A parclo B2 interchange joins U.S. 301 with MD 290 (Dudley Corners Road) 1.2 miles mile south of Pondtown and 3.2 miles south of Crumpton. 08/27/05
MD 290 (Dudley Corners Road) passes underneath U.S. 301 along a 5.91 mile course to MD 291 (River Road) in Kent County. MD 290 meets U.S. 301 again near Sassafras and the Cecil County line. 12/16/16
MD 544 (McGinnes Road) crosses paths with U.S. 301 near the community of Unicorn in northern Queen Annes County. 12/16/16
MD 544 travels 4.5 miles west to McGinnes on the 11 mile drive to Chestertown. MD 313 (Millington Road) parallels U.S. 301 nearby, running northeast 2.4 miles to Millington and south 3.8 miles to Sudlersville. 12/16/16
MD 544 (McGinnes Road) comprises a 9.48 mile long route overall between MD 213 (Church Hill Road) near Kingstown and MD 313 (Millington Road). 12/16/16
MD 544 meets U.S. 301 at a J-turn intersection, with the section east to MD 313 inventoried by MDOT SHA as MD 544A. 12/16/16
U.S. 301 (Blue Star Memorial Highway) crosses Unicorn Branch north of MD 544 and this distance sign for Wilmington. 12/16/16
U.S. 301 intersects Pfaltzgroff Road between Unicorn Branch and the Chester River, one half mile south of MD 291 (River Road). 12/16/16
MD 291 (River Road) converges with U.S. 301, 1.5 miles west of MD 313 in the town of Millington and 11.8 miles east of MD 213 in the Kent County seat of Chetertown. 12/16/16
U.S. 301 travels 39.49 miles northeast across Queen Annes County from Anne Arundel County on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Kent County. 12/16/16
MD 291 parallels the Chester River east from MD 20 along an 18.34 mile course to the Delaware state line at State Route R 6. SR 6 heads east to Blackiston, Clayton and Smyrna. 12/16/16
Confirming marker posted north of the folded diamond interchange with unsigned MD 701 (Edge / Howard Johnson Roads) to MD 291 (River Road). 12/16/16
Millington Road arcs 1.60 miles northwest from MD 313 (Sassafras Street) near Millington Park to U.S. 301 by Howard Johnson Road. 12/16/16
U.S. 301 traverses a heavily wooded area on the ensuing stretch north of Millington Road. 12/16/16
MD 313 (Galena Road) turns west at the unincorporated community of Massey 1.4 miles from MD 299 (Massey Road) to a J-turn intersection with U.S. 301. 12/16/16
MD 313 travels through eastern reaches of the state from U.S. 50 at Mardela Springs to MD 213/290 in the nearby town of Galena. 12/16/16
MD 313 (Galena Road) east links with MD 330 (Massey Delaware Line Road) into Delaware. 12/16/16
MD 213 continues north from the end of MD 313, 4.1 miles to the northwest of U.S. 301 at Galena, to Cecilton, Chesapeake City and Elkton. 12/19/20
Wilmington, Delaware is 36 miles northeast from U.S. 301 at MD 313. 12/19/20
Two departure points remain along the seven miles of U.S. 301 north from milepost 118 near Jacobs Creek to the tolled First Responders Memorial Highway into the First State. 12/19/20
MD 290 (Galena Sassafras Road) heads 4.08 miles east from MD 213/313 in Galena to a modified diamond interchange with U.S. 301. 12/19/20
MD 290 (Galena Sassafras Road) concludes 0.36 miles east of U.S. 301 at MD 299 (Massey Road). Chestertown is 18.9 miles to the southwest via MD 290 and MD 213 (Augustine Herman Highway). 12/19/20
U.S. 301 continues west of the settlement of Sassafras along MD 299 (Galena Sassafras Road). 12/19/20
U.S. 301 (Blue Star Memorial Highway) lowers to cross the Sassafras River 33 miles from Wilmington, Delaware. 12/19/20
The Sassafras River separates Kent and Cecil Counties in northeastern Maryland. The river flows westward into Chesapeake Bay. 12/19/20
The northernmost 3.14 miles of U.S. 301 in Maryland pass through southeastern Cecil County. 12/19/20
A truck restriction on Sassafras Road (former MD 299), MD 282 (Cecilton Warwick Road) and SR 299 (Warwick Road) precludes truckers from shunpiking the First Responders Memorial Highway toll road along U.S. 301 north into Delaware. 12/19/20
MD 299 concludes a 5.67 mile long course northward from Massey at the lone intersection along U.S. 301 between the Kent County line and Delaware. 12/19/20
MD 299 (Sassafras Road) heads 0.8 miles south from U.S. 301 to Sassafras. Sassafras Road extends 2.21 miles north of U.S. 301 to MD 282 (Cecilton Warwick Road) along the former alignment of MD 299 into Warwick. 12/19/20
Confirming maker posted for U.S. 301 north after MD 299 (Sassafras Road). Parallel Edgar Price Road stems 2.09 miles northeast from MD 299 to Levels Road and Delaware Route 15. 12/19/20
U.S. 301 previously transitioned from an expressway into a two lane arterial ahead of the Delaware state line. Construction of the First Responders Memorial Highway upgraded the ensuing stretch leading into Middletown, Delaware. 12/19/20
U.S. 301 transitions directly onto the tolled expressway leading northeast to Delaware Route 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) at Biddles Corner. A weigh station operates a half mile beyond the state line. 12/19/20


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