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Looping 160.29 miles south from Interstate 70 in central Utah, State Route 24 skirts Fishlake National Forest and passes through the central part of Capitol Reef National Park. SR 24 begins in Sigurd and travels southeast to Loa, the seat of Wayne County, then turns east through Lyman, Bicknell, Torrey, Capitol Reef National Park and Hanksville. Turning northeast from Hanksville, the state route travels through the San Rafael Desert alongside the San Rafael Reef to its eastern terminus at Interstate 70 and U.S. 50 (Exit 149).

Utah State Route 24 West
Mileage sign posted west of SR 12 on SR 24 one mile ahead of Torrey. 03/11/07
SR 24 (Main Street) west at 100 West in the rural town of Torrey. 03/11/07
Progressing seven miles northwest from Torrey and Poverty Flat, State Route 24 enters the town of Bicknell. Bicknell spreads across a four by seven block street grid, with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) located north along 200 East and the post office on Main Street (SR 24) at 100 East. 03/11/07
Lyman is the next town along westbound SR 24. Home to another LDS church, the rural community lies around 7,100 feet above sea level on the east side of Rabbit Valley. 03/11/07
Leading across Rabbitt Valley, the speed limit along SR 24 increases to 65 miles per hour. The next town is Loa, the Wayne County seat and largest community in the county with a population of 572 recorded in the 2010 census. 03/11/07
SR 24 enters Loa from the east on 300 East, then turns north along Main Street to pass through the business district. 03/11/07
Main Street north at 200 North. Loa, like Bicknell and Torrey, centers around the Mormon farming community. 03/11/07
Leaving Loa, SR 24 splits with SR 72 (500 North) north. SR 72 branches northeast 35.39 miles from Loa to Fremont, I-70 & U.S. 50 and SR 10 at Fremont Junction. 03/11/07
SR 24 heads across open, rolling plains west of Loa and east of Dry Valley. 03/11/07
SR 24 continues along the foothills of the Fishlake Mountains, gradually ascending to an 8,200-foot summit just before the Fish Lake turnoff (SR 25). 03/11/07
SR 25 spurs 10.00 miles northeast to Fish Lake and areas of Fishlake National Forest near Mount Marvine (el. 11,610 feet). 03/11/07
SR 24 travels 31 miles north from SR 25 to Richfield and 39 miles to Salina. The state route crosses the Sevier County line in two miles. 03/11/07
Heading north toward Sevier County and Oak Spring Hollow, SR 24 occasionally expands with an alternating passing lane. 03/11/07
SR 24 crosses from Piute to Sevier County at milepost 37.011. 03/11/07
The Oak Springs Rest Area lines the east side of SR 24 at milepost 34.625, just north of Browns Lane west to SR 62 and Koosharem. 03/11/07
Continuing north from SR 62, SR 24 crosses Otter Creek and runs alongside of Koosharem Reservoir. 03/11/07
Northbound scene along SR 24 in the Plateau Valley. Sevier Plateau rises to the north and Boobe Hole Mountain (el. 10,636 ft) to the east. 03/11/07
After ascending to a 7,320-foot summit, SR 24 approaches SR 119, which travels west to Richfield. 03/11/07
SR 119 comprises an 8.75 mile route west from SR 24 to Glenwood and SR 118 at Richfield. 03/11/07
SR 24 overtakes the former alignment of U.S. 89 north from SR 118 in north Sigurd. The state route intersects SR 259, a 0.345-mile link to I-70 & U.S. 89. 07/31/09

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    03/11/07 by Kenny Chuck. 07/31/09 by Landry Heaton.

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