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SR 161 loops 3.084 miles northwest from Interstate 70 at Exit 2 to I-15 at Exit 135. Unmarked on guide signs along both I-15 and I-70, the state route follows a portion of old U.S. 91 through historic Cove Fort.

Utah State Route 161 North
SR 161 begins as old U.S. 91 north enters a diamond interchange with Interstate 70. 10/18/04
SR 161 (former U.S. 91) north links Interstate 70 with historic Cove Fort. Cove Fort was settled in 1867 as an outpost for travelers between Beaver and Fillmore. 10/18/04
Interstate 70 leads west one mile from SR 161 to end at Interstate 15. 10/18/04
The first northbound SR 161 reassurance shield appears just north of I-70. 10/18/04
Utah State Route 161 South
Less than a mile separates historic Cove Fort from Interstate 70 along SR 161 (former U.S. 91) south. 10/18/04
A guide sign directs motorists onto the respective on-ramps to Interstate 70 and for the continuation of old U.S. 91 south to Sulphurville. 10/18/04
SR 161 ends as does I-70, one mile to the west at I-15. Interstate 70 east meanwhile climbs to a summit of 7,076 feet between here and Exit 7. 10/18/04
Utah State Route 161 scenes
Karl Forth Trailblazers direct motorists onto SR 161 (old U.S 91) from the Cove Fort Rest Stop. The Chevron Station outside Cove Fort serves as one of several public-private rest areas across the state. These facilities allow motorists access to restrooms and water without having to make a purchase. 04/30/11

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    10/18/04 by AARoads. 04/30/11 by Karl Forth.

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