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West Seattle Bridge east
Lowering from West Seattle on the West Seattle Bridge freeway toward Harbor Avenue and Admiral Way. 08/29/06
Industrialized Harbor Island spreads out to the north of the Spokane Street Viaduct from Avalon Way east to SR 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct). 08/29/06
One third of a mile west of the loop ramp onto SR 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct) north from West Seattle Bridge east. SR 99 provides a direct link to the Seattle City Center from the Duwamish industrial area. 08/29/06
Additional on-ramps join the West Seattle Bridge from Delridge Way SW north and South Spokane Street near Pigeon Point. 08/29/06
Traveling high above Harbor Island on the West Seattle Bridge crest near SR 99. There is no access to SR 99 south or from SR 99 south onto the eastbound viaduct. 08/29/06
SR 99 constitutes a full freeway between the West Seattle Bridge and Denny Way north of Belltown and downtown Seattle. The next northbound departure point for drivers is at Seneca Street in the central business district. 08/29/06
A ramp joins SR 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct) north from the Spokane Street Viaduct east. Connections with Interstate 5 and Columbian Way east are high lighted on the pull through panel. 08/29/06
An additional ramp from South Spokane Street emerges from below to provide access to the Spokane Street Viaduct east and SR 99 north. SR 99 eventually becomes North Aurora Avenue to Lake Union. 08/29/06, 08/30/06
Eastbound drivers pass under SR 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct) and quickly approach the 1st Avenue South exit. A ramp drops onto South Spokane Street ahead of 1st Avenue South; 1st Avenue South joins the Duwamish industrial area with SoDo and Pioneer Square to the north. 08/29/06
Approaching the Spokane Street interchange with Interstate 5, motorists destined for Federal Way, Tacoma and points should stay to the right. Constructed associated with the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project by SDOT added a new directional ramp from the eastbound viaduct to 4th Avenue South by August 2010. Work also widens the 1960s viaduct to four overall lanes with acceleration and deceleration lanes not built into the original design. 08/29/06
Nearing the location of the new 4th Avenue South off-ramp. Originally a ramp connected the westbound side of the Spokane Street Viaduct with 4th Avenue South. That infrastructure was eliminated and replaced with new ramps to 1st Avenue South to the west. 08/29/06
Eastbound at the Interstate 5 southbound off-ramp to Portland, Oregon. Drivers remaining on the Spokane Street viaduct stay to the left and either join Interstate 5 north to downtown or rise onto Columbian Way east to Beacon Hill and South Seattle. 08/29/06
Ramps join the Interstate 5 connections from Spokane Street below. 08/29/06
Columbia Way provides a two lane route east to 15th Avenue South east of Interstate 5. Interstate 5 north continues a short distance to Interstate 90. 08/29/06
West Seattle Bridge west
Merging onto the West Seattle Bridge from Interstate 5 south, motorists first encounter the ramps from Columbian Way west before merging again with ramps from Interstate 5 north. Ramps drop down from the ramps from I-5 south and Columbian Way west to Spokane Street South ahead of its intersection with 6th Avenue South. 08/30/06
Travelers from Interstate 5 south and Columbian Way west combine with the northbound Interstate 5 off-ramp to form the West Seattle Bridge mainline beginning. Pictured here is a right turns ahead regulatory sign. Originally a ramp dropped down onto 4th Avenue South from the westbound lanes. 08/30/06
The westbound off-ramp to 4th Avenue South was closed and removed by January 2010. A new westbound ramp to 1st Avenue South replaces the original turn-off to 4th Avenue South. Additionally an eastbound off-ramp was added by August 2010 in conjunction with the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project by SDOT. 08/30/06
An on-ramp ascended from South Spokane Street west from 1st Avenue South in this scene. New ramps are being added directly to and from 1st Avenue South to replace this ramp. The ramp was demolished to expand the viaduct 41 feet northward. Overall the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project will provide four overall lanes with acceleration and deceleration lanes not included in the 1960s design. 08/30/06
Original speed limits on the 1960s viaduct were set at 35 mph due to the lack of shoulders and merge lanes. 08/30/06
