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U.S. 441 south
Confirming marker posted just south of the Lake County line west of the Stoneybrook Hills community. 02/27/16
The unincorporated area of Tangerine lies just south of Mt. Dora along U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail). 02/27/16
Stoneybrook Hills Parkway connects U.S. 441 (OBT) as the lone entrance to the Stoneybrook Hills development to the east. 02/27/16
County Road 500A (Old Highway 441) converges with U.S. 441 south from Highland Avenue (Old CR 441) in Mt. Dora. 02/27/16
CR 500A (Old Highway 441) merges with U.S. 441 south at a wye interchange in Tangerine. 02/27/16
Orange Blossom Trail runs along the east side of Lake Ola and then angles southeast ahead of County Road 448 (Sadler Avenue) west. The southbound lanes switch to a concrete roadway beyond Wadsworth Road in Tangerine. 02/27/16
CR 448 (Sadler Avenue) leads west from U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) toward SR 19 in south Tavares. Trucks headed west are directed southward along OBT to Jones Avenue. 02/27/16
Jones Avenue acts as the truck route for CR 448 west into Lake County. Jones Avenue becomes Duda Road and CR 48 leading into Lake County. Trucks are directed north from CR 48 onto CR 448A to rejoin CR 448 at Lake Jem. Jones Avenue is unmarked as a county road in Orange County otherwise. 12/21/11
Continuing southeast along a CSX Railroad line, U.S. 441 reaches the Apopka city limits at Spillman Drive. Spillman Drive connects OBT with the Zellwood Station golf course community to the northeast. 02/27/16
U.S. 441 passes by Orlando Apopka Airport (X04) and then shifts more easterly on the half mile approach to SR 429 Connector Road east to Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) north and John Land Apopka Expressway (SR 414 / 429) south. 02/27/16
SR 429 wraps around the west side of the Orlando metropolitan area, leading south from Apopka to Ocoee, Winter Garden, Horizon West and Walt Disney World. 02/27/16
SR 429 Connector links U.S. 441 (OBT) with a single point urban interchange at the north end of John Land Apopka Expressway. SR 414 begins there and combines with SR 429 south around Apopka. East from the Western Beltway, The toll road extends to meet OBT again at Lockhart and Maitland Boulevard east. 02/27/16
Entering the signalized intersection with SR 429 Connector Road. The Apopka Expressway was completed north to U.S. 441 at Plymouth on January 19, 2013. 02/27/16
Replaced arrow-per-lane (APL) sign on SR 429 Connector Road east of U.S. 441. The four-lane connector ends just beyond the ramps with SR 414 / 429 at County Road 437 (Plymouth Sorrento Road). 02/27/16
County Road 437 branches south from U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) just beyond the Apopka Expressway overpasses. Following Orange Avenue, CR 437 navigates through an industrial area at Plymouth to Binion Road. 06/29/13
CR 437 winds southward through suburban areas along the Apopka Expressway and Western Beltway (SR 429) to Magnolia Park on Lake Apopka. CR 437 follows Ocoee-Apopka Road south from Binion Road to Paradise Heights and the city of Ocoee. 06/29/13
CR 437 continues north from U.S. 441 along Plymouth-Sorrento Road. The two-lane road parallels Wekiva Parkway (SR 429) through north Apopka to Sorrento in Lake County. 06/29/13
Boy Scout Road provides a connection to parallel Old Dixie Highway (CR 424 / old U.S. 441) to the north. Lake View Drive links U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) with Binion Road (CR 437) to the south. 09/03/17
Errol Parkway stems north from the succeeding signal along U.S. 441 south to CR 424 (Old Dixie Highway) and the Parkside at Errol Estates golf course community. 09/03/17
Advancing southeast from Errol Parkway, U.S. 441 next meets the north end of SR 451 at Vick Road. 09/03/17
SR 451 provides a high-speed route to Downtown Orlando via connections with Florida's Turnpike and SR 408 (East-West Expressway) and Maitland via SR 414 (John Land Apopka Expressway) east. 09/03/17
A nine mile drive along SR 451 south and SR 429 (Western Beltway) leads motorists to Winter Garden and Ocoee at SR 438 (Franklin Street). The Western Beltway continues from there to I-4 in northwest Osceola County for long distance travelers bound for Tampa. 09/03/17
Drivers bound for SR 451 south depart U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) at a half diamond interchange. The exchange originally included provisions for a previous proposed alignment of Wekiva Parkway north. The stubs were removed in 2012 with traffic pattern changes implemented for the extension of Vick Road south. 09/03/17
Vick Road directly connects with SR 451 at U.S. 441 (OBT). Vick Road is a suburban boulevard extending north to Spring Ridge in north Apopka. 09/03/17
U.S. 441 continues southeast from SR 451 along Main Street toward Downtown Apopka. 09/03/17
Bradshaw Road stems south from parallel Old Dixie Highway (CR 424) to meet U.S. 441 (Main Street). The road continues south to Ocoee-Apopka Road (CR 437A). 09/03/17
CR 437A pentagon posted ahead of the intersection with Central Avenue in Downtown Apopka. CR 437A represents a partially signed route leading south from Apopka to SR 429 and CR 437 (Binion Road) near Paradise Heights. 09/03/17
Central Avenue takes CR 424 south from Orange Street to U.S. 441 (Main Street). Central Avenue otherwise heads six blocks north to end at Dream Lake. Central Avenue south carries CR 437A five blocks to Michael Gladden Boulevard west. 03/31/18
