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Wisconsin 29 east
STH-32 leads south from Pulaski to combine with the STH-29 expressway east in 0.75 miles at Exit 249. CTH-V north ties into the upcoming diamond interchange from Isaar and the town of Seymour in adjacent Outagamie County. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wis 32 doubles as the Red Arrow Highway along its nearly 326-mile trek across the state from Land O' Lakes at the Michigan state line to Pleasant Prairie at Illinois. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wisconsin 29 east & 32 south
STH-29 & 32 overlap for 7.4 miles to Shawano Avenue in the village of Howard. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Travelers reach the city of Green Bay in eight miles just beyond Interstate 41 [U.S. 41]. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wis 29 east & 32 south briefly enter the northeast corner of Outagamie County and next intersect CTH-U (County Line Road). A J-turn takes drivers onto CTH-U north to Kunesh. Photo taken 01/24/16.
CTH-U south straddles the Brown County and Hobart village line through the Oneida Indian Reservation to eventually reach Interstate 41 [U.S. 41] near Wrightstown. Photo taken 01/24/16.
CTH-VV ventures east from Isaar to end at STH-29 & 32 through north Hobart. Photo taken 01/24/16.
A dumbbell interchange (Exit 255) joins the Wis 29 & 32 expressway with CTH-FF (Sherwood Street north / Hillcrest Road south) in one mile. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Speed limits increase to 70 miles per hour as Wis 29 upgrades to a limited access freeway to Interstate 41. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Centennial Centre Boulevard was realigned to parallel the freeway east to CTH-FF in Hobart when Wis 29 was upgraded a controlled access highway. Construction to build the interchange at Exit 255 between 2013 and 2014 expanded CTH-FF south to the boulevard and north to parallel Shawano Avenue (CTH-C) in Howard. Photo taken 01/24/16.
A directional T interchange joins Wis 29 & 32 with Interstate 41 [U.S. 41] in one mile. I-41 circles the west side of Green Bay north to Howard and south to Ashwaubenon. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Construction from 2009 to a ribbon cutting ceremony held on June 26, 2014 upgraded the junction of STH-29, STH-32 and U.S. 41 to include high speed flyovers ranging from 50 to 75 feet in height. The work was completed as part of the $1.5-billion U.S. 41 Project through Brown and Winnebago Counties.1 Photo taken 01/24/16.
A dumbbell interchange was constructed in place of an at-grade intersection along the Wis 29 & 32 expressway to join it with CTH-EB (Packerland Drive south and Cardinal Drive north). STH-29 departs here for parallel Shawano Avenue (STH-29) east into Green Bay. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wisconsin 29 east
Wis 29 exits the freeway and a reassurance sign is posted along the off-ramp. Photo taken 02/23/16.
The first of a series of roundabouts Wis 29 passes through takes the highway through a half diamond interchange with County EB (Packerland Dive). STH-29 (Shawano Avenue) doubles as the route connecting CTH-EB with Interstate 41. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Wis 29 east briefly combines with County EB north to pass under the Wis 32 freeway connector to Interstate 41. The two part ways at a roundabout on the north side of the freeway overpass. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Bypass lanes allow Wis 29 traffic to avoid the roundabout and join Shawano Avenue east directly. CTH-EB turns north otherwise along Cardinal Lane through Howard. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Shawano Avenue continues STH-29 east from south Howard into Green Bay. Photo taken 02/23/16.
The Wis 32 freeway approach to I-41 parallels Shawano Avenue. Photo taken 02/23/16.
A dumbbell interchange joins Shawano Avenue with Interstate 41 amid the flyovers joining I-41 with Wis 32. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Duck Creek Parkway hooks south from County EB (Cardinal Drive) to meet STH-29 (Shawano Avenue) at a roundabout. A pier for the I-41 south/Wis 32 west system ramp lies in the center. Photo taken 02/23/16.
The Wis 32 east/I-41 north ramp flies over as motorists enter a roundabout with the south side ramps for Interstate 41. I-41 joins Green Bay with Appleton to the southwest. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Passing under the I-41 freeway mainline, eastbound drivers along Shawano Avenue approach the northbound on-ramp to Suamico, Abrams and Marinette. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Entering the three-lane roundabout with the north side ramps for Interstate 41. I-41 ends four miles to the north at Lineville Road. There U.S. 41 reappears. Photo taken 02/23/16.
A sixth roundabout along Wis 29 east joins Shawano Avenue with Taylor Street as the trunk highway formally enters the city of Green Bay. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Wis 29 (Shawano Avenue) enters an urban area of Green Bay. St Mary's Hospital is to the left. Photo taken 02/23/16.
An original Mc Donald's sign greets motorists along Shawano Avenue east at Alfran Street. This was one of the first McDonalds built in Wisconsin. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Eastbound Shawano Avenue at the intersection with Military Avenue. This was the pre-freeway route of US 41. It was Business 41 until 2004. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Wis 29 crosses the new Westside Trail at Platten Street. For years Wis 29 traveled below grade here under the Milwaukee Road railroad tracks. The area was filled in after the railroad was abandoned. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Shawano Avenue intersects Oneida Street at the Maple Arches and Fisk Addition neighborhoods. Oneida Street south heads through the Western Corridor community to intersect Wis 32 (Mason Street) en route to Lambeau Field. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Wis 29 transitions from Shawano Avenue to Walnut Street while separating the Fort Howard and Seymour Park communities en route to Downtown Green Bay. Photo taken 02/23/16.
One block further east, STH-29 (Walnut Street) intersects Ashland Avenue. Ashland Avenue north leads to Fort Howard Park and south becomes a part of STH-32 from Mason Street to Ashwaubenon. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Broadway runs north south through a business district lining the west side of the Fox River. Photo taken 02/23/16.
The CN railroad crossing at Pearl Street results in frequent backups from trains. Photo taken 02/23/16.
A double lift bridge carries Wis 29 (Walnut Street) across the Fox River. The 1986-opened span provides a vertical clearance of 11.8 feet. Photo taken 02/23/16.
New developments have been built along the Fox River in recent years. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Eastbound STH-29 (Walnut Street) at Washington Street in Downtown Green Bay. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Walnut Street east at Jefferson Street and the Brown County Courthouse. Wis 29 east combines with Wis 54 east & 57 north in two blocks. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Motorists are advised to use the left lane from Madison Street as Wis 29 prepares to turn north onto Monroe Avenue. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Wis 29 east combines with Wis 54 & 57 to form a three-way overlap along Monroe Avenue north while Walnut Street continues east as a local street into the Navarino neighborhood. Photo taken 02/23/16.



  1. "New Hwy. 41/29 ramps to open Thursday." Fox11 News, June 23, 2014.

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