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Wisconsin 32 south
Wis 32 south continues beyond the split with Wis 29 (Shawano Avenue) to meet Interstate 41 [U.S. 41] directly. The trunk highway briefly joins Interstate 41 south to Mason Street (STH-54) while I-41 connects Green Bay with Appleton to the southwest and Marinette via the continuation of U.S. 41 north from Howard. Photo taken 01/24/16.
A sweeping ramp takes drivers south onto a c/d roadway along Interstate 41 above Duck Creek Parkway, Beaver Dam Creek and a set of railroad tracks to the adjacent dumbbell interchange (Exit 168A) with Mason Street. Photo taken 01/24/16.
Wisconsin 32 south
Wis 32 continues along Main Avenue east from Eighth Street south toward Downtown De Pere. Photo taken 02/23/16.
A subway takes Wis 32 below the CN Railroad between 7th and 6th Streets in De Pere. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Eastbound STH-32 takes an S-curve south from Main Avenue along 6th Street to join Reid Street east. Photo taken 02/23/16.
STH-32 east lines Reid Street one block south of westbound along Main Avenue. Intersecting the trunk highway here is County EE at 5th Street. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Two blocks further east, Wis 32 traffic turns left onto 3rd Street to rejoin Main Avenue before crossing the Fox River. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Wis 32 curves east from 3rd Street onto the Claude Allouez Bridge over the Fox River. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Spanning the Fox River, STH-32 east approaches both STH-57 (Broadway) and CTH-X (Wisconsin Street). Photo taken 02/23/16.
Approaching the junction with Wis 57 (Broadway) north to Allouez, County X east to George Street and the beginning of the Wis 32 overlap with Wis 57 south to Chilton. Photo taken 02/23/16.
Reaching the east banks of the Fox River, drivers enter the roundabout with Broadway and Wisconsin Street. Photo taken 02/23/16.


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01/24/16, 02/23/16 by Peter Johnson

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