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U.S. 460 west
Between Bay View Avenue and Interstate 564, U.S. 460 (Granby Street) parallels the westbound side of the Hampton Roads Beltway. A pair of ramps exist between Granby Street and Interstate 64 east and west. Depicted here is an older state-named shield for the eastbound on-ramp. Photo taken 04/13/01.
The ramp to Interstate 64 east occurs just north of the Interstate 564 eastern terminus. A one block street stems westward from Granby Street underneath of the Hampton Roads Beltway for the on-ramp. A gate is situated west of the ramp at the Norfolk Navy Base perimeter. Photo taken 04/13/01.
Traffic from I-664 north merges onto U.S. 13 south and U.S. 58-460 westbound. U.S. 13 south & U.S. 460 west depart Military Highway underneath I-664 and combine with U.S. 58/460 Alternate at Bowers Hill. From there U.S. 460 Alternate ends and the three turn westward to converge with the Hampton Roads Beltway again. Photo taken 12/17/01.
Approaching the full cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 95 on U.S. 460 (Wagner Road) westbound in Petersburg. Photo taken 06/25/10.
Despite being relocated from County Drive north of Wagner Road in 2007, signage for the U.S. 460 extended overlap with Interstate 95 remains sparse by 2010. Photo taken 06/25/10.
U.S. 460 leaves Wagner Road for Interstate 95 northbound to the southbound beginning of Interstate 85. Wagner Road continues to U.S. 301 (South Crater Road). Photo taken 06/25/10.
Interstate 85 South U.S. 460 West
Ramps from Interstate 95 north & U.S. 460 west combine with that of Interstate 95 south ahead of this shield assembly that includes a U.S. 460 cutout. Interstate 85 & U.S. 460 travel 6.4 miles west to their split near Addison. Photo taken 07/11/05.
Interstate 85 & U.S. 460 parallel Lieutenant Run west to the Exit 65 diamond interchange with Squirrel Level Road. The freeway passes over U.S. 301 Alternate (Sycamore Street) on the one mile approach to Exit 65. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Squirrel Level Road (SSR 613 south of Petersburg) travels south to Petersburg National Battlefield and north to Virginia 142 (Boydton Plank Road) east at the intersection with Youngs Road north. Wells Road south to Halifax Road (SSR 604) leads drivers to the Prince George County campus of Richard Bland College. Photo taken 07/09/10.
2 photos
2 photos
A second set of Interstate 85 & U.S. 460 cutout shields are posted beyond Squirrel Level Road on-ramp. The first 4.6 miles of Interstate 85 constitute the southernmost portion of the original Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike. Photo taken 10/14/01. Second photo taken 07/09/10.
1.25 miles east of the Exit 63 six-ramp parclo interchange with U.S. 1 & 460 Business (Boydton Plank Road) on Interstate 85 south & U.S. 460 west at the Fort Lee Road over crossing. U.S. 1 & 460 Business combine in downtown Petersburg and travel Washington Street west through the Kennelworth section of Petersburg before exiting and meeting Interstate 85. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Interstate 85 south & U.S. 460 exit the independent city of Petersburg and enter Dinwiddie County just west of the Dupuy Road under crossing. Photo taken 07/09/10.
Exit 63B provides the return access to Petersburg via U.S. 1 north & 460 Business (unsigned here) east. Exit 63A loops onto U.S. 1 south toward Virginia Motorsports Park, Pamplin Historical Park, and the National Museum of the Civil War Soldier among other points of interest. Photo taken 07/09/10.
U.S. 460 Business ends at the Interstate 85 south & U.S. 460 westbound on-ramp from U.S. 1 (Boydton Plank Road) south. U.S. 1 continues southward alongside Interstate 85 to South Hill and Henderson, North Carolina. Photo taken 07/09/10.
The final set of Interstate 85 south & U.S. 460 westbound shields resides on the 1.8-mile stretch between U.S. 460 Business and U.S. 460 leading west to Sutherland. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 460 leads westward from Interstate 85 and Petersburg to Blackstone, Farmville, and Lynchburg from the Exit 61 parclo interchange. Photo taken 01/02/08.
Interstate 85 turns southwest from the split with U.S. 460 and continues 52 miles to South Hill (U.S. 58) and 122 miles to Durham, North Carolina. Photo taken 01/02/08.
U.S. 460 exits Interstate 85 south via Exit 61 to Airport Street. Airport Street stems west from U.S. 1 (Boydton Plank Road) as U.S. 460 Business to become the U.S. 460 mainline at Dinwiddie County Airport. U.S. 460 travels 30 miles west to Blackstone northwest of Fort Pickett. Photo taken 07/11/05.
U.S. 460 West U.S. 11 Alternate South Virginia Route 116 North
U.S. 460 west, U.S. 11 Alternate south, and U.S. 220 Business north leave the intersection with Williamson Road (U.S. 11 north, U.S. 221 south) and travel directly to meet Interstate 581 & U.S. 220 at a full cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 07/24/04.
U.S. 220 Business concludes at the northbound on-ramp to I-581/U.S. 220. The freeway angles northwest from Orange Avenue to Roanoke Regional Airport and Interstate 81 near Brushy Mountain. Photo taken 07/24/04.
U.S. 460 west & U.S. 11 Alternate south pass under Interstate 581 & U.S. 220 ahead of the southbound loop ramp to downtown. Interstate 581 ends a short distance to the south at Virginia 24 (Elm Avenue). Gainsboro Road otherwise intersects Orange Avenue ahead, providing access to Roanoke Civic Center via Madison Avenue east. Photo taken 07/24/04.

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