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The shields for U.S. 138 and 385 along Cedar Street allude to the street's former status as part of Colorado 51. Colorado 51 took a stair stepped route through Julesburg, navigating east from current Colorado 11 on 9th Street, to Chestnut Street south, 5th Street east and Cedar Street. U.S. 385 replaced Colorado 51 leading southeast from town. Photo taken 04/22/17.

U.S. 385 is a very long route, serving the Great Plains between Big Bend National Park in Texas and Lead, South Dakota. The highway was created all at once, in 1959 as a major addition to the U.S. Highway System. Through Colorado, U.S. 385 enters the state paired with U.S. 287 in Comanche National Grassland. The routes divide at Lamar, with U.S. 385 traveling east briefly with U.S. 50, then turning north again at Granada and U.S. 400. From there, U.S. 385 passes through Cheyenne Wells, Burlington, Wray, Holyoke and Julesburg before leaving the Centennial State and entering Nebraska just south of Chappell.

U.S. 138 East U.S. 385 South
U.S. 138 east & 385 north follow 1st Street by Downtown Julesburg. These trailblazers stand beyond Cedar Street, where until 1988, U.S. 385 turned south to Holyoke. 04/22/17
Leaving Julesburg, U.S. 385 turns southward from U.S. 138 at a diamond interchange to connect the town with Interstate 76. 04/22/17
U.S. 138 continues northeast into Nebraska, passing by Interstate 80, through Big Springs, and ending at U.S. 30. Parallel I-76 offers the freeway bypass around Julesburg, Ovid and Sedgwick as well as the fastest route to Denver to the west and I-80 to the east. 04/22/17
U.S. 385 spans the adjacent Union Pacific Railroad line, curves southwest to the South Platte River and meets Interstate 76 in 1.8 miles. 04/22/17
U.S. 385 south
2 photos
2 photos
This shield assembly stands immediately after the U.S. 385 southbound separation with U.S. 138 east and the adjacent UP Railroad underpass. 09/05/05, 04/22/17
An incorrect mileage sign lists the distance to I-76 at three miles and Holyoke at 33 miles. The freeway lies 1.7 miles ahead while the Phillips County seat city center is 31.5 miles away. 04/22/17
An off freeway rest area and tourist information center for Interstate 76 lies one mile ahead off U.S. 385. 04/22/17
U.S. 385 south crosses the wide South Platte River over a series of bridges. Each span passes over a separate channel. 04/22/17
Several gas stations and truck stops are located by the interchange joining U.S. 385 with Interstate 76, which is the last exit on I-76 eastbound before the freeway enters Nebraska. 04/22/17
The Colorado State Welcome Center is located by the southwest quadrant of the Julesburg interchange. 09/05/05
Southbound U.S. 385 reaches the westbound off-ramp for Interstate 76 west Sterling, Fort Morgan, Brush and Denver. 04/22/17
Interstate 76 east to Big Springs, Nebraska opened to traffic in 1970. I-80 leads east from nearby to Ogallala while U.S. 385 continues south toward Wray and Burlington. 09/05/05
U.S. 385 north
North from the diamond interchange with I-76, U.S. 385 north leads two miles to Julesburg and 45 miles to Sidney, Nebraska. 04/22/17
U.S. 385 expands briefly to five lanes through a collection of traveler services located north of Interstate 76. 04/22/17
2 photos
2 photos
Narrowing to two lanes, U.S. 385 crosses over the South Platte River. The 1959-built bridges span four channels. 04/22/17
U.S. 385 veers northeast from the South Platte River to connect with U.S. 138 outside Julesburg. Prior to 1988, the U.S. highway continued northwest along what is now County Road 32.7 to Cedar Street in Downtown. 04/22/17
The 1988 realignment of U.S. 385 bypassed an at-grade crossing with the Union Pacific Railroad line, with an interchange built at U.S. 138. 04/22/17
U.S. 138 ventures east along the South Platte River 10.7 miles to Big Spring, Nebraska. 04/22/17
U.S. 138 west & 385 south combine for 3.8 miles through Julesburg to Julesburg Municipal Airport (7V8). 04/22/17
U.S. 138 West U.S. 385 North
Julesburg is one of the lower communities in the state, with an elevation of 3,477 feet above sea level. Its location near the junction of Interstates 76 and 80 helped it to gain prominence as a service center for commercial traffic en route to Denver and the West Coast to and from the Midwest. 04/22/17
Trailblazers for U.S. 138 west & 385 north appear after their former merge point at Cedar Street. The mileage sign references Chappell, a town in Nebraska found along U.S. 30 and U.S. 385 near Interstate 80. 04/22/17

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