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U.S. 395 North
U.S. 395 veers northeast from Interstate 82 and lowers toward the Columbia River. Speed limits are posted at 55 miles per hour along the four-lane divided highway ahead of the Kennewick street grid. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Mileage sign posted four miles southwest of the Kennewick city center and seven miles from Pasco. The Kennewick city limits extend to Interstate 82. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Ridgeline Drive connects U.S. 395 with Bofer Canyon Road to the east and Southridge Boulevard (former Washington 12) to the west. Right of away appears to accommodate a diamond interchange at this intersection should traffic counts warrant such an upgrade. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Frontage immediately changes from open grass land into a montage of suburban sprawl with adjacent residential and retail development at Hildebrand Boulevard. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Big box retail surrounds the signalized intersection of U.S. 395 and West 27th Avenue. West 27th Avenue heads east to the South Highlands community of Kennewick and west to a roundabout with Creekstone Drive, Southridge Boulevard and Union Street. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Reassurance shield assembly touting U.S. 395 also as the Lewis and Clark Trail. Photo taken 08/03/11.
West 19th Avenue joins U.S. 395 with suburban areas to the west. Eastward the road ends at Ely Street and resumes east of Zintel Canyon. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Continuing northeast along U.S. 395, the road remains a controlled-access highway to West 10th Avenue. Photo taken 08/03/11.
U.S. 395 overtakes Ely Street in name from West 10th Avenue northward to the Blue Bridge. The road transitions into a commercial arterial with 35 mph speed limits. Photo taken 08/03/11.
An underpass carries West 4th Avenue below U.S. 395 along an otherwise solid retail-lined stretch. Kennewick Avenue meets the arterial at the next signalized intersection. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Vista Way angles northwest from Kennewick Avenue to form the westbound beginning of Clearwater Avenue at U.S. 395. Clearwater Avenue extends westward to the folded diamond interchange of Interstate 82 with Badger Road on the outskirts of the city. Photo taken 08/03/11.
U.S. 395 turns northeast and parts ways with Ely Street for a four-lane expressway dropping toward the Columbia River. Motorists are advised to keep left ahead of the Yelm Street intersection for eventual approach to the Blue Bridge. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Yelm Street provides neighborhood access to U.S. 395 from adjacent residential areas between Canal Drive and Kennewick Avenue. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Freeway entrance sign posted beyond the traffic light with Yelm Street on U.S. 395 north. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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Washington 240 follows a freeway southeast from Richland to end at Columbia Drive and U.S. 395 near the Kennewick city center. Originally a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange joined the two roadways, but changes completed in October 2009 reconfigured the interchange to eliminate weaving traffic concerns created by the three loop ramps. Now a diamond interchange with roundabouts handles movements. Photo taken 08/28/06. Second photo taken 08/03/11.
A loop ramp used to link U.S. 395 north with Washington 240 west. Now that movement is handled by a roundabout. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Motorists bound for Columbia Drive east to the Port of Kennewick are provided with a separate ramp that bypasses the roundabout. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Towers from the Cable Bridge rise above the tree line as U.S. 395 lowers to cross the Columbia River. The Cable Bridge carries Washington 397 between Pasco and Kennewick. It replaced the Green Bridge, the original U.S. 410 and U.S. 12 crossing of the river. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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All traffic bound for either Washington 240 west to Richland or Columbia Drive east to the Kennewick City Center departs U.S. 395 in unison. Washington 240 constitutes a 41.31-mile route from Kennewick to Washington 24 at West Hanford Gate. The freeway to Interstate 182 was originally signed as U.S. 410. Photo taken 08/28/06. Second photo taken 08/03/11.
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A look at changes made to U.S. 395 northbound as the freeway passes over SR 240. The original loop ramp claimed the right lane for the SR 240 freeway to Richland. Now that lane simply merges in anticipation of the wye interchange with the SR 240 eastbound lanes. Photo taken 08/28/06. Second photo taken 08/03/11.
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A key element in the U.S. 395 and SR 240 interchange rebuild was the addition of a second through lane for U.S. 395 south through the junction. The original configuration favored the movement from the Blue Bridge onto Washington 240 west, but the majority of westbound traffic now uses Interstate 182. Therefore a new wider overpass was built to accommodate U.S. 395 drivers toward southwest Kennewick. Photo taken 08/28/06. Second photo taken 08/03/11.
Traffic merges onto U.S. 395 north from SR 240 east from the left side on the Blue Bridge approach. Signs used to advise motorists to use caution during strong wind events. These were removed by 2011. Photo taken 08/28/06.
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The lack of shoulders necessitates vehicles involved in minor collisions to proceed to the north end of the Blue Bridge. Photo taken 08/03/11. Second photo taken 08/28/06.
The next three exits serve the city of Pasco street grid, beginning with the wye interchange with Lewis Street (former U.S. 410 and U.S. 12). Interstate 182 lies 1.50 miles to the north. Photo taken 08/03/11.
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The Blue Bridge was dedicated on July 30, 1954 and constructed at a cost of $6.5 million as a new crossing for U.S. 410 between Pasco and Kennewick. Photos taken 08/28/06.
