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U.S. 15 U.S. 401 North
Welcome to sign posted just north of the South Carolina state line. 07/28/13
Leisure Road (SR 1100) angles across U.S. 15/401 at the first reassurance shields posted in North Carolina. 07/28/13
Tartan Road heads southeast to Scotch Meadows Country Club from U.S. 15/401 ahead of this shield assembly. 07/28/13
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2 photos
U.S. 15/401 cross Gum Swamp and enter the city limits of Laurinburg. 07/28/13
U.S. 15/401 expand into a five-lane arterial at Turnpike Road (SR 1271). 33 miles away, Aberdeen is where U.S. 15/501 combine with U.S. 1. 07/28/13
Turnpike Road was made discontinuous by the alignment of U.S. 15/401 through south Laurinburg. The local roadway resumes as SR 1105 to encircle the west side of the city ahead of this shield assembly. 07/28/13
Hasty Road (SR 1615) intersects U.S. 15/401 at a traffic light east of Turnpike Road and north of McArthur Crossroads. 07/28/13
Blue Farm Road (SR 1117) east and St. Andrews College Road west tie into U.S. 15/401 at the next signal. 07/28/13
U.S. 15/401 stay west of St. Andrews University by a handful of businesses to the split with U.S. 15-401 Business. 07/28/13
U.S. 15-401 Business branch east from U.S. 15/401 along S Main Street. The pair combine with U.S. 501 Business through Downtown Laurinburg. 07/28/13
U.S. 15/401 curve northward onto an older bypass through the west side of Laurinburg. The four lane arterial expands with a grassy median along the ensuing stretch. 07/28/13
Commercialized frontage lines U.S. 15/401 to U.S. 74/501. Ford Drive ties into S Main Street from the east opposite the entrance to Scotland Crossing shopping center. 07/28/13
A parclo interchange joins U.S. 15/401 with both U.S. 74 and U.S. 501 north. U.S. 74 is a part of Future Interstate 74 along the Laurinburg bypass. 07/28/13
U.S. 501 south leaves the Laurinburg area for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 07/28/13
U.S. 74 travels along the I-74 corridor west to Rockingham and east to Lumberton. 07/28/13
U.S. 74/501 combine 1.30 miles east from U.S. 15/401 to Caledonia Road. 07/28/13
U.S. 501 north combines with U.S. 15/401 from U.S. 74 along the west bypass of Laurinburg. 07/28/13
U.S. 74 west continues from Laurinburg to Laurel Hill and Hamlet. 07/28/13
U.S. 74 travels at-grade from Elmore west to the Rockingham Bypass. The US route eventually reaches Monroe and Charlotte while I-74 heads north to Asheboro and Winston-Salem. 07/28/13
U.S. 15 U.S. 401 U.S. 501 North
U.S. 15-401-501 combines for 3.09 miles between U.S. 74 and U.S. 15-501 Business along Aberdeen Road. 07/28/13

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