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U.S. 319 south
County Road 0346 (Ox Bottom Road) dog legs southeast from Kerry Forest Parkway to end at U.S. 319 (Thomasville Road) at an unsignalized intersection. Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 319 and SR 61 (Thomasville Road) expand to eight lanes from Killarney Way to their split at Capital Circle NE. U.S. 319 turns southeast along Capital Circle along the east side of Tallahassee while SR 61 remains along Thomasville Road south to Downtown. Photo taken 11/20/14.
Commercial frontage lines both sides of U.S. 319 & SR 61 (Thomasville Road) at Village Square Boulevard. Village Square Boulevard forms an arc east from Maclay Boulevard to Halstead Boulevard, servicing the adjacent retail. Photo taken 11/20/14.
A new flyover opened in 2006 to shuttle U.S. 319 southbound onto Capital Circle NE. SR 61 stays to the west, with both routes seeing ramps with Interstate 10 nearby. Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 319 (Capital Circle NE) south at U.S. 90 (Mahan Drive). U.S. 90 follows Mahan Drive east to Interstate 10 en route to Monticello in Jefferson County. The arterial leads west to Downtown and Florida State University along Tennessee Street. Photo taken 06/05/09.
U.S. 319 (Capital Circle SE) veers southward from Midyette Road to intersect Orange Avenue. Orange Avenue constitutes a four-lane parkway west to Jim Lee Road and east to Southwood Plantation Road. West from Blair Stone Road, Orange Avenue doubles as County Road 373 to Monroe Street (SR 61). Photo taken 11/26/14.
Like Orange Avenue to the north, Blair Stone Road was extended in the mid-2000s to the new Southwood development along and to the east of U.S. 319 (Capital Circle SE). Photo taken 11/26/14.
A pair of shields line U.S. 319 (Capital Circle SE) southbound between Blair Stone Road and Drayton Drive. Several newer apartment complexes line the arterial to the west. Photo taken 11/26/14.
Merchants Row Boulevard arcs southwest from Four Oaks Boulevard in Southwood across U.S. 319 to County Road 259 (Tram Road). Photo taken 11/26/14.
Shumard Oak Boulevard represents the next in the series of four lane parkways built to Southward from U.S. 319. The road west to Merchants Row Boulevard serves the state offices at the Capital Circle Office Center. Photo taken 11/26/14.
Tram Road branches southeast from SR 61 (Monroe Street) in central Tallahassee to cross paths with U.S. 319 in a forested area outside Southward. The road carries two lanes with the exception of the approach to Capital Circle SE. Photo taken 11/26/14.
County Road 259 travels 32.70 miles overall between SR 61 in Tallahassee and U.S. 19 outside Monticello. Photo taken 11/26/14.
Capital Circle SE turns west from CR 259 (Tram Road) along the south side of Tallahassee. A future road will be constructed from Tram Road south to U.S. 319 at this presently unused intersection. Photo taken 11/26/14.
A forested stretch of U.S. 319 south culminates at the signalized intersection with SR 363 (Woodville Highway). SR 363 angles southeast from Monroe Street to unincorporated Woodville in southern Leon County. Photo taken 11/26/14.
SR 363 (Woodville Highway) is unmarked from U.S. 319 southbound. The state road travels 20 miles overall between Downtown Tallahassee and St. Marks in Wakulla County. Photo taken 11/26/14.
U.S. 319 travels east-west between SR 363 (Woodville Highway) and SR 61 (Crawfordville Road) with seven overall lanes (four west / three east). An I-10 trailblazer directs motorists from Woodville Highway north to follow Capital Circle SW around Tallahassee to Exit 196. Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 319 (Capital Circle SW) runs along northern reaches of Apalachicola National Forest to Crawfordville Road. Carrying SR 61 north and U.S. 319 south, Crawfordville Road ventures south ten miles to Crawfordville. Northward, SR 61 takes the road two miles to Paul Russell Road (SR 363) and Monroe Street north. Photo taken 11/20/14.
An erroneous sign array references U.S. 319 even though Capital Circle SW is already U.S. 319. SR 263 extends Capital Circle SW northward as part of a 15.08 mile route to U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) at Lake Jackson. Photo taken 11/20/14.
SR 263, hidden from SR 363 westward along Capital Circle, emerges as a signed route at Crawfordville Road as SR 61 rejoins U.S. 319 as the state road component southward 1.56 miles to Wakulla Springs Road. Photo taken 11/20/14.
U.S. 319 turns southwest to leave Tallahassee as a four-lane arterial to the split with SR 61. The route is mostly rural southward to Crawfordville in Wakulla County. Photo taken 11/20/14.

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