U.S. 395 crosses into Franklin County and the city of Pasco north of the midway point across the Columbia River. Photo taken 08/03/11.
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The Lewis Street off-ramp departs immediately after the Blue Bridge from U.S. 395 northbound. Lewis Street bends southeastward toward the Pasco city center and eventually meets the end of the U.S. 12 freeway at Pasco-Kahlotus Road.
The Pasco exits sign was revised from four to eight between 2006 and 2011 to reflect the U.S. 395 continuation along Interstate 182 and north to Kartchner Street. Photo taken 08/03/11. Second photo taken 08/28/06.
Motorists bound for Lewis Street east depart U.S. 395 northbound. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A loop ramp leaves U.S. 395 northbound in one half mile for Sylvester Street. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Sylvester Street joins the residential street grid west of U.S. 395 with the city center area to the east. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A parclo interchange with Court Street follows in one quarter mile. Photo taken 08/28/06.
U.S. 395 northbound at the Court Street off-ramp. Court Street comprises a commercial boulevard east to North 4th Avenue and west to the Pasco city line nearby. Photo taken 08/03/11.
U.S. 395 north merges with Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east in one quarter mile at a trumpet interchange. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Interstate 182 meets 20th Avenue adjacent to the merge with U.S. 395. Drivers bound for the north-south arterial and nearby Columbia Basin Community College should use the eastbound on-ramp. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Traffic partitions into ramps for Interstate 182-U.S. 12 east & U.S. 395 north to Walla Walla and Ritzville and Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 west to Richland and Yakima. Photo taken 08/03/11.
An additional ramp connects the westbound I-182 ramp with parallel Argent Road by Tri-Cities Airport. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Travelers destined for the Tri-Cities Airport passenger terminal are directed onto 20th Avenue north from Interstate 182 (Exit 12B). Photo taken 08/03/11.
Interstate 182 U.S. 12 East U.S. 395 North
U.S. 395 northbound merges onto the eastbound freeway from the Exit 12 c/d roadway as Exit 12B departs for 20th Avenue. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Interstate 182, U.S. 12 and U.S. 395 reassurance shield assembly posted after the 20th Avenue on-ramp. A sound wall separates the freeway from the residential areas to the south. Photo taken 08/03/11.
One half mile west of the folded diamond interchange with North 4th Avenue south to the Pasco city center. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Exit 13 leaves Interstate 182, U.S. 12 and U.S. 395 eastbound for North 4th Avenue. 4th Avenue continues north from the freeway to industrial parks along the east side of Tri-Cities Airport and a large rail yard for the BNSF Railroad. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182-U.S. 12 east & U.S. 395 north on the quarter-mile approach to a full cloverleaf interchange (Exit 14) with the U.S. 395 expressway leading north to Eltopia, Connell and Ritzville and Washington 397 (Oregon Street) south to the Cable Bridge. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Oregon Avenue carries SR 397 southward from its beginning at Exit 14 to Ainsworth Street near the Port of Pasco. Washington 397 totals 22.31 miles from Interstate 182 southeast to Finley and west over the 2008-completed I-82 to SR 397 Intertie project to Exit 114 of Interstate 82. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 14 leaves the Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 mainline as a collector distributor roadway. U.S. 395 departs the freeway via Exit 14B for a northeasterly course to Spokane (via Interstate 90 east). Photo taken 08/28/06.
Motorists bound for Washington 397 (Oregon Avenue) southbound exit the c/d roadway from Interstate 182 east. Washington 397 crosses the Columbia River along the September 16, 1978-opened Cable Bridge. Photo taken 08/03/11.
U.S. 395 parts ways with Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 east, turning northward along a freeway to Kartchner Street. Ritzville and the merge with Interstate 90 lie 71 miles to the northeast.
Meanwhile U.S. 12 continues east from Interstate 182, 47 miles to Walla Walla and 144 miles to its original western terminus at Lewiston, Idaho. Photo taken 08/03/11.
U.S. 395 North
Washington 397 transitions directly into the U.S. 395 freeway leading north from Interstate 182 & U.S. 12. A loop ramp carries motorists onto the westbound freeway to Richland. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Next in line for northbound U.S. 395 travelers is the folded diamond interchange with Kartchner Street. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Kartchner Street connects the freeway with Railroad Avenue to the west and Capitol Avenue to the east, serving a large industrial park on either side of U.S. 395. Photo taken 08/03/11.
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U.S. 395 reassurance shield and mileage assembly posted north of the Kartchner Street on-ramp. The merge with Interstate 90 lies 70 miles ahead at Ritzville. Photos taken 08/03/11.
The U.S. 395 freeway comes to an end at the at-grade intersection with Foster Wells Road. Intersections and farm access ties into the expressway over the next 20 miles to beyond Eltopia. Photo taken 08/03/11.
Foster Wells Road mirrors Kartchner Street through an industrial park area east from Railroad Avenue. East of U.S. 395, the road heads through agricultural areas. Photo taken 08/03/11.


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