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U.S. 11E U.S. 19 U.S. 421 North
Reassurance shields for U.S. 11E-19-421 posted on Commonwealth Avenue north after Goode Street. Much of the area to the west is industrial due to the parallel railroad line. 05/31/07
Commonwealth Avenue bends northwest from Highland Avenue to meet Euclid Avenue. U.S. 11E ends. U.S. 11W begins and follows Euclid Avenue west with U.S. 421. U.S. 11 reforms along Euclid Avenue north with U.S. 19. 05/31/07
Commonwealth Avenue continues north from U.S. 11-11E-11W-19-421 to become unsigned SR 381 north to Interstate 381. SR 381 shields were taken down by May 2007. 05/31/07
U.S. 11W south & 421 north follow Euclid Avenue to the Tennessee state line intersection with Gate City Highway. U.S. 421 travels west from there to merge with U.S. 58 en route to Weber City and Gate City. U.S. 11W travels west to Kingsport.
U.S. 11 & 19 meanwhile follow Euclid Avenue onto the Lee Highway, paralleling the Interstate 81 corridor to Abingdon. 05/31/07
U.S. 11W South U.S. 421 North
The first southbound shield of U.S. 11W on Euclid Avenue with U.S. 421 northbound. In the background is the Bob Morrison Boulevard signalized intersection. Nine blocks to the west U.S. 11W southbound splits with U.S. 421 northbound via the Gate City Highway. 08/24/03
U.S. 421 North
U.S. 421 (Gate City Highway) meets Interstate 81 and U.S. 58 east just north of the intersection with Island Road. Island Road acts as a frontage road to the freeway both to the east and west in Bristol. 05/31/07
Travelers bound for Interstate 81 north & U.S. 58 east to Abingdon, Wytheville and Roanoke depart U.S. 421 (Gate City Highway) north. U.S. 58 follows the freeway between Exits 1 and 19. 05/31/07
U.S. 421 (Gate City Highway) passes over Interstate 81 and approaches the left turn onto Interstate 81 south toward Kingsport and Knoxville. 05/31/07
U.S. 58 departs Interstate 81 south for U.S. 421 (Gate City Highway) north (west)to Hiltons and Weber City. Interstate 81 enters Bristol, Tennessee on its 75-mile drive to Interstate 40 east of Knoxville. 05/31/07
U.S. 58 East U.S. 421 South
Leaving Weber City and U.S. 23 (Main Street) in Weber City, U.S. 58 east & 421 (Bristol Highway) south travel five miles to Hiltons and 27 miles to Bristol. 05/31/07
Reconstruction of the confluence of U.S. 23-58-421 and SR 224 as part of the Mocassin Gap project realigned U.S. 58 & 421 east from U.S. 23 and SR 224 so that the US route pair must turn left from SR 224 (Wadlow Gap Highway) to continue east to Hiltons. Pictured here during construction was a southbound shield for SR 224's eastbound beginning. The state route travels 8.19 miles to the Tennessee state line north of Kingsport. 05/31/07
A historical look at the Bristol Highway approach to SR 224 south. Note the dwellings and foliage that once stood in the path of the new alignment. 08/24/03
The intersection viewed here no longer exists as SR 224 and U.S. 58-421 split from a new alignment to the west.
SR 224 replaced SR 701 in 1991 southward to Wadlow Gap.3 05/31/07
U.S. 58 east & U.S. 421 south continue through Poor Valley to a northern branch of SR 701 (Jayne Hill Circle). SR 701 represents an old alignment for the US route. 05/31/07
2 photos
2 photos
After passing through Hiltons, U.S. 58 & 421 (Bristol Highway) turn south through Hilton Gap of Pine Ridge to a 1930-truss bridge across the North Fork Holston River. 05/31/07
Southward facing scene along U.S. 58 & 421 near Mulberry Lane betewen Bald Alley and Otter Mouse Bluffs on the North Fork Holston River. 05/31/07
SR 759 (Gouldmans Branch Lane) spurs south from U.S. 58 & 421 (Bristol Highway) to Fugate Hollow Lane. The SR encircles Miller Knob along the Gouldman Branch. 05/31/07
U.S. 58 east & 421 (Bristol Highway) south span Cove Creek at the intersection with SR 615 (Federal Road) north to SR 614 at Mendota. 05/31/07
Heading south from Muddy Gap, U.S. 58/421 continue to within 12 miles of Bristol. 05/31/07
U.S. 58 & 421 double as "The Crooked Road - Virginia's Heritage Music Trail" throughout Scott County. Trailblazers such as this one east of Shelleys are posted periodically along the two-lane route. 05/31/07
SR 618 (Boozy Creek Road south / Grindstone Branch Road north) crosses paths with U.S. 58 & 421 (Bristol Highway) at the Scott / Washington County line. SR 618 travels southwest to SR 617 and Upper Cave Ridge and north to SR 617 near McCall Gap. 05/31/07
A pavement change coincides with the Washington County line sign along U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway) east. 05/31/07
Gate City Highway continues The Crooked Road designation to Bristol. 05/31/07
Eastward scene of farm land along U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway) in Rich Valley. Walker Mountain lies to the south; Dickey Mountain rises to the north. 05/31/07
Eastbound Gate City Highway at SR 630 (Marys Chapel Road south / Cove Creek Road north). SR 630 meanders southward around Walker Mountain to the Tennessee state line west of Leonardtown. Ketron lies along the state secondary route northbound. 05/31/07
SR 905 follows Gale Avenue south from U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway). Gale Avenue is nothing more than a residential loop. 05/31/07
