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Interstate 182 U.S. 12 West U.S. 395 South
U.S. 395 joins Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 west for a 2.11-mile overlap between Exits 14 and 12. Photo taken 08/28/06.
One quarter mile east of the Exit 13 loop ramp to North 4th Avenue. North 4th Avenue provides a direct route south to the Pasco city center. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Exit 13 leaves Interstate 182-U.S. 12 west & U.S. 395 south for North 4th Avenue. 4th Avenue travels along side the BNSF Railroad yard to Glade North Road. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Next in line for westbound motorists is the Exit 12B parclo interchange with 20th Avenue. 20th Avenue connects the Pasco street grid with Columbia Basin College and the passenger terminal of Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) to the north. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Shield assembly for Interstate 182 and U.S. 12-395 posted on the stretch between the Sun Willows Golf Course and Lincoln Drive. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Westbound at the Exit 12B ramp departure to 20th Avenue. 20th Avenue leads south as a commercial route from Court Street to Lewis Street (former U.S. 410). Photo taken 08/28/06.
U.S. 395 southbound parts ways with Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 at the adjacent trumpet interchange (Exit 12A). Photo taken 08/28/06.
U.S. 395 follows a freeway from Interstate 182 (Exit 12A) across the Blue Bridge to SR 240 and Columbia Drive. The US Highway continues through southwest Kennewick to Interstate 82 east for Umatilla and Hermiston, Oregon. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 west split with U.S. 395 south. Interstate 182 & U.S. 12 continue to Richland while U.S. 395 turns south to Kennewick and eventually Pendleton, Oregon. Photo taken 08/28/06.
U.S. 395 South
U.S. 395 southbound quickly encounters a parclo interchange with Court Street after leaving Interstate 182 & U.S. 12. This is the only exit of southbound ahead of the Blue Bridge. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Horse Heaven Hills rise along the southern horizon as the Court Street off-ramp leaves U.S. 395 south. Court Street comprises a commercial boulevard east to North 4th Avenue and west to Road 40. The road continues through West Pasco to a rural area along the Columbia River. Photo taken 08/28/06.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 395 passes under Sylvester Street and enters a wye interchange with Lewis Street ahead of the Blue Bridge across the Columbia River. Photos taken 08/28/06.
Washington 240 begins a 41.31-mile trek at the interchange south of the Blue Bridge. The state route follows a freeway linking Kennewick and Richland. Photo taken 08/28/06.
The lack of shoulders necessitates vehicles involved in minor collisions to proceed to the north end of the Blue Bridge. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A left side off-ramp originally carried U.S. 410, and later U.S. 12, travelers from the Blue Bridge onto the freeway leading west to Richland. U.S. 12 shifted to Interstate 182 by 1986 as SR 240 was extended eastward to Kennewick. The completion of I-182 shifted the importance of the westbound ramp from the Blue Bridge to SR 240, and construction addressed a bottleneck at the forthcoming wye interchange in October 2009 when a new two-lane overpass for U.S. 395 and redesigning the adjacent three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with Columbia Drive were completed. Photo taken 08/28/06.
The Blue Bridge was dedicated on July 30, 1954 and constructed at a cost of $6.5 million. It was the second vehicle crossing at the time, joining the Green Bridge from downtown Kennewick to downtown Pasco. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Southbound travelers enter the city of Kennewick at the Benton County line while crossing the Columbia River. Photo taken 08/28/06.
U.S. 395 descends into Kennewick along side Columbia Park. The city center lies east along Columbia Drive. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A historical look at the original split of Washington 240 west from U.S. 395 south at the Blue Bridge end. The ramp to SR 240 west now departs on the right side. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A single lane overpass carried U.S. 395 motorists into the original cloverleaf interchange with Columbia Drive. Photo taken 08/28/06.
What was a loop ramp onto Columbia Drive east from its split with SR 240 was removed. A diamond interchange with roundabouts as Columbia Drive now facilitates the movements between U.S. 395 and the east-west boulevard. Photo taken 08/28/06.
A reassurance shield for U.S. 395 was posted between the Columbia Drive westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp. Photo taken 08/28/06.
Columbia Drive represents the former alignment of U.S. 410 east to where the Green Bridge connected with Pasco. Photo taken 08/28/06.
2 photos
2 photos
The U.S. 395 freeway turns west and travels a viaduct over sets of Union Pacific and Washington Central Railroad lines on the rise into a residential area west of West Canal Drive. Photos taken 08/28/06.
A traffic light represents the end of the U.S. 395 freeway at Yelm Street. The highway transitions into a commercial arterial along Ely Street ahead. Photo taken 08/28/06.

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