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SR 126 is a north-south highway that travels for 21.59 miles through the Ogden metropolitan area. The state route starts at single point interchange with I-15 in Layton and proceeds northwest through Clearfield along the historic alignment of U.S. 91. SR 126 and I-15 run along side one another through Sunset to the Weber County line, where Interstate 15 shifts diverges east to merge with I-84 at Riverdale.

Entering the city of Roy, SR 26 branches east from SR 126 along Riverdale Road, following the old route of U.S. 91 northeast to U.S. 89 (Washington Boulevard) in Ogden. SR 126 north from SR 26 replaced what was SR 84 along the west Ogden city line and through West Haven, Marriott-Slaterville and Farr West. SR 26 crosses paths with I-15 again just inside the Box Elder County line, ending at U.S. 89 near Pleasant View.

Utah State Route 126 North
SR 126 turns north from Layton Parkway onto Main Street (old U.S. 91) in Layton and next intersects the west end of SR 109 (Gentile Street). 01/28/11
Utah State Route 126 South
Confirming marker for SR 126 south of the commercialized intersection with SR 232 (Hill Field Road) in Layton. 01/28/11
Layton Parkway connects the southern extent of State Route 126 with Interstate 15 and South Fort Lane. Construction of the adjacent SPUI with I-15 severed the continuation of Main Street (former U.S. 91) south to Kaysville. 01/28/11
Utah State Route 126 scenes
Gentille Street is a locally maintained boulevard traveling east from West Layton to the junction of SR 126 (Main Street) and SR 109 east. SR 109 follows Gentille Street east 2.962 miles to U.S. 89 near Holmes Reservoir. 08/26/11

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Interstate 15
U.S. 89

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