Reassurance markers and mileage sign posted for U.S. 58 east & 421 south after SR 905 in Rich Valley. 05/31/07
Rich Valley Road angles northeast from U.S. 58 & 421 as SR 700 to Lime Hill and Benhams. U.S. 58 & 421 are also known as the A.L. Philpott Memorial Highway on this stretch. 05/31/07
SR 1101 constitutes a residential road spurring east from U.S. 58 & 421 (Gate City Highway) at Three Bridges. 05/31/07
SR 633 (Reedy Creek Road) ties into Gate City Highway at Three Bridges. SR 633 angles southwest between Walker Mountain and Dishner Valley into Tennessee. 05/31/07
Only U.S. 58 receives acknowledgement on the reassurance shield assembly posted after Reedy Creek Road. 05/31/07
A second U.S. 58 eastbound shield follows the SR 633 resumption along Reedy Creek Road east from Three Bridges. 05/31/07
U.S. 58 east & 421 south expand into a four-lane arterial at SR 637 (Miller Hill Road) and Interstate 81. Interstate 81 enters Bristol, Virginia from U.S. 11W in Bristol, Tennessee. 05/31/07
Interstate 81 continues southwest from Bristol to Kingsport, Johnson City, and an end at Interstate 40 east of Knoxville. 05/31/07
U.S. 58 joins Interstate 81 north between Exits 1 and 19, bypassing Bristol to Abingdon. U.S. 421 continues the Gate City Highway east to U.S. 11W (Euclid Avenue). 05/31/07
U.S. 421 travels to downtown Bristol. U.S. 58 once followed the route to U.S. 11 & 19 (Euclid Avenue) east as well. 05/31/07
Eastbound Gate City Highway at the northbound Interstate 81 on-ramp and split of U.S. 58 from U.S. 421. A parclo interchange joins the two highways. 05/31/07
U.S. 11W North U.S. 421 South
Although formally entering the city of Bristol just north of Interstate 81 (Exit 1), a welcome sign for the municipality lies along U.S. 421 (Gate City Highway) at the arterial leaves the freeway interchange and U.S. 58. 05/31/07
U.S. 421 (Gate City Highway) southbound near the north entrance to Bristol Mall. Two sets of traffic lights serve interests to the adjacent shopping center from the four-lane arterial. 05/31/07
U.S. 11W & 421 (Euclid Avenue) prepare to meet U.S. 11-11E-19 at Commonwealth Avenue. An end shield for U.S. 11W resides at the Euclid Avenue intersection with Bob Morrison Boulevard. Bob Morrison Boulevard constitutes an industrial arterial route joining U.S. 11W & 421 with State Street. 05/31/07
U.S. 11W north & U.S. 421 south combine at the Tennessee state line where Gate City Highway and Euclid Avenue intersect. U.S. 421 enters the multiplex from east of Interstate 81 Exit 1 and U.S. 58. U.S. 11W merges with U.S. 11E from Commonwealth Avenue ahead to reform the primary U.S. 11 northbound along Euclid Avenue. U.S. 11 north overlaps with U.S. 19 from Bristol to the city of Abington (pop. 7,780). 08/24/03
The sign assembly pictured above was completely removed by 2007 along with this extra set of traffic lights posted in front of the railroad line parallel to Commonwealth Avenue. 05/31/07
2 photos
2 photos
What was most likely an original sign bridge, and its replacement, posted for Interstate 381 (Commonwealth Avenue northbound) at the intersection with SR 381 north. Interstate 381 begins a short distance to the left as a 1.67 mile freeway spur between Commonwealth Avenue (unsigned SR 381) and Interstate 81. To the right U.S. 11E southbound begins along Commonwealth Avenue, joining U.S. 19 & 421 southbound to Goode Street and Bristol, Tennessee. A truck route for U.S. 11 & 19 also joins Commonwealth Avenue southbound as a bypass route for Euclid Avenue between here and Moore Street. 08/24/03, 05/31/07
2 photos
2 photos
The north end of U.S. 11W at Commonwealth Avenue. U.S. 421 follows Commonwealth Avenue south with U.S. 11-19 Truck to Goode Street east. Eventually the route meets Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, where the truck route splits to the north and U.S. 421 heads south into Bristol, Tennessee.
SR 381 once traveled south all the way to the Tennessee state line along Commonwealth Avenue. All shields for the state route were taken down by 2007, including the entire assembly pictured in 2003. 08/24/03, 05/31/07
U.S. 11E U.S. 19 U.S. 421 South
U.S. 11E begins south alongside U.S. 19/421 and U.S. 11-19 Truck northbound along Commonwealth Avenue to Bristol, Tennessee. 05/31/07
U.S. 421 south & U.S. 11 Truck & 19 Truck north part ways with U.S. 11E & 19 south at the Commonwealth Avenue intersection with Goode Street. Goode Street carries the trio eastward to Piedmont avenue north. 05/31/07
U.S. 421 south leaves U.S. 11 & 19 south one block north of State Street, the boundary between Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee. U.S. 421-U.S. 11 Truck & 19 Truck travel a convoluted route using Goode Street east, Piedmont Avenue north and Cumberland Street east to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. U.S. 421 follows MLK Boulevard south into Tennessee, turning east onto a new alignment at Anderson Street; U.S. 11 & 19 Truck follow MLK Boulevard north onto Moore Avenue and U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway). 05/31/07

  1. VA 221 to 240 @ Virginia Highways Project.

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    08/24/03 by AARoads and Justin Cozart. 05/31/07 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.

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