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Wisconsin 37 north
Eau Claire is three miles to the northeast of Wis 85 on Wis 37 north. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Wis 37 travels between the Chippewa River to the left and the edge of the valley to the right in this scene east of Taylor Creek. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Exposed rock along Wis 37 near Silver Spring and the north end of County B. Photo taken 09/04/16.
County B serves rural southwest Eau Claire County from Wis 37 to the town of Drammen. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Approaching Silver Springs Drive, STH-37 expands to four lanes. Photo taken 09/04/16.
STH-37 crosses Lowes Creek ahead of ramps with Interstate 94. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Jopke Road ties into Wis 37 from an American Materials ready mix plant and a Wisconsin DNR biketrail, opposite the eastbound I-94 on-ramp to Portage and Madison. Photo taken 09/04/16.
With the Chippewa River flowing just to the west, a folded diamond interchange joins Wis 37 with Interstate 94. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Travelers joining I-94 west continue to Menomonee, Hudson and St. Paul, Minnesota. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The STH-37 expressway enters the city limits of Eau Claire north of Hamilton Avenue. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Turning northeast, STH-37 enters a signalized intersection with Craig Road. Craig Road was reconstructed into a five lane roadway to better serve commercial businesses nearby. The arterial also provides a short cut to US 12 (Clairemont Avenue) west. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Wis 37 curves northward to its conclusion at U.S. 12 and Hendrickson Drive. Photo taken 09/04/16.
U.S. 12 (Clairemont Avenue) leads west to Carson Park on Halfmoon Lake and the village of Elk Mound. The US route east travels by the campus of UW Eau Claire to State Street, which leads north to Downtown Eau Claire. Photo taken 09/04/16.
U.S. 12 circles through the west and south sides of Eau Claire between the Wis 312 expressway and U.S. 53 freeway at Altoona. Hendrickson Drive links the Wis 37 end with University Drive at UW Eau Claire. Photo taken 09/04/16.

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09/04/16 by Peter Johnson

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Interstate 94
U.S. 12

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