This CR 435 pentagon preceded Park Avenue along Main Street east. It was removed when street lights were replaced along U.S. 441 through Downtown by 2014. 11/04/06
Park Avenue (CR 435) parallels Central Avenue (CR 424 / CR 437A) one block east through Downtown Apopka. Unmarked beyond street signs over U.S. 441, the county road extends north along Rock Springs Road to Kelly Park and south through South Apopka to Clarcona. 09/03/17
A pedestrian overpass carries the West Orange Trail across U.S. 441 (Main Street) at Forest Avenue. 09/03/17
Midland Avenue north and Edgewood Drive south come together from the adjacent Apopka street grid at a staggered intersection with U.S. 441 (Main Street). 09/03/17
Pushing east from Alabama Street (CR 424) south, U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) south nears the split with SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard). 09/03/17
SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard) comprises a busy arterial east to Forest City and the city of Altamonte Springs. 04/26/15
U.S. 441 angles southeast from the split with SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard). SR 436 begins and heads two miles east to the Seminole County line. The state road travels 25 miles overall between Apopka and Orlando International Airport (MCO) at the Beachline Expressway (SR 528). 09/03/17
Sheeler Avenue crosses U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) south from SR 436, linking Semoran Boulevard west with OBT south. 09/03/17
Southbound at the signalized intersection with Roger Williams Road near Piedmont. Roger Williams Road provides another link between U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) and SR 436 (Semoran Boulevard). 09/03/17
A remaining rural stretch of U.S. 441 opens along Orange Blossom Trail south by Lake Pleasant. 09/03/17
Piedmont Wekiwa Road north and Hiawassee Road south collectively form an arterial route from Wekiva north of SR 436, to Piedmont, Hiawassee and Pine Hills. 09/03/17
U.S. 441 nips the corner of Seminole County between Piedmont and Lockhart 09/03/17
Overland Road loops south from Orange Blossom Trail in Seminole County to Beggs Road as a historic alignment of U.S. 441. 09/03/17
U.S. 441 (Orange Blossom Trail) reenters Orange County just beyond Overland Road at Palm Avenue. 09/03/17
Advancing southward through Lockhart, U.S. 441 converges with SR 414 once again at the east end of the Apopka Expressway. The toll road opened west from OBT to CR 437A in Apopka on May 15, 2009. 03/31/18
Apopka Boulevard (CR 424) ties into the north side of the parclo interchange with SR 414 (Apopka Expressway west / Maitland Boulevard east). The westbound off-ramp replaced a Florida Central Railroad overpass at U.S. 441. 09/03/17
East from U.S. 441 (OBT), SR 414 transitions to Maitland Boulevard, a controlled-access arterial / expressway to SR 434 (Forest City Road), Maitland Summit office park and Interstate 4 in the city of Maitland. 03/31/18
A loop ramp joins U.S. 441 with SR 414 (Apopka Expressway) west back to Apopka and Wekiva Parkway north to Mount Dora and Mount Plymouth in Lake County. 09/03/17
Construction commenced in January of 2007 on John Land Apopka Expressway west from U.S. 441. The extension replaced an at-grade end for SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard). 09/03/17
Maitland Boulevard straddles portions of the Seminole County line 4.3 miles east from Orange Blossom Trail to Interstate 4. I-4 Ultimate construction upgrades the eastern portion of SR 414 to a limited access highway and the interchange with the freeway into a high-speed exchange. 09/03/17
Aesthetic arches accompany the spans for the six-lane toll road above U.S. 441. 09/03/17
Southbound U.S. 441 at the eastbound on-ramp for SR 414 (Maitland Boulevard). SR 414 concludes 6.5 miles to the east at U.S. 17-92 (Orlando Avenue) north of Downtown Maitland. 03/31/18
Apopka Boulevard (unsigned CR 424) parallels the west side of U.S. 441 closely from SR 414 south to the Beggs Road underpass. 09/03/17
A pair of 1957-built bridges carry Orange Blossom Trail across the CSX Railroad south of Beggs Road. 09/03/17
Rose Avenue intersects U.S. 441 (OBT) south from Beggs Road / Edgewater Drive (CR 424) and north of Clarcona Ocoee Road in Lockhart. 09/03/17
Clarcona-Ocoee Road comprises an east-west arterial from north Ocoee to unincorporated areas of Clarcona and Hiawassee to Edgewater Drive (CR 424) just east of OBT. 03/31/18
The succeeding traffic light southbound on U.S. 441 is with Cinderlane Parkway. 03/31/18
All American Boulevard navigates northeast through industrial park areas to connect with Kennedy Boulevard (CR 438A) east from SR 434 (Forest City Road) to the town of Eatonville. 03/31/18
Curving southward into Orlando, U.S. 441 (OBT) converges with SR 423 (Lee Road) by a 2013-built flyover with the south extension of SR 434 (John Young Parkway). 03/31/18
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2 photos
SR 423 (Lee Road) east provides the next link from U.S. 441 south to Interstate 4. The state road winds through Fairview Shores to meet the freeway at the Winter Park city line. 03/31/18
SR 423 turns southward from U.S. 441 at Trotters Park and merges with SR 434 along John Young Parkway ahead of Fairvilla in Orlando. The state road follows John Young Parkway south through the city to I-4 near Richmond Heights. 03/31/18

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