SR 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct) passes over the West Seattle Bridge at the Harbor Island off-ramp onto South Spokane Street west at 11th Avenue SW. 08/30/06
The viaduct elevates to pass over the East and West Waterways of the Duwamish Waterway at Harbor Island. Ramps connect SR 99 south with West Seattle Bridge west and the bridge east onto the Alaskan Way Viaduct north. 08/30/06
The view from the SR 99 westbound on-ramp to the Spokane Street Viaduct. 08/29/06
Excellent views of the Seattle skyline are afford to travelers across the West Seattle Bridge over Harbor Island. 08/29/06
Cresting over Harbor Island, the West Seattle Bridge approaches the exits for Delridge Way SW south to Youngstown and Delridge, Harbor Avenue SW north to Duwamish Head and SW Admiral Way west to West Seattle and Alki Point. 08/29/06
More of Harbor Island as seen from the West Seattle Bridge. 08/29/06
Departing next is the off-ramp onto Delridge Way SW south to South Seattle Community College and White Center. A turnoff below connects with South Spokane Street under the freeway viaduct. 08/29/06
One quarter mile further west are the separate ramps for Harbor Avenue SW / Avalon Way SW and SW Admiral Way. 08/29/06
Harbor Way SW travels around Duwamish Head toward Alki Beach. 08/29/06
Westbound traffic begins to ascend to West Seattle at the Harbor Avenue / Avalon Way off-ramp. Avalon Way arcs southwest from Harbor Avenue through the Youngstown community to end at Fauntleroy Way beyond the freeway end. 08/29/06
Original button copy signs (since replaced) posted at the Admiral Way off-ramp of the West Seattle Bridge. Admiral Way winds upwards to West Seattle and across the street grid toward Alki Beach and Alki Point. 08/29/06
Curving southwest along the West Seattle Bridge ahead of the transition to Fauntleroy Way south to Lincoln Park and Fauntleroy. 08/29/06
A traffic signal lies at the West Seattle Bridge freeway end at 35th Avenue SW and Fauntleroy Way. 08/29/06
Spokane Street east
I-5 and I-90 trailblazers posted at the East Marginal Way intersection with South Spokane Street under the West Seattle Bridge. 08/30/06
South Spokane Street leaves East Marginal Way and approaches a set of BSNF Railroad tracks at Colorado Avenue South. Continuing east, the frontage road leads directly to the Interstate 5 and Columbian Way interchange. 08/30/06
Spokane Street west
South Spokane Street west at 1st Avenue South and the original westbound on-ramp to the West Seattle Bridge. New ramps to and from 1st Avenue South with the westbound Spokane Street Viaduct replaced the westbound ramp here as part of the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project by SDOT. Additional work redesigns Spokane Street itself to include 10 foot wide sidewalks, new curbs and gutters, and landscaping. 08/30/06
State-named Interstate 5 trailblazer assembly posted at the South Spokane Street u-turn at Colorado Avenue South. 08/30/06
South Spokane Street crosses BNSF Railroad tracks and intersects East Marginal Way below the West Seattle Bridge and SR 99 (Alaskan Way Viaduct) interchange. 08/30/06
Taking the westbound off-ramp to SW Spokane Street at the East Waterway crossing onto Harbor Island. A sign bridge directs drivers to the various terminals of the Port of Seattle on the island. 08/30/06
SW Spokane Street has its own high level bridge over the West Waterway near Pigeon Point. Local Spokane Street veers to the north to Terminal 18 and Gates 3 and 4. 08/30/06
11th Avenue SW passes under the SW Spokane Street bridge and ends at a traffic light before westbound drivers ascend over the West Waterway. 08/30/06
Traveling below the West Seattle Bridge, SW Spokane Street utilizes a draw bridge to cross the West Waterway from Harbor Island to Pigeon Point and Youngstown. 08/30/06
SW Spokane Street sees a ramp to the Port of Seattle Terminal 5 before passing under the West Seattle Bridge at Pigeon Point. 08/30/06
West Marginal Way ties into SW Spokane Street at Delridge Way SW south under the West Seattle Bridge. 08/30/06
SW Spokane Street east from Delridge Way SW at West Marginal Way provides return access to the Terminal 5 Overpass, Harbor Island and SR 99 south via East Marginal Way. 08/30/06
West Marginal Way ends at the 26th Avenue SW entrance to Terminal 5. 08/30/06
A directional ramp ascends from SW Spokane Street west of West Marginal Way onto the West Seattle Bridge east to SR 99 north and Interstate 5. 08/30/06
SW Spokane Street continues west and travels under the West Seattle Bridge to Harbor Avenue at Avalon Way. 08/30/06

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