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U.S. 380 extends 242.09 miles from Interstate 25 at San Antonio, New Mexico to West Texas east of Tatum. The rural highway meets U.S. 54 at Carrizozo and crosses the Sacramento Mountains to Capitan. East from Hondo, U.S. 380 combines with U.S. 70 to Roswell.

U.S. 70 separates with the route along the Roswell Relief Route (U.S. 285) while U.S. 380 follows 2nd Street through Downtown. Beyond Roswell, U.S. 380 bee lines east to Caprock and then southward through Lea County to Tatum.

U.S. 380 East
An elongated trumpet interchange connects Interstate 25 with the eastbound beginning of U.S. 380. 04/24/17
Ramps from I-25 combine along U.S. 380 ahead of San Antonio. Absent is a confirming marker for the US highway. 04/24/17
San Antonio is an unincorporated community at the cross roads of U.S. 380 (2nd Street) and NM 1 (Main Street). 04/24/17
State Road 1 through San Antonio is part of the former alignment of U.S. 85 paralleling the Rio Grande River to the east of Interstate 25. U.S. 85 is unmarked in New Mexico. 04/24/17
NM 1 south travels from San Antion through Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge. The state road extends 51.57 miles to I-25 at Exit 92. NM 1 north continues 9.70 miles to Business Loop I-25 in Socorro. 04/24/17
The first confirming marker for U.S. 380 appears after NM 1 along 2nd Street east in San Antonio. 04/24/17
U.S. 380 (2nd Street) east at Main Street (former U.S. 285) in Downtown Roswell. U.S. 70 previously split with U.S. 380 eastbound here to join U.S. 285 north. U.S. 70 and 285 were subsequently realigned onto the Roswell Relief Route, but signage in the city still remains for both routes. 06/21/19
U.S. 380 West
Westbound U.S. 380 (2nd Street) intersects Garden Avenue at the succeeding traffic light beyond NM 256 (Atkinson Avenue) south in Roswell. 06/21/19
Virginia Avenue (FL-5817) parallels Main Street (old U.S. 70/285) one block to the east through Downtown Roswell. 06/21/19
Main Street (FL-4685) comprises the main commercial route through Roswell. Lined with numerous restaurants, lodging establishments and attractions, Main Street is also the former alignment of U.S. 285 and U.S. 70 to the north. 06/21/19
One block west of Main Street, U.S. 380 intersects Richardson Avenue (FL-5815). 06/21/19
Leading away from Downtown Roswell, U.S. 380 (West 2nd Street) intersects a series of state named avenues starting with Pennsylvania. 06/21/19
Reassurance markers for U.S. 70 and 380 westbound along 2nd Street after Pennsylvania Avenue. 06/21/19
West 2nd Street at Lea Avenue (FL-5724). 06/21/19
West 2nd Street at Washington Avenue (FL-5818). 06/21/19
Union Avenue forms a minor arterial through the west side of Roswell. 06/21/19
U.S. 380 travels through an older commercial strip west from Union Avenue. Montana Avenue south and Sunset Avenue north converge with 2nd Street at the ensuing traffic light. 06/21/19
U.S. 70 remains posted along U.S. 380 west at Pine Avenue. 06/21/19
Sycamore Avenue (FL-4703) stems north from McGaffey Street to intersect U.S. 380 en route to the Roswell Relief Route and NM 246 (Pine Lodge Road). 06/21/19
Approaching U.S. 70 east and U.S. 285 (Roswell Relief Route), U.S. 380 transitions onto the Damon Talbott and Robert Solis Highway leading away from Roswell. 06/21/19
Flashers accompany the four way stop along U.S. 380 (West 2nd Street) at the Roswell Relief Route. Omitted is signage for the U.S. 70 overlap with U.S. 285 north. 06/21/19
A controlled access arterial with two lanes, U.S. 285 follows all of the Relief Route as it bypasses Roswell between the Roswell International Air Center (ROW) and the north end of Main Street. 06/21/19
U.S. 380 (2nd Street) west at NM 1 (Main Street) in San Antonio. A 61.27 mile long route south from Socorro, NM 1 follows portions of old U.S. 85. 04/24/17
The last shield for U.S. 380 westbound stands between NM 1 and Interstate 25 in San Antonio. 04/24/17
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 380 comes to an end as traffic partitions for Interstate 25 north to Socorro and Albuquerque and south to Truth or Consequences and Las Cruces. 04/24/17
A trumpet interchange joins the west end of U.S. 380 with Interstate 25 to the east of the Magdalena Mountains. 04/24/17
Milepost zero for U.S. 380 stands along the loop ramp for Interstate 25 south. 04/24/17

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    04/24/17 by AARoads and Chris Kalina. 06/21/19 by AARoads.

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