This north-south state trunk highway begins in the extreme southwest corner of the state east of Dubuque, Iowa and extends 412.15 miles to end in Downtown Superior at Interstate 535 and U.S. 53. Wis 35 has the distinction of being the longest state maintained roadway in Wisconsin. The route often parallels the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers on its trek northward through the western part of the state. This guide covers the first few miles within the limits of Grant County.

Wisconsin 35 north
Wisconsin 35 emerges from Illinois 35 at the state line in southeast Grant County and begins its 412.15 mile trek along the extreme western edge of the state. The highway has the distinction of being Wisconsin's longest state route, beginning at the southwest corner near East Dubuque, Illinois and meandering its way northward, often paralleling the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers along most of its journey to Superior, where the state highway ends at a junction with Interstate 535 and U.S. Highway 53 near downtown. Photo taken 12/21/09.
The state highway is also part of the Wisconsin Great River Road, which follows the route from the Illinois state line north 230 miles to the town of Prescott, located along the east shores of the Mississippi River. The Wisconsin Great River Road is part of a much larger network of highways, byways, and local roads which follow the Mississippi River from the deltas of Louisiana to its headwaters in north-central Minnesota at Lake Itasca. Reassurance markers such as this one are placed periodically along the Great River Road network. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Guide sign for the weigh station that is situated immediately north of the intersection with Wisconsin 11. The weigh station is one of 16 facilities operated throughout the state for commercial truckers. Photo taken 12/21/09.
The Great River Road will continue to follow Wisconsin 35 another 248 miles to the town of Prescott, situated along the Mississippi River at its intersection with the St. Croix River. Prescott resides on the Wisconsin side of both rivers and lies 22.9 miles southeast of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Wisconsin 35 approaches the intersection with Wisconsin 11. Wisconsin 11 is an east-west route that travels 157.56 miles, linking U.S. Highway 61 and U.S. Highway 151 with the south central cities of Monroe and Janesville, and also links with the city of Racine, which lies along the west shores of Lake Michigan. Photo taken 12/21/09.
Wisconsin 35 and the Great River Road turn west at the intersection and join U.S. Highway 61 and U.S. Highway 151 at an interchange 0.3 miles away. Wisconsin 11 shares a brief multiplex with Wisconsin 35 before terminating at the interchange. Wisconsin 35 continues north along with U.S. Highway 61 and U.S. Highway 151 toward the town of Dickeyville. There the state highway, along with U.S. Highway 61, depart for Lancaster, the county seat of Grant County, 19 miles to the northwest. The city of Monroe lies 55.1 miles east along Wisconsin 11 while the city of Janesville, along the Interstate 39 and Interstate 90 corridor, lies 90.3 miles east of the intersection. Photo taken 12/21/09.

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