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Wis 42 Business and Wis 57 Business join the Wis 42/57 expressway bypass with Downtown Sturgeon Bay in Door County. Wis 42/57 encircle the city along the south and east sides, narrowing across Sturgeon Bay Ship Channel on a two lane draw bridge. Locally maintained, the business route angles northeast from a wye interchange east of Duluth Avenue (CTH S) along Green Bay Road into the Sturgeon Bay street grid. Madison Street leads the route north to Maple Street.

The business route crosses Sturgeon Bay on the Maple Street Bridge to Oregon Street and Downtown. The route navigates through the business district northwest along 3rd Avenue to Jefferson Street northeast. 8th Avenue extends Wis 42/57 Business north by Garland Park to Egg Harbor Road. A commercial arterial, Egg Harbor Road returns the business route to Wis 42/57 on the northeast side of Sturgeon Bay.

Wis 42 Business Wis 57 Business North
2 photos
2 photos
Wis 42/57 Business separate from the Wis 42/57 bypass northbound at a wye interchange with Green Bay Road. 07/08/16
Passing under Wis 42/57 on Wis 42/57 Business northbound at Green Bay Road. 07/08/16
Green Bay Road extends northeast toward Downtown along a commercial strip at Lansing Avenue. 07/08/16
The first reassurance markers for Wis 42/57 Business appear after Green Bay Road. 07/08/16
Downhill with the Bay of Sturgeon Bay in the distance. 07/08/16
Green Bay Road north at Maple Street. A new bridge was built connecting Maple and Oregon Streets due to periodic problems with the historic Michigan Street Bridge. 07/08/16
Approaching the Maple Street bridge 07/08/16
South end of the bridge crossing Sturgeon Bay 07/08/16
Signal and gates 07/08/16
2 photos
The bascule span 07/08/16
Wis 42/57 Business turns from Oregon Street onto 3rd Avenue. 07/08/16
3rd Avenue north at Nebraska Street. 07/08/16
All way stop at Michigan Avenue 07/08/16
Michigan Street is the original crossing of Sturgeon Bay before the Bayview and Maple Street bridges were built. 07/08/16
South end of the historic Michigan Street bridge. Once the Maple Street bridge was built, this span closed for two years for rehabilitation. 07/08/16
Drawbridge signal and gates 07/08/16
2 photos
The bascule span 07/08/16
Michigan Street north at 3rd Ave (Wis 42/57 Business). 07/08/16
Wis 42/57 Business turn northeast toward Egg Harbor Road from Downtown Sturgeon Bay along Jefferson Street. The business banner is missing from this assembly. 07/08/16
Shields for the business route stand along Jefferson Street north at 6th Avenue. 07/08/16
Wis 42/57 Business curve north onto 8th Avenue and than northeast along Egg Harbor Road. Posted past 8th Avenue (former CTH HH), this sign most likely was placed in the late 70s when the route was first commissioned. 07/08/16
14th Ave intersection 07/08/16
Walmart parking lot entrance beyond Alabama Street 07/08/16
Continuing northeast from Alabama Street, Egg Harbor Road approaches CTH T south at 18th Avenue. 07/08/16