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Utah State Route 8 is an urban arterial spurring 1.303 miles west along Sunset Boulevard from SR 18 (Bluff Street) to Dixie Downs Road in the city of St. Georges. Sunset Boulevard becomes Santa Clara Drive and Old Highway 91 west through the city of Santa Clara. Sunset Boulevard and Bluff Street were historically a part of U.S. 91, which was truncated northward from southwestern Utah in 1974.

Utah State Route 8 East
An end shield stands at the eastern terminus of SR 8. SR 18 (Bluff Street) travels south to Downtown St. George and north to Snow Canyon State Park. 06/17/09
Utah State Route 8 West
The lone reassurance marker for SR 8 west appears just after SR 18 (Bluff Street). 06/17/09
SR 8 (Sunset Boulevard) begins and immediately intersects Valley View Drive south to residential areas west of West Black Ridge and north to the Sunset Corner retail area. 08/13/16
A mileage sign appears west of Valley View Drive for the continuation of Santa Clara Way (old U.S. 91) beyond SR 8 west to Santa Clara, Irvins and Shivwits Indian Reservation. 08/13/16
Old Highway 91 arcs 35 miles southwest across the Beaver Dam Mountains to Mohave County, Arizona and Interstate 15. Gunlock Reservoir State Park lies north of Shivits. 08/13/16
The South Hills and the distant Beaver Dam Mountains provide a scenic back drop along Sunset Hills Drive west between SR 18 (Bluff Street) and Halfway Wash. 08/13/16
Westridge Drive intersects SR 8 (Sunset Boulevard) at the succeeding traffic light westbound. 08/13/16
SR 8 crosses Halfway Wash and ends at the signalized intersection with Dixie Downs Road north and Dixie Drive south. 08/13/16
Sunset Boulevard west
Sunset Boulevard (old U.S. 91) bends northward and crosses the Santa Clara City line at Tuweap Drive. 08/13/16
Sunset Boulevard becomes Santa Clara Drive west of the signal with Warrior Way / Lava Flow Drive. 08/13/16
Santa Clara Parkway (old U.S. 91) continues west and intersects Santa Clara Parkway north. 08/13/16

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    06/17/09 by Landry Heaton. 08/13/16 by AARoads.

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