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SR 13 originates in Brigham City from U.S. 89/91 and ends 33.14 miles to the north at the Plymouth Interchange (Exit 392) with Interstate 15. The state route from Main Street in Brigham City northwest to Corrine and Bear River City is the historic alignment of both U.S. 30S and U.S. 191. Interstate 15 & 80N temporarily ended at the highway leading north through Elwood as well.

The southern leg of Business Loop I-15/84 to Tremonton overlaps SR 13 north between I-15/84 at Elwood and SR 102 (Main Street) at Crossroads. SR 13 continues north from there through Bear River Valley to Riverside and Plymouth. SR 13 separates with the former route of U.S. 191 to link with I-15 via 20800 North. Construction of Interstate 15 severed the old alignment of U.S. 191 north through Malad Valley.

Utah State Route 13 North
SR 13 converges with Interstate 15 & 84 north of Bear River City in the rural town of Elwood. The state route crosses over the freeway at a diamond interchange, where Business Loop I-15/84 begin. 07/08/16
Installed in 2016, state-named shields direct motorists along SR 13 (5200) west to I-15 north & 84 west ahead of their separation. Snowville is a small town located 37.5 miles to the northwest along Interstate 84. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-15 Utah State Route 13 North Business Loop I-84 West
A confirming marker for SR 13 stands between the north side ramps of I-15/84 and 9600 North. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-15/84 & SR 13 (5200 West) north of 10400 North. The three routes overlap for 2.01 miles to SR 102 (Main Street) in the city of Tremonton. 07/13/08
Approaching the community of Crossroads and SR 102 (11200 North) on Business Loop I-15/84 west & SR 13 north. 07/08/16
Business Loop I-15/84 split with SR 13 north for SR 102 (Main Street) west to the Tremonton city center. SR 102 extends 2.57 miles east from Crossroads to SR 38 on the north side of Deweyville. 07/08/16
Utah State Route 13 North
Entering the community of Riverside, SR 13 (5400 West) intersects SR 30, an east-west route between I-15 and the city of Logan. 08/10/16
SR 13 reaches its terminus after passing through a diamond interchange (Exit 392) with Interstate 15. An end shield accompanies an End State Maintenance sign ahead of the west freeway frontage road. Box Elder County Route 1130 overtakes 20800 North west from here to Nucor. 07/13/08
Utah State Route 13 South
SR 13 begins at a rural diamond interchange (Exit 392) linking Interstate 15 with 20800 North near the town of Plymouth. 20800 leads the state route 0.6 miles east to Old U.S. 191 south. 07/13/08
Interstate 15 heads north to Pocatello, Idaho, replacing the original alignment of U.S. 191 from Plymouth. SR 13 follows Old U.S. 191 south across Bear River Valley. 07/13/08
Confirming marker for SR 13 posted south of SR 30 (15200 North) in Riverside. 08/10/16
SR 13 combines with Business Loop I-15/84 south from Crossroads in Tremonton to I-15 & 84 in the town of Elwood. This pair of shields for the business routes stands beyond 10400 North. 07/13/08
Business Loop I-15/84 meet I-15/84 at a rural diamond interchange (Exit 376) south of 9600 North. 07/13/08
The first right turn connects SR 13 south with Interstate 15 north to Pocatello and Interstate 84 west to Snowville . 07/13/08
Passing over the freeway, SR 13 approaches the southbound on-ramp for I-15/84 to Ogden and Salt Lake City. 07/13/08

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