Washington State Route 529 North
Exit 194 of Interstate 5 north forms the northbound beginning of SR 529 in the city of Everett. Pacific Avenue carries the state route under the freeway to Maple Street. 08/30/06
Maple Street leads south directly onto Interstate 5 south at Pacific Avenue. SR 529 follows Maple north to Everett Avenue. 08/30/06
The first shield assembly for SR 529 lies along Maple Street north between Pacific Avenue and the eastbound beginning of U.S. 2 (Hewitt Avenue). 08/30/06
Access to Interstate 5 north is available via the other half of the Exit 194 split diamond interchange from Everett Avenue east. 08/30/06
U.S. 2 begins at the intersection of Maple Street (SR 529) and Hewitt Avenue. Hewitt Avenue passes underneath Interstate 5 and yields and on-ramp to the U.S. 2 bridge across the Snohomish River. 08/30/06
Hewitt Avenue continues west from U.S. 2 and SR 529 (Maple Street) to the Everett city center. Hewitt Avenue likely carried U.S. 2 west to Broadway (old U.S. 99) originally. 08/30/06
California Street carries the final block of U.S. 2 as the route leaves its freeway and ends at SR 529 (Maple Street). 08/30/06
Everett Avenue follows where SR 529 turns westward toward the city center. SR 529 Spur constitutes 0.20 miles of Everett Avenue east to the Interstate 5 northbound on-ramp. 08/30/06
SR 529 turns west onto Everett Avenue at SR 529 Spur (unsigned here). 08/30/06
Washington State Route 529 South
SR 529 follows Everett Avenue east from West Marine View Drive to Maple Street through the Everett city center. Pictured here is an Interstate 5 trailblazer at the turn onto Maple Street south. SR 529 ends at the Pacific Avenue half diamond interchange with Interstate 5 (Exit 194 for I-5 north) while SR 529 Spur continues east along Everette Avenue to a half diamond interchange with Interstate 5 (Exit 194 of I-5 south). 08/30/06
Reassurance shield for SR 529 southbound posted between Everett Avenue (SR 529 Spur) and California Street (the westbound end of U.S. 2). 08/30/06
U.S. 2 eastbound begins at the intersection of SR 529 (Maple Street) and Hewitt Avenue. Hewitt Avenue leads directly to the U.S. 2 expressway onto Ebey Island. According to the USGS Topo for Everett, U.S. 2 once continued west on Hewitt Avenue to Broadway (historic U.S. 99 / old SR 529). 08/30/06
U.S. 2 westbound splits into ramps for Walnut Street north, Interstate 5 south, and California Street. California Street carries the route one block to its end at Maple Street here. 08/30/06
Continuing one block south, SR 529 (Maple Street) meets the eastbound beginning of U.S. 2 at Hewitt Avenue. The western branch of U.S. 2 travels 2,119 miles between Everett and St. Ignace, Michigan. U.S. 2's eastern branch stretches between Rouses Point, New York and Houlton, Maine. 08/30/06
U.S. 2 heads east 2.75 miles to SR 204 at Cavalero Corner and south to Snohomish. Overall the US route totals 326.36 miles in Washington between Everett and Newport. 08/30/06
SR 529 ends at the Pacific Avenue and Maple Street on-ramp to Interstate 5 just south of Hewitt Avenue. 08/30/06
Washington State Route 529 Spur - East
Heading east along Everett Avenue (SR 529 Spur) at Walnut Street, one block east from SR 529 (Maple Street). 08/30/06
SR 529 Spur concludes its 0.20 mile journey at the northbound on-ramp for Interstate 5 to Mt. Vernon, Bellingham, and Vancouver, British Columbia. 08/30/06
Everett Avenue continues a few blocks beyond Interstate 5 and SR 529 Spur to East Grand Avenue. 08/30/06

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