U.S. 395 Alternate was established by AASHTO on May 19, 2012, for a 18.42 mile route south from Reno to Washoe Valley. The route replaced U.S. 395 (South Virginia Street) from the interchange (Exit 61) by Patriot Boulevard in Reno, south through Steamboat, Pleasant Valley and Washoe City to the Eastlake Interchange (Exit 44) near the Carson City line. U.S. 395 was realigned onto the new freeway bypassing Pleasant Valley in August 2012. This route became a part of an extension of Interstate 580 south to Carson City.

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A begin SR 428 shield was posted at the Lakeview Interchange with the U.S. 395 freeway at the south end of Washoe Valley. Decommissioned by 2008, SR 428 previously comprised a full loop east of Wahoe Lake, following Eastlake Boulevard north to New Washoe City. 08/12/99

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08/12/99 by Mike Ballard

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