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Virginia Route 47 North
SR 47 (Craftons Gate Highway) northbound after the intersection with U.S. 15 & 360 (Kings Highway). The state route ends in 30 miles at Pamplin. 12/21/08
SR 713 (Deuprees Store Road) leads west from SR 47 to SR 606 parallel to U.S. 15 south & 360 west. 12/21/08
SR 710 meanders east along Oak Hill Road from SR 47 (Craftons Gate Highway) to U.S. 15 & 360 south of Wallaces Store. 12/21/08
Northbound SR 47 at SR 788 (Cary's Shop Road), a short residential spur. 12/21/08
SR 612 (Sunny Side Road) ventures west from SR 47 to Saxe. 12/21/08
Curving toward the crossing over Horsepen Creek along SR 47 (Craftons Gate Highway) north. 12/21/08
SR 613 follow Algerene Road east to SR 623 west of Wallaces Store. 12/21/08
SR 613 west leaves SR 47 nearby for Country Road and SR 612. 12/21/08
W.P.A. Road (SR 692) provides a connection between SR 47 and SR 623 (Point Stevens Road) southeast of Drakes Branch. 12/21/08
SR 740 constitutes a short loop along Old Forty Seven Road, an older alignment of SR 47. 12/21/08
Entering the city limits of Drakes Branch. The municipal boundaries form a square areound the village center. 12/21/08
SR 623 follows Mill Street west from Point Stevens Road to end at SR 47 (Drakes Main Street). 12/21/08
SR 47 (Drakes Main Street) spans Twittys Creek between Mill Street and Depot Street (SR 1213). SR 619 follows and travels Proctor Street west from town en route to Chandlers Forks. 12/21/08
Just about every side street in Drakes Branch receives an SR shield or placard. Pictured here is SR 47 north at Dunlop Street (SR 1210). 12/21/08
SR 1204 follows Isabella Street, a connector between SR 47 (Drakes Main Street) and SR 619 (Proctor Street). 12/21/08
Continuing the ascent from central Drakes Branch, SR 47 meets SR 1205 (Marshall Street). 12/21/08
SR 637 (Saxkey Road) east and SR 59 (Gethsemane Church Avenue) south come together at SR 47 (Drakes Main Street) at the north edge of town. SR 59 begins here and travels just eight miles east to SR 40 at Keysville. 12/21/08
SR 47 north at the beginning of SR 59 north and SR 637 west. SR 637 heads southwest to Mossingford and Saxe from Drakes Branch. 12/21/08
Next along SR 47 north is the Charlotte County seat of Charlotte Court Hourse in four miles and Cullen in nine miles. 12/21/08
Like Drakes Branch to the south, Charlotte Court House's city limits form a square around the village center. 12/21/08
Also like Drakes Branch, side streets in Charlotte Court House receive SR shields or placards. Pictured here is SR 1101 for Watkins Drive west. 12/21/08
Entering center Charlotte Court House, SR 47 (Legrande Avenue) meets Law Lane (SR 1114). 12/21/08
SR 1111 follows Statesman Drive west from SR 47 (Legrande Avenue) to SR 40 (David Bruce Avenue). 12/21/08
SR 47 meets SR 40 (David Bruce Avenue), an east-west route stretching 233 miles from Woolwine to Spring Grove across southern Virginia. 12/21/08
SR 40 travels west to Phenix, Brookneaf, Cody, Mt. Airy, Gretna, and Rocky Mount. Esatward, the state highway continues to Keysville and Luneburg. 12/21/08
SR 47 north & 40 east combine for just 0.1 mile along David Bruce Avenue between Legrand Avenue and Thomas Jefferson Highway. 12/21/08
Virginia Route 40 East Virginia Route 47 North
SR 40 continues east along George Washington Highway nine miles to Keysville. SR 47 resumes a northward course along the Thomas Jefferson Highway four miles to Cullen. 12/21/08
Eastbound David Bruce Avenue at the split of SR 40 east and SR 47 north. 12/21/08
Virginia Route 47 North
A short distance north of SR 40 is the SR 47 partition with SR 709 (Union Cemetery Road). 12/21/08
SR 709 loops east to SR 604 (Roanoke Bridge Road) and SR 40 (George Washington Highway) east of Charlotte Court House. 12/21/08
SR 47 (Thomas Jefferson Highway) exits Charlotte Court House on the 11 mile-drive to Madisonville and 16 mile-mile drive to Pamplin City. 12/21/08
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Approaching the village of Cullen along SR 47 (Thomas Jefferson Highway) north. SR 738 splits ahead for Railway View Lane. 12/21/08
