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Virginia Route 150 East
A grade separated intersection joins the southbound beginning of SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) with Parham Road north and River Road. River Road forms part of Virginia Byway west to SR 6 in Goochland County and leads east to SR 147 and Cary Street in Richmond. Parham Road heads north to Exit 181 of Interstate 64. 05/29/08
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2 photos
Heading south, SR 150 travels parallel to a power line corridor and its span over the James River. The bridge is named after Edward E. Willey, a State Senator from 1952 to 1983.1 05/29/08
SR 150 southbound travelers enter the independent city of Richmond over the south banks of the James River on the Willey Bridge. 05/29/08
Just south of the Willey Bridge is the Stony Point Parkway off-ramp to Stony Point Fashion Park. This is the first of two interchanges for the shopping mall. 05/29/08
Drivers merging onto SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) south from the north end of Stony Point Parkway must use the parclo interchange to access the state route northbound. Stony Point Parkway loops west from SR 150 between its two interchanges around the mall. 05/29/08
Continuing east through a wooded area, with the aforementioned power corridor passing overhead, along SR 150 south after Stony Point Parkway. 05/29/08
SR 147 (Huguenot Road) crosses paths with SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) at a six-ramp parclo interchange at the Oxford section of Richmond. The state route travels west to Bon Air, Wayland, and Westchester and northeast across the James River to River Road. Overall SR 147 totals 11 miles between U.S. 60 at Midlothian and Richmond. 05/29/08
Not all of SR 150 consists of a freeway. Chippenham Parkway sees a series of at-grade and signalized intersections through the Oxford area of Richmond. Intersections exist with Sherbrook Road, Weyburn Road, Stratford Road, Kenmore Road, Custis Road, Grantwood Road and Ingallis Drive. 05/29/08
The next exit joins SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) with Forest Hill Avenue. Forest Hill Avenue travels west from Richmond at SR 683 to SR 147 (Huguenot Road) at Bon Air. Eastward the arterial continues to the Powhite Parkway, Westover Heights, and SR 161 (Westover Hills Boulevard). 05/29/08
SR 150 southbound at the loop ramp onto Forest Hill Avenue east. Forest Hill Avenue briefly becomes a part of U.S. 60 near its end at Bainbridge Street at James River Park. 05/29/08
SR 76 (Powhite Parkway) sees a directional cloverleaf interchange with SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) next. The east-west toll road links the southwest suburbs and SR 288 with downtown via SR 195 (Downtown Expressway). 05/29/08
Chippenham Parkway straddles the Richmond city and Chesterfield County lines southward to SR 686 (Jahnke Road). Jahnke Road winds eastward to Forest Hill Avenue at Westover Hills and as SR 686 west to SR 76 and SR 678 (Buford Road). 05/29/08
SR 150 heads south from the parclo interchange with SR 686 (Jahnke Road) to meet U.S. 60 (Midlothian Turnpike) next. SR 686 provides access to Chippenham Parkway south from SR 76 north. 08/08/04
U.S. 60 joins the Richmond area with Powhatan to the west and Richmond International Airport to the east. Locally the highway acts as a commuter route between the western suburbs and south Richmond. 08/08/04
Southbound SR 150 at the cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 60 (Midlothian Turnpike). U.S. 60 constitutes a busy commercial arterial west to Midlothian and east to SR 161 (Belt Boulevard) in Richmond. 05/29/08
Leading east, U.S. 60 follows Midlothian Turnpike to Roanoke street north, Forest Hill Avenue east, and Semmes Avenue toward downtown Richmond. U.S. 60 travels 296.16 miles overall through Virginia, ending at Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach. 05/29/08
Interchange sequence sign posted for the next three exits of SR 150. U.S. 360 (Hull Street Road) meets the freeway next at a six-ramp parclo interchange. The US highway serves far reaching suburbs toward Swift Creek Reservoir. 05/29/08
Motorists bound for U.S. 360 (Hull Street Road) west to Falling Creek Farms and other suburban areas and Hull Street northeast toward downtown Richmond depart SR 150 south. 08/08/04
SR 651 (Belmont Road) meets SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) next at a parclo interchange just beyond the Richmond city line. 08/08/04
Belmont Road stems south from Walmsley Boulevard through suburban areas to SR 604 (Courthouse Road) near its interchange with SR 288. 08/08/04
SR 150 south at the SR 651 (Belmont Road) off-ramp to Wilkinson Terrace, Jessup Farm Acres and Land O'Pines. 05/29/08
A cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) and SR 10 (Iron Bridge Road) south of Falling Creek Reservoir. SR 10 provides a direct route to Chesterfield Airport ahead of its interchange with SR 288 near Chesterfield. 08/08/04
SR 10 travels north-south from its beginning at U.S. 360 in Richmond to Chesterfield, despite maintaining east and west cardinal direction banners. A 93.55-mile route, SR 10 follows Broad Rock Road in Richmond and Iron Bridge Road south and east to Chester. 05/29/08
SR 10 west (north) continues from SR 150 and Iron Bridge Road onto Broad Rock Boulevard through south Richmond. 08/08/04
Reassurance shield posted for SR 150 south between SR 10 and Hopkins Road. 08/08/04
Next in line for southbound SR 150 drivers is the diamond interchange with SR 637 (Hopkins Road). 08/08/04
Hopkins Road meanders north through Richmond to U.S. 1/301 (Jefferson Davis Highway) and south to Beulah and SR 145 at Centralia. 05/29/08
A folded diamond interchange joins SR 150 with Strathmore Road after a railroad underpass. 08/08/04
More a turn-off than an exit, the ramp to SR 1601 (Dalebrook Drive) serves an adjacent residential area via parallel Meadowdale Boulevard and Dalebrook Drive south to Beulah Road. 05/29/08
Sound walls obstruct the view and noise of SR 150 along both sides of Chippenham Parkway through the Bensley area. This image looks at the southbound reassurance shield posted after the Dalebrook Drive on-ramp. 05/29/08
Strathmore Road connects Chippenham Parkway with Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) and Defense Depot Richmond Virginia (DDRV) to the south. 05/29/08
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2 photos
U.S. 1/301 (Jefferson Davis Highway) crosses paths with SR 150 at a cloverleaf interchange midway between Bensley and the Richmond city line. The two share pavement southward from SR 150 to Colonial Heights and downtown Petersburg. 08/08/04, 05/29/08
SR 150 prepares to transition SR 895 (Pocahontas Parkway) east at the stack interchange with Interstate 95 beyond the loop ramp to U.S. 1/301 north. U.S. 1/301 follow Jefferson Davis Highway north to Cowardin Avenue and the Robert E. Lee Bridge toward downtown Richmond. 05/29/08
2 photos
2 photos
All traffic to Interstate 95 departs SR 150 (Chippenham Parkway) south in unison. Interstate 95 (Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike) constitutes a six-lane freeway between downtown's Richmond and Petersburg. Meanwhile SR 150 ends and SR 895 begins as a toll road leading east to Richmond International Airport and Interstate 295. 08/08/04, 05/29/08
SR 895 rises immediately onto the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge across the James River as the Interstate 95 traffic departs. 05/29/08
The flyover from SR 895 west onto Interstate 95 north snakes overhead above the SR 150 ramp to Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike north. 05/29/08

  1. Edward E. Willey Bridge @

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    08/08/04 by Carter Buchanan. 05/29/08 by Will Weaver.

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