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State Trunk Highway 29 (STH-29) crosses the width of Wisconsin, traveling 289 miles from U.S. 10 and STH-35 in Prescott to STH-42 in Kewaunee off Lake Michigan. The state trunk highway also connects with Chippewa Falls, Wausau, and Green Bay.

STH-29 initially angles northeast with STH-35 from U.S. 10 in Prescott to River Falls, where STH-35 turns north to Hudson. STH-29 remains on an easterly two-lane rural course to Menomonie.

Within the city of Menomonie, Wis 29 briefly combines with Wis 25 around the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus before turning east to Interstate 94. U.S. 12 joins Wis 29 on a 10.6-mile overlap to I-94 and the Elk Mound vicinity. Wis 29 upgrades to a four-lane facility beyond I-94 as it continues east to Lake Hallie and Chippewa Falls. The state trunk highway varies between freeway and expressway from Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls east to Wausau, Weston and ultimately Green Bay.

Interchanges along the Wis 29 expressway are numbered based upon the state trunk highway mileage from Prescott. Wis 32 south combines with Wis 29 east at Exit 249 for the final approach to Green Bay. The pair meet Interstate 41 [U.S. 41] at a revised interchange with both high speed flyovers and a series of roundabouts. Five years of construction to June 26, 2014 upgraded the exchange in Howard. The flyover joining I-41 north with STH-29 west tops out at 75 feet while c/d roadways separate ramp movements from the Interstate 41 mainline.

STH-29 continues east onto Shawano Avenue while STH-32 joins I-41 south to Mason Street east. STH-29 spans the Fox River along Walnut Street to enter Downtown Green Bay. A four-block overlap with STH-54 & 57 along Monroe Avenue takes the route north to U.S. 141 and Main Street. U.S. 141 and STH-29 overlap from there southeast to Bellevue. U.S. 141 ends at I-43 while the remainder of STH-29 leads east to Elli Street in Downtown Kewaunee.

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