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SR 739 constitutes a short loop east of SR 47 using Railway View Lane and Ferguson Road. The alignment may represent original SR 47. 12/21/08
SR 660 (Virginian Road west / Taro Road north) joins Cullen with SR 650 to the west and Taro to the northeast. 12/21/08
SR 697 follows Dixon Road, another possible old alignment of SR 47) north from Cullen to Thomas Jefferson Highway at Middle Branch. 12/21/08
Curving northwest, SR 47 meets SR 661 (Wards Fork Mill Road) north to Wards Fork Mill. 12/21/08
Westward along SR 47 as SR 689 (Carwile Road) north. 12/21/08
SR 649 (Crawley Road) travels south from SR 47 at Madisonville to SR 689 and SR 47. 12/21/08
SR 649 continues south from SR 47 a short distance west of Crawley Road for Germantown Road south to SR 40 at Womacks. 12/21/08
Turning northward again near Vincent Corner, SR 47 (Thomas Jefferson Highway) intersects SR 752 (Azalea Road) south. 12/21/08
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SR 666 (Vincent Store Road) arcs west from Vincent Corner to SR 727 (Red House Road) southeast of Rough Creek. 12/21/08
Continuing north from Vincent Corner, SR 47 reaches Madisonville in two miles and ends at Pamplin City in seven miles. 12/21/08
Entering an area of farm fields along SR 47 north at SR 793 (Trails End Road) west. 12/21/08
SR 665 (Harvey Road), like SR 666, arcs between SR 727 (Red House Road) and SR 47 (Thomas Jefferson Highway). 12/21/08
Corner Road travels north from Harvey Road as SR 696 to SR 47. This may also be an older alignment of SR 47. 12/21/08
Rolling Hill Road carries SR 615 west from SR 47 to Rolling Hill and Red House. 12/21/08
Aforementioned SR 649 (Crawley Road) returns to SR 47 at the settlement of Madisonville. 12/21/08
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2 photos
SR 47 travels through Madisonville and meets SR 671 (County Line Road). 12/21/08
SR 671 straddles the county line from SR 47 east toward Baker Mountain and Maloney Siding. Their intersection represents a corner of Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties. 12/21/08
SR 47 follows the county line north to SR 662 (Tower Loop Road). SR 662 travels the southern half of Tower Loop Road to SR 691 (Tower Road) west over Lyle Mountain. 12/21/08
A wooded scene along SR 47 (Thomas Jefferson Highway) north over Lyle Mountain. 12/21/08
SR 691 continues Tower Loop Road back to SR 47 north of Lyle Mountain. 12/21/08
Angling northeast, SR 47 passes by SR 699 (Deer Road) west. 12/21/08
Although still following the county line, motorists are informed that SR 47 enters Prince Edward County officially north of Deer Road. 12/21/08
Baker Mountain Road (SR 663) ventures east southeast to Spring Creek Lake and Baker Mountain. 12/21/08
Northbound reassurance shield for SR 47 posted after the Thomas Jefferson Highway intersection with SR 663 east. 12/21/08
There is not much to SR 719 (Llama Road) outside of a handful of residences east of SR 47. 12/21/08
SR 725 (Point Road) provides a cutoff from SR 47 north to SR 638 (Wheelers Springs Road) west along the Appomattox and Charlotte County line. 12/21/08
SR 725 (Point Road) returns from SR 638 where SR 47 veers away from the county line. SR 638 lines the Appomattox County boundary west to SR 727 north of Red House. 12/21/08
SR 702 parallels SR 47 south along Merriman Shop Road in south Pamplin City. 12/21/08
SR 47 (Thomas Jefferson Highway) enters Pamplin City formally ahead of SR 702 (Merriman Shop Road) south. 12/21/08
Lukin Road (SR 1101) angles westward to become SR 629 west outside of Pamplin City. 12/21/08
Main Street doubles as SR 1102 as it loops east of SR 47 (Thomas Jefferson Highway). 12/21/08
Church Street continues SR 1102 north from Main Street as the former routing of SR 47 north. 12/21/08
SR 47 passes under the parallel Norfolk Southern Railroad line and ends at U.S. 460 Business (Pamplin Road). 12/21/08
U.S. 460 Business follows Pamplin Road south of the U.S. 460 expressway bypass. Appomattox and Lynchburg lie to the west; Farmville and Blackstone follow along U.S. 460 east. 12/21/08

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