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Wis 15 is a major commuter route between New London and Appleton. It was constructed as an expressway to bypass the Fox River Mall area and was completed in 1998. The route was cosigned with U.S. 45 between Greenville and New London in preparation for the route to be signed solely as Wis 15 after construction projects were completed on the relocated route of U.S. 45.

Wis 15 was formerly used along the entire length of the Rock Freeway between Beloit and Milwaukee, but was replaced with an extension of Interstate 43 in 1987.

Future plans will upgrade Wis 15 between New London and Greenville to four lanes with a freeway bypass of Hortonville. Construction is set to begin in 2018.

Wisconsin 15 east
Wis 15 curves around a hill east of New London and south of the Wolf River. Photo taken 05/20/16.
County T departs from Wis 15 towards Dale and Larson. Photo taken 05/20/16.
Confirming marker for STH-15 posted east of CTH-T south and Givens Road west. Photo taken 05/20/16.
Entering the village of Hortonville, Wis 15 transitions to Main Street. A freeway bypass will be built around the community when Wis 15 is constructed to four lanes Photo taken 05/20/16.
Charlie's is a classic drive in restaurant located along Main Street in Hortonville. Photo taken 05/20/16.
Wis 15 (Main Street) intersects County M (Nash Street) in the Hortonville business district. The county trunk highway travels between Medina and Wis 54 near Shiocton. Photo taken 05/20/16.
County M (Nash Street) is the main north south roadway in Hortonville. Photo taken 05/20/16.
Wis 15 leaves Hortonville to the north of Black Otter Lake. Photo taken 05/20/16.
County JJ skirts across the northern end of the Fox Cities from Wis 15 to Wis 96 near Wrightstown. Development increases south of the roadway into the cities. Photo taken 05/20/16.
A multi lane roundabout will be constructed at County JJ (Broadway Drive) when Wis 15 becomes four lanes. Additionally the Hortonville Bypass will meet the original alignment of Wis 15 here. Photo taken 05/20/16.
Angling southeast, Wis 15 continues to an at-grade crossing with the CN Railroad. Photo taken 05/20/16.
Wis 15 is about to expand to four lanes as it enters the Greenville area. Photo taken 04/18/16.
A center median lined with street lights separates the four lanes of traffic along Wis 15 for the next mile. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Entering the unincorporated community of Greenville. Greenville is a growing township that may become a village in the future. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Wis 76 replaced US 45 south of Wis 15 and Greenville. East of this intersection, Wis 15 replaced Wis 76 after the mall bypass was complete. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Forthcoming Wis 76 stretches 43 miles overall from Bear Creek to Oshkosh. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Wis 15 (Greenville Drive) east at Wis 76 (Municipal Drive). Wis 76 is the main north south arterial through Greenville. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Wis 15 (Greenville Drive) advances southeast through a residential area. Driveways are limited and a 45 mile per hour speed limit is maintained. Photo taken 04/18/16.
A center turn lane provides access to some driveways as Wis 15 transitions into a five-lane arterial. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Greenwood Road stems north from nearby School Road to intersect Wis 15 at this traffic light. The local road extends north by a number of subdivisions to Everglade Road. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Drivers along STH-15 east next approach CTH-CB. Old Wis 76 continued straight before Wis 15 was constructed. The remaining old alignment begins at County CB just south of the Wis 15 intersection and is designated as County GV. Photo taken 04/18/16.
A multi lane roundabout replaced traffic signals at STH-15 and CTH-CB in 2012 for added capacity. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Wis 15 continues east on the "Mall Bypass" beyond County CB. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Access is restricted to signalized intersections between County CB and I-41. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Mayflower Drive crosses paths with STH-15 at the first of three traffic lights. Photo taken 04/18/16.
A mile further east, Wis 15 intersects Casaloma Drive. Casaloma Drive constitutes a four-lane road that provides access to Fox Cities Stadium and the western entrance to Fox River Mall. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Wis 15 ends at the upcoming parclo interchange with Interstate 41 opposite the beginning of County OO (Northland Avenue). Photo taken 04/18/16.
Both entrance ramps to Interstate 41 are on the left side of Wis 15 / County OO east. Photo taken 04/18/16.
South from Appleton, Interstate 41 joins the Fox Cities with Oshkosh, Fond du Lac and Milwaukee. Photo taken 04/18/16.
County OO is the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 41 before the current freeway was completed in the early 1960s. Photo taken 04/18/16.
Interstate 41 wraps around the Fox Cities east en route to De Pere, Ashwaubenon and Green Bay in Brown County. Photo taken 04/18/16.

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04/18/16, 05/20/16 by Peter Johnson

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