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Wisconsin Highway 29 West Wisconsin Highway 32 North
STH-29 joins the freeway leading west from Interstate 41 [U.S. 41] from Shawano Avenue after the roundabout with Cardinal Drive. High speed ramps connect I-41 with STH-32 independent of Shawano Avenue otherwise. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Leading away from Green Bay and Howard, the Wis 29 expressway travels 22 miles to the village of Bonduel and 31 miles to the Shawano County seat of Shawano. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wis 29 west & 29 north pass by Burdon Hill to next meet CTH-FF in one mile. Brown County FF (Sherwood Street north / Hillcrest Road south) comprises a two-lane divided boulevard north to Shawano Avenue and south to nearby Centennial Centre Boulevard. Photo taken 01/24/16.
CTH-FF travels three miles overall from Wis 54 (Mason Street) in west Green Bay north through the village of Hobart to CTH-C (Shawano Avenue) in Howard. Photo taken 01/24/16.
The dumbbell interchange between STH-29 and CTH-FF was constructed between July 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014 at a cost of $17.1-million. Work included the expansion of Brown County FF south and north with roundabouts in place of intersections at Navajo Trail and Shawano Avenue (CTH-C).1 Photo taken 01/24/16.
Speed limits reduce from 70 to 65 miles per hour as STH-29 & 32 transition into an at-grade expressway. Photo taken 01/24/16.
CTH-VV (Triangle Drive) runs west from Wis 29 & 32 to Isaar in adjacent Outagamie County. Photo taken 01/24/16.
J-turns provide access to County Line Road south and CTH-U north from STH-29 & 32 at the northeastern corner of Outagamie County. CTH-U spurs north 2.1 miles from here to Kunesh in the town of Pittsfield. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wis 29 west & 32 north nip the northeast corner of Outagamie County ahead of their split at Exit 249 with CTH-Y south. Photo taken 01/24/16.
STH-32 (Red Arrow Highway) branches north from STH-32 six miles to the village of Pulaski and 25 miles to the city of Gillett in western Oconto County. The trunk highway extends north all the way to the Michigan state line at Land O' Lakes. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wisconsin Highway 29 West
Wis 29 continues west from the diamond interchange (Exit 249) with Wis 32 north and CTH-V south toward the Shawano County line. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Approaching the intersection with the east end of STH-156 and St. Augustine Street north on STH-29 west. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wis 156 travels 26.7 miles west from Wis 29 to Briarton, Navarino and STH-22 at Clintonville. Photo taken 01/24/16.
The barn quilts in Shawano County give travelers something to see against the seemingly unending agricultural landscape. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wis 29 turns northwest through the town of Maple Grove en route to a diamond interchange (Exit 242) with Wis 55 south and Wis 160 east at Angelica. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Another barn quilt appears along the pre-expressway alignment of STH-29 (Main Laney Drive) to the east. The four-lane highway cut across the original alignment just south of Angelica. STH-55 was also rerouted north and east to meet STH-29. Photo taken 01/24/16.
STH-55 north combines with STH-29 west for 17 miles to STH-22 outside Shawano. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Exit 242 departs Wis 29 west for Wis 55 south to Seymour and Wis 160 east to Pulaski. Wis 160 totals just 3.4 miles between Angelica and Wis 32. Photo taken 01/24/16.

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