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SR 154 comprises a loop between 13800 South in the city of Draper and Terminal Drive, the airport access road for Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC), in Salt Lake. Bangerter Highway varies between arterial and expressway standards, with interchanges and continuous flow intersections implemented throughout the 24.319 mile course. The state route encircles Riverton west from Draper, Interstate 15 (Exit 289) and Bluffdale to run north through the suburban cities of South Jordan, West Jordan, Taylorsville and West Valley City. Beyond the diverging diamond interchange (DDI) with SR 201 (21st South Freeway), SR 154 enters the city of Salt Lake City, serving industrial park areas to Interstate 80 and the airport.

Planned since the 1960s,1 construction on the first segment on what was then named the West Valley Highway commenced in 1990.2 The initial phase of the multi-lane highway ran south from SR 201 (2100 South) to 3500 South. It cost $13 million and opened to traffic on November 27, 1991.1 Subsequent construction added another 1.5 miles of SR 154, with the $10 million portion from 3500 South to 4700 South ready for traffic on October 20, 1992.3

The Utah Legislature approved SCR13 on February 12, 1993, a resolution which named SR 154 the Norman H. Bangerter Highway, after the 13th Governor of Utah. Bangerter, a long time resident of West Valley, was both a supporter for the highway project and proponent of alleviating traffic congestion along the west side of the Salt Lake valley. His efforts led the state Legislature to support the West Valley Highway project in 1988.1,4

Bangerter Highway opened between SR 173 (5400 South) and 4700 South in West Valley City on September 17, 1993. Work began on the $8.2 million, six-lane concrete roadway, in January 1992.5 Additional work extended SR 154 southward to 7800 South in West Jordan, a distance of 2.5 miles, on January 12, 1994. The $11 million section was under construction starting in November 1992.6

Further lengthening of the highway took place on December 16, 1994, following a ribbon cutting ceremony to open a 1.5 mile stretch between 7800 South and 9000 South. Costs to build the roadway at that point totaled $70 million.7

Work on the extension of Bangerter Highway through South Jordan and Riverton wrapped up on October 16, 1997. The $15.9 mile segment opened with six lanes from 9000 South to 12600 South.7 This left two final phases, a $18.5 million, 3.6 mile section from 12600 South to SR 68 (Redwood Road) in Riverton. It opened to commuter traffic on Monday November 2, 1998.1 The final link, taking Bangerter Highway 3.1 miles east to Interstate 15 at 13500 South, opened following a ribbon cutting ceremony on November 17, 1998. This section cost $36 million to build and was started in July 1997.9

A new mile long roadway, named Bangerter Parkway, opened to traffic from the east end of SR 154 south to Highland Drive at Traverse Ridge Road. The $4 million roadway was built across farmland to spur economic development. It is not part of the state route. A ribbon cutting ceremony capped off nine months of work on November 15, 2005.10

The first continuous flow intersection (CFI) added to SR 154 was constructed starting in March 2007 at 3500 South (SR 171). The new type of intersection was designed to cut wait times by 60 percent by improving signal coordination during green light cycles. The design was patented in Mexico. It uses a combination of creative signalizing and a non-intuitive design, where motorists turning left from Bangerter Highway first cross over the oncoming traffic lanes to enter a separate turn lane at the corner of the intersection. The left-hand turn lane is adjacent to an entrance lane for vehicles turning right onto SR 154 from SR 171. The result is that left-hand turning traffic travels simultaneously with mainline Bangerter Highway traffic. The CFI at SR 171 cost $7.5 million to build, a cost savings of $12 to 22 million for interchange upgrades at the time. It opened to traffic on the morning of September 16, 2007.11,12

Successful implementation of the continuous flow intersection at 3500 South led to several more planned or underway for Bangerter Highway by 2010. Budgeted for $38.5 million, the six upgrades were included:13

  • 3100 South - under construction in 2010, complete in spring 2011.
  • 4100 South - in design and under construction in 2010, complete in fall 2011.
  • 4700 South - under construction in 2010, complete in fall 2011.
  • 5400 South - under construction in 2010, complete in fall 2010.
  • 6200 South - under construction in 2010, complete in 2011.
  • 7000 South - under construction in 2010, complete in 2011.

Future Improvements

Several improvements have been made to SR 154 over the years, enhancing Bangerter Highway as a commuter route and alternative route to SLC Airport. Additional improvements are underway or planned. To better serve areas of Bluffdale and Riverton, a new interchange and roadway is being built between SR 154 and 600 West between Mileposts 1 and 2. Construction on the alignment of 600 West and the single point urban interchange (SPUI) with SR 154 started in May 2016. It runs through spring 2017.

Future projects included replacing the at-grade intersection between SR 154 and SR 175 (11400 South) with a single point urban interchange. Construction there is scheduled to start in spring 2017. Further north at 9000 South (SR 209), an interchange is under study. Pending approval of the environmental study, construction may begin in 2017.

The intersection of Bangerter Highway and 7000 South in West Jordan is also under study for an upgrade to a SPUI. If approved, work may start in 2017. Similarly, an environmental study was completed in June 2016 for the potential SPUI replacing the traffic lights between SR 154 and SR 173 (5400 South). Construction begins there in early 2017.

