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U.S. 29 North Virginia Route 56 East
U.S. 29 north & SR 56 east share four miles of pavement between Colleen and Lovingston (U.S. 29 Business). 05/30/05
SR 653 intersects U.S. 29 & SR 56 (Thomas Nelson Highway) next. SR 653 spurs northward along Freshwater Cove Lane to Poplar Flats. Eastward the state route follows Oak Ridge Road toward SR 655 near Canada Gap between Turner and Findlay Mountains. 05/30/05
Nearing the split of SR 56 east from U.S. 29 (Thomas Nelson Highway) north at front Street (U.S. 29 Business) south of Lovingston. SR 56 briefly follows U.S. 29 Business along Front Street before turning south along James River Road to Lakeview Heights. The state route circumvents Edge Hill on the four-mile drive to Shipman. 05/30/05
U.S. 29 Business follows Front Street through the Nelson County seat of Lovingston. The route emerges from near Ridge Street. 05/30/05
U.S. 29 South Virginia Route 56 West
Now south of Lovingston and the U.S. 29 Business loop of Front Street, U.S. 29 & SR 56 (Thomas Nelson Highway) meet SR 651 (Stevens Cove Road) north. SR 651 spurs to Fortunes Cove near Mills and Woods Mountains. 06/05/05
SR 56 branches westward along Tye Brook Highway from U.S. 29 (Thomas Nelson Highway) at Colleen. The state route ventures five miles west to a merge with SR 161 north at Piney River and overall to U.S. 11 at Steeles Tavern. 06/05/05
U.S. 29 south at the split with SR 56 (Tye Brook Highway) west. SR 56 travels 63 miles between Steeles Tavern and U.S. 60 at Dentons Corner. 06/05/05

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