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U.S. 401 enters North Carolina from McColl, South Carolina. Passing through Laurinburg, the highway advances north to Raeford, Fayetteville, Lillington, Raleigh, Louisburg and Warrenton. The 174 mile course within the Tar Heel State concludes at Interstate 85 near Wise and the Virginia state line.

Prior to 1996, U.S. 401 was routed onto the Raleigh belt line. It was subsequently restored to a surface alignment through the capital city. This includes two sections of one-way street couplet, one along Capital Boulevard, and another between McDowell and Dawson Streets.

U.S. 15 U.S. 401 North
Welcome to North Carolina sign posted just north of the South Carolina state line. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Leisure Road (SR 1100) angles across U.S. 15 & 401 at the first reassurance shields posted in North Carolina. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Tartan Road heads southeast to Scotch Meadows Country Club from U.S. 15 & 401 ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 15 & 401 cross Gum Swamp and enter the city limits of Laurinburg. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A welcome to Laurinburg sign next greets northbound motorists along U.S. 15 & 401. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 15 & 401 expand into a five-lane arterial at Turnpike Road (SR 1271). A small mileage sign lies along this stretch listing the distance to Aberdeen (33 miles), where U.S. 15 & 501 combine with U.S. 1. Photo taken 07/28/13.
The path of Turnpike Road was split by the alignment of U.S. 15 & 401 through south Laurinburg. The local roadway resumes as SR 1105 to encircle the west side of the city ahead of this shield assembly. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Hasty Road (SR 1615) intersects U.S. 15 & 401 at a traffic light east of Turnpike Road and north of McArthur Crossroads. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Blue Farm Road (SR 1117) east and St. Andrews College Road west tie into U.S. 15 & 401 at the next signal. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 15 & 401 stay west of St. Andrews University by a handful of businesses to the split with U.S. 15 Business & 401 Business. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 15 Business & 401 Business branch east from U.S. 15 & 401 along South Main Street. The pair combine with U.S. 501 Business through Downtown Laurinburg. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 15 & 401 veer northward onto an older bypass through the west side of Laurinburg. The four-lane roadway gains a grassy median along this stretch. Photo taken 07/28/13.
Commercialized frontage lines U.S. 15 & 401 to U.S. 74 & 501. Ford Drive ties in at a signalized shopping center entrance from South Main Street to the east. Photo taken 07/28/13.
A parclo interchange joins U.S. 15 & 401 with both U.S. 74 and U.S. 501 north. U.S. 74 doubles as Future Interstate 74 along the Laurinburg bypass. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 501 south leaves the Laurinburg area for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 74 travels along the I-74 corridor west to Rockingham and east to Lumberton. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 74 & 501 combine for two miles from U.S. 15 & 401 east to Caledonia Road. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 501 north combines with U.S. 15 & 401 along the west bypass of Laurinburg from U.S. 74 west ahead. Photo taken 07/28/13.
An empty bracket awaits the addition of Interstate 74 west for U.S. 74 west as the freeway leaves Laurinburg for Elmore. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 74 travels at-grade from Elmore west through Laurel Hill to the Rockingham Bypass (Future I-74). The US route eventually reaches Monroe and Charlotte while I-74 heads north to Asheboro and Winston-Salem. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 15 U.S. 401 U.S. 501 North
U.S. 15-401-501 share three miles of pavement between U.S. 74 and U.S. 15 Business & 501 Business along Aberdeen Road. Photo taken 07/28/13.
U.S. 401 North
Nearing the current west end of Future Interstate 295 on U.S. 401 (Ramsay Street) northbound in north Fayetteville. Photo taken 05/30/07.
Future Interstate 295 heads east 2.5 miles across the Cape Fear River to River Road. Guide signs indicate TO River Road because the segment between Ramsay Street to River Road was the first to open in June 2003. The remainder of freeway leading east to Interstate 95 was completed by July 2005>. Photo taken 05/30/07.
U.S. 401 enters the half completed single point urban interchange (SPUI) with Future Interstate 295. Future Interstate 295 travels 7.5 miles east to Interstate 95 and the northbound beginning of U.S. 13. Photo taken 05/30/07.
Approaching the intersection with Andrews Road on U.S. 401 (Ramsay Street) north of Future Interstate 295. Andrews Road travels 2.5 miles west to McArthur Road at Braxton Boulevard. Photo taken 05/30/07.
Continuing north from Andrews Road, U.S. 401 (Ramsay Street) passes by a few more Fayetteville subdivisions on the 18-mile drive to Lillington. Photo taken 05/30/07.
U.S. 001 U.S. 401 North
The new northern terminus of U.S. 401. Pictured is the end sign for U.S. 401 and junction shield for Interstate 85 on U.S. 1 northbound. The upcoming diamond interchange (Exit 233) is situated just south of the Virginia state line. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Interstate 85 connects the Vance County seat of Henderson with Virginia's capital city. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Neutered shields for Interstate 85 posted at the northbound on-ramp to South Hill and Petersburg. Photo taken 06/22/05.
U.S. 001 U.S. 401 South
U.S. 401's first reassurance shield, posted as U.S. 1 leaves the Exit 233 diamond interchange with Interstate 85 in north Warren County. U.S. 1 & 401 continue three miles to Wise and six miles to their split at Norlina. Photo taken 06/01/10.
U.S. 401's distance sign follows with the mileage to Warrenton (U.S. 158 Alternate) and Louisburg. Photo taken 06/01/12.
Vanco Mill Road south and Old Epsom Road north interchange with U.S. 1 Bypass near South Henderson. Photo taken 06/01/12.
U.S. 401 South
Junction Future Interstate 295 shield assembly posted at the U.S. 401 (Ramsay Street) southbound intersection with Andrews Road. Andrews Road heads west to Eureka Springs and McArthur Road. Photo taken 05/30/07.
N.C. 295 travels 7.1 miles east from U.S. 401 (Ramsay Street) south, connecting the arterial road with Interstate 95 and the northbound beginning of U.S. 13 near Wade. Photo taken 05/30/07.
A half-built single point urban interchange facilitates movements between U.S. 401 (Ramsay Street) and the eastbound beginning of Future Interstate 295. Future Interstate 295 heads 2.5 miles east across the Cape Fear River to River Road. Photo taken 05/30/07.
U.S. 401 southbound at the eastbound beginning of Future Interstate 295. Construction of Future Interstate 295 leading west and south through portions of Fort Bragg is set to begin by mid-2009 in two stages between U.S. 401 and Bragg Boulevard. Photo taken 05/30/07.
Ramsay Street continues southward from Future Interstate 295 toward Methodist University and north Fayetteville. Photo taken 05/30/07.

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06/22/05, 05/30/07, 06/01/10, 06/01/12, 07/28/13 by AARoads

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