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Virginia Route 45 North
A short distance north of Raines Tavern is the SR 45 (Cumberland Road) northbound intersection with SR 638 (John Randolph Road). SR 638 ventures east to Cotton Town and SR 600 (which SR 45 intersects with U.S. 60 later). 12/21/08
SR 680 (Coffeys Road) spurs west to some farms by Brier Creek from SR 45 (Cumberland Road). 12/21/08
SR 699 (Thompson Road) follows as a spur to a handful of residences and farms to the east of SR 45. 12/21/08
Curving northeast, SR 45 (Cumberland Road) meets SR 676 (Asal Road) northwest to Fork Swamp. 12/21/08
Northbound drivers pass through Hawk and intersect SR 691 (Blanton Farm Road) southeast. 12/21/08
SR 634 (Salem Church Road) stems southeast from SR 632 to end at SR 45 (Cumberland Road) at Browns Store. 12/21/08
Stone Drive carries the designation of SR 705 east as it spurs from SR 45 to a pair of farms. 12/21/08
Northbound mileage sign and SR 45 shield assembly posted at the intersection with Burton Drive. SR 45 meets Cumberland Court House with U.S. 60 in 7 miles and ends in 30 miles at Georges Tavern (SR 6). 12/21/08
SR 640 (Holman Mill Road) meanders north from SR 638 (Guinea Road) to end at SR 45 near Guinea Mills. 12/21/08
SR 633 follows Volgel Road northwest from SR 45 (Cumberland Road) to U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) at Ca Ira. 12/21/08
SR 631 (Davenport Road) stems east from SR 45 (Cumberland Road) at McRae to SR 600 north of Stony Point Mills. 12/21/08
Tarwallet Road (SR 669) heads east from SR 45 to U.S. 60 & SR 45 east of Hillcrest. 12/21/08
SR 670 (Wilson Russell Drive) provides a cutoff to U.S. 60 west to Sprouses Corner and Buckingham from SR 45 north. 12/21/08
Approaching the merge with U.S. 60 east, SR 45 first splits with SR 727 (Hillcrest Road), a former alignment of the state route. 12/21/08
SR 45 joins U.S. 60 east for Cumberland Court House; U.S. 60 continues west 12 miles to Sprouses Corner (U.S. 15). 12/21/08
U.S. 60 joins Richmond with Lexington overall in central Virginia. Cartersville is the northbound destination for SR 45 beyond Cumberland Court House. 12/21/08
Northbound SR 45 at U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway). U.S. 60 travels 296.16 miles in the Old Dominion, entering the state near Callaghan and ending at Virginia Beach. 12/21/08
U.S. 60 East Virginia Route 45 North
SR 45 joins U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) east for a five-mile overlap near Hillcrest. The two routes continue east two miles to Cumberland Court House. 12/21/08
SR 628 (Forest View Road) stems north from U.S. 60 & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) near Hillcrest to SR 629 (Oak Hill Road) near Bear Creek Lake. 12/21/08
Fleming Road represents an older alignment of U.S. 60 through the Hillcrest vicinity. The frontage road travels a short distance alongside the five-lane highway before ending. 12/21/08
SR 669 exists in two segments from U.S. 60 & SR 45. The north section follows Criss Road to a handful of residences. SR 669 south follows Tarwallet Road west to SR 45 near McRae. 12/21/08
U.S. 60 east & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) north lose their center turn lane as they enter Cumberland. 12/21/08
SR 600 follows Foster Road north and Stoney Point Road south from Anderson Highway in Cumberland. SR 600 meanders from U.S. 60 to Stony Point Mills to Farmville overall. 12/21/08
Heading east from Cumberland, U.S. 60 & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) reduce to two overall lanes and next meet SR 622 (Trents Mill Road). SR 622 ventures north to Trents Mill, Hatcher, Nuckols and U.S. 15 near Gold Hill. 12/21/08
SR 13 begins from the following intersection of U.S. 60 & SR 45 (Anderson Highway) at Old Buckingham Road. SR 13 follows the original U.S. 60 alignment through Grays Siding, Sunny Side, Tobaccoville, Ballsville, and Belona before returning to U.S. 60 east of Powhatan. 12/21/08
SR 681 (Clement Town Road) ties into SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road) at Tobaccoville. SSr 681 leads southeast to Morven and U.S. 360 at Amelia Court House. 12/21/08
U.S. 60 & SR 45 continue east two miles to their split; SR 13 begins and travels 23 miles overall to the south of the US highway. 12/21/08
SR 45 (Cartersville Road) exits the multiplex with U.S. 60 (Anderson Highway) east opposite SR 682 north from SR 13 (Old Buckingham Road). The state route resumes its northeasterly course 13 miles to Cartersville and 17 miles to Georges Tavern, its terminus. 12/21/08

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