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Virginia Route 168 North
SR 168 widens into a divided highway north of the intersection with North Point Boulevard. The first reassurance marker resides after the intersection with Neck Road. Out of view and inaccessible to the left is the former alignment of SR 168 on Battlefield Boulevard. 12/17/01
Battlefield Boulevard spurs south from SR 168 at the intersection with Station Road. The old alignment of SR 168 provides access to Ballahack Road west for the Naval Support Activity Norfolk Northwest Annex base and U.S. 17 at Dismal Swamp. 08/24/09
SR 168 Business continues Battlefield Boulevard northwest from SR 168 north of the crossing of the Northwest River. The business loop follows old SR 168 north to St. Bridges Road and Exit 5 of the Chesapeake Expressway. A monument type sign welcomes drivers to the Chesapeake Expressway just north of the traffic light with Battlefield Boulevard otherwise. 08/24/09
Northbound reassurance shield posted just north of the Chesapeake Expressway beginning on SR 168. 12/17/01
The main line toll plaza for the Chesapeake Expressway follows on SR 168 north at St. Brides in Chesapeake. 08/24/09
Toll plaza expansion added three cash lanes along the east side of SR 168 north at the St. Brides toll plaza. A high-speed EZ-Pass lane travels on the left side. 08/24/09
Approaching the original set of toll booths along the Chesapeake Expressway northbound. All passenger vehicles are levied a $2.00 toll. 12/17/01
SR 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard) crosses paths with SR 168 at the Exit 5 half diamond interchange near Indian Creek Road. 12/17/01
Chesapeake Expressway northbound at Exit 5 to Battlefield Boulevard. SR 168 Business continues north to Benefit Road west and Centerville Turnpike north at the community of Hickory. Centerville Turnpike (former SR 604) offers an alternate route to Virginia Beach in conjunction with SR 165 (Mount Pleasant Road). 08/24/09
Hillcrest Parkway meets SR 168 (Chesapeake Expressway) at the Exit 8 parclo interchange. This four-lane parkway was built at the same time of the Chesapeake Expressway to open up previously undeveloped land to the west for commercial and retail development. 08/24/09
Northbound SR 168 (Chesapeake Expressway) at the Exit 8 off-ramp to Hillcrest Parkway. Hillcrest Parkway ends at SR 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard) nearby and at Falls Brook Run temporarily to the west. Grading exists for a future loop ramp between the parkway east and SR 168 north. 08/24/09
SR 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard) crosses paths again with SR 168 just south of the Hanbury Road six-ramp parclo interchange (Exits 10B/A). The original south end of the Great Bridge Bypass was just south of Hanbury Road where the Great Bridge Bypass merged back onto Battlefield Boulevard. The Hanbury Road interchange (Exit 10) was built as part of the Chesapeake Expressway. Previously, there was no interchange...not even an overpass at that location.2 08/24/09
Exit 10B (signed here as Exit 10) departs SR 168 north for Hanbury Road east. The divided parkway transitions into Etheridge Manor Boulevard east to Centerville Turnpike through suburban areas of south Great Bridge. 08/24/09
A loop ramp (Exit 10A) was added after the initial completion of the Hanbury Road interchange to SR 168 north. Hanbury Road heads west to Battlefield Boulevard and Johnstown Road at Great Bridge. 12/17/01
Reassurance marker of SR 168 north posted after the Hanbury Road on-ramp. The Great Bridge Bypass doubles as the T. Ray Hassell III Memorial Highway. This stretch of freeway opened originally in 1981. 08/24/09
SR 165 follows a circuitous path 40.72 miles around Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Norfolk. The state route follows Mt. Pleasant Road east from Great Bridge to a parclo interchange with SR 168 (Exit 11). 08/24/09
SR 168 (Great Bridge Bypass) spans the Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal on the 1.50-mile approach to SR 190 (Kempsville Road) east at Oak Grove. SR 190 travels 15.43 miles from SR 166 in Chesapeake to SR 225 at Virginia Beach. 08/24/09
SR 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard) meets SR 168 for the fourth time at the cloverleaf interchange of Exits 13A/B. Exit 13B provides access to SR 190 (Great Bridge Boulevard) west in addition to SR 168 south into Great Bridge. 08/24/09
One half mile south of the Exit 12 off-ramp to SR 190 (Kempsville Road) east. Kempsville Road carries the state route northeast to Edgewood Mears Corner, Acredale, and Kempsville south of Interstate 264 Exit 16. 08/24/09
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2 photos
Exit 12 was added after 2001. There was no direct access to SR 190 (Kempsville Road) from the Great Bridge Bypass previously. Note in these two images that the same sign bridge is used for the current Exit 12 panel that supported the original Exit 13A half mile sign. 08/24/09, 12/17/01
SR 168 passes over SR 190 two miles south of the cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 64 (Hampton Roads Beltway) and transition to Interstate 464. 08/24/09
Exit 13A departs SR 168 (Great Bridge Bypass) for SR 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard) north to Essex Meadows and the retail center along Volvo Parkway.
Until 2000, the Great Bridge Bypass concluded at Battlefield Boulevard and SR 168 returned to its former surface alignment to Interstate 64 (Exit 290). The Oak Grove Connector segment of SR 168 relocated the highway from Battlefield Boulevard onto a new freeway between Exit 13 and Interstates 64 (Exit 291) & 464. 08/24/09
Exit 13B loops onto SR 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard) south. SR 168 Business represents a heavily traveled commercial arterial through Great Bridge. 08/24/09
Continuing north, SR 168 (Oak Grove Connector) angles to its merge with U.S. 17 (Dominion Boulevard) and Interstates 64 (Exit 15A) & 464 north. Dominion Boulevard represents the historic alignment of SR 104, a state route that once traveled northeast from U.S. 17 to the Interstate 464 interchange with U.S. 13 (Military Highway). SR 104 was eliminated in December 2001 when U.S. 17 was realigned to bypass the Deep Creek area along the Dismal Swamp Canal. 08/24/09
An updated view of the sign bridge for Exits 15A/B reveals the sign change for Exit 15B reflecting the relocated U.S. 17. U.S. 17 merges with SR 168 briefly before both join the Hampton Roads Beltway. U.S. 17 travels west with Interstate 64 back to its old alignment at Exit 296; SR 168 continues east one mile to Battlefield Boulevard south of Providence Junction. 12/17/01
2 photos
2 photos
SR 168 leaves the Oak Grove Connector via Exit 15A to bypass the ramps with U.S. 17 and join Interstate 64 Outer (east). Exit 15B follows as a directional ramp onto Dominion Boulevard west to SR 190 and Elizabeth City. Interstate 464 begins in one half mile and travels north 4.71 miles to Interstate 264 near downtown Norfolk. 08/24/09, 12/17/01
SR 168 (Tidewater Drive) northbound at the Little Creek Road (SR 165 & 170) interchange in the city of Norfolk. SR 168 follows a suppressed roadway from Little Creek Road northward to U.S. 60 (Ocean View Avenue). Opened in the mid-1950s1, the four mile SR 168 Tidewater Drive sees an diamond interchange with U.S. 460 (Granby Street) and limited access from Granby Street to Ocean View Avenue. 04/13/01
Virginia Route 168 Business - North
SR 168 Business (Battlefield Boulevard) enters a cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 64 (Hampton Roads Beltway). The business route ends as SR 168 north rejoins Battlefield Boulevard north to Edmonds Corner. 09/05/10

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