SR 154 north
Heading north from SR 171 (3500 South) through the crossover intersection for southbound Bangerter Highway traffic turning east onto 3500 South east. 07/03/16
A continuous flow intersection (CFI) joins SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) northbound next with 3100 South. 07/03/16
The left-turn movement for 3100 South departs SR 154 north, one quarter mile ahead of the east-west arterial. 07/03/16
Confirming marker for SR 154 north, posted after SR 171 (3500 South). 07/03/16
The pedestrian bridge spanning Bangerter Highway at 3100 South was the result of a grassroots effort led by the citizens group, CHAD (Communities Hoping to Avoid Deaths). CHAD formed following the death of Chad Riding, a 15-year old high school student who was killed crossing Bangerter Highway on January 7, 1997. Costs for construction of the $861,800 bridge were split by UDOT and West Valley City.14 The overpass was completed on September 18, 1998.15 07/03/16
Reassurance marker for SR 154 north posted at the crossover signal for Bangerter Highway south to 3100 South east. 07/03/16
A conventional intersection follows a half mile north of 3100 South on SR 154 with Parkway Boulevard. 07/03/16
Parkway Boulevard winds west from SR 68 (Redwood Boulevard) in Salt Lake by a number of industrial parks to intersect Bangerter Highway opposite Lake Park Corporate Centre. 07/03/16
SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) angles northwest with six lanes between Westlake Business Park and Lake Park golf course. 07/03/16
Lake Park Boulevard circles north from Lake Park Corporate Centre to tie into SR 154 opposite 2400 South west at the ensuing traffic light. 07/03/16
Reassurance marker posted north of 2400 South. Bangerter Highway enters the Salt Lake City limits at forthcoming SR 201. 07/03/16
Frontage roads accompany the 21st South Freeway (SR 201) as the state route leads west to Magna. 07/03/16
SR 201 stretches 18 miles from Interstate 80 at Lake Point Junction to U.S. 89 near Downtown Salt Lake City. 07/03/16
The diamond interchange with SR 201 (21st South Freeway) was converted into a DDI as part of a $9.5 million project started in summer 2011. Work also added an eastbound auxiliary lane between Bangerter Highway and Interstate 215.16 07/03/16
SR 201 (21st South Freeway) travels 1.8 miles east to cross paths with Interstate 215 and 3.6 miles to 900 West. The easternmost leg of SR 201 utilizes 2100 South, a surface boulevard. 07/03/16
Beyond the lane drop for SR 201 east, the two remaining lanes of SR 154 north shift to the left and cross over the southbound lanes as traffic enters the DDI. 07/03/16
A left turn takes motorists onto the 21st South Freeway west to 7200 West, where SR 201 transitions into an at-grade highway to Magna. 07/03/16
The northbound lanes of SR 154 shift back to the right after the SR 201 west on-ramp. The remainder of Bangerter Highway serves industrial areas to Interstate 80 and Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). 07/03/16
SR 154 south
SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) and SR 171 (3500 South) come together at a continuous flow intersection (CFI) in the heart of West Valley City. 3500 South constitutes a busy commercial arterial east to Valley Fair Mall and I-215. 07/03/16
Southbound SR 154 at the crossover signal for Bangerter Highway north to 3500 South west. 07/08/16
SR 154 confirming marker posted as Bangerter Highway passes west of Granger High School. 07/08/16
Sound walls line both sides of Bangerter Highway as SR 154 approaches the CFI with 4100 South. 07/08/16
Forthcoming 4100 South heads west to SR 111 and outlying areas of West Valley City. 07/08/16
2 photos
2 photos
Traffic bound for 4100 South east departs SR 154 south for the left-turn lanes. The arterial transitions to Meadowbrook Expressway in Salt Lake. 07/08/16
A pedestrian bridge spans Bangerter Highway on the south side of the CFI with 4100 South. The span was constructed by 2000.2 07/08/16
Bangerter Highway continues south between residential subdivisions from 4100 South to South Jordan Canal. 07/08/16
A fourth southbound CFI joins SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) with 4700 South in one quarter mile. 07/08/16
Traffic bound for 4700 South east departs the Bangerter Highway mainline. 07/08/16
4700 South east becomes SR 266 at I-215 in Taylorsville. The 8.12-mile route ends at Interstate 215 in Holladay. 07/08/16
4700 South straddles the West Valley City and Taylorsville line across Bangerter Highway. 07/08/16
SR 154 travels through Taylorsville for two miles to 6200 South. 07/08/16
Passing under the crossover signal for Bangerter Highway north to 4700 South west on SR 154. 07/08/16
SR 173, an east-west route stretching 9.94 miles from SR 111 and U.S. 89, intersects SR 154 at the next CFI. 07/08/16
SR 173 (5400 South) ventures east from a commercialized junction with SR 154 across Taylorsville to 5300 South and the city of Murray. 07/08/16
Entering the left-turn lanes for 5400 South east from Bangerter Highway south. 07/08/16
SR 173 continues west as a five or seven lane arterial to 6055 West near the USANA Amphitheatre. The state route expands into a divided highway to SR 85 (Mountain View Corridor). 07/08/16
Peak hour traffic at the CFI between SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) and 173 (5400 South). 07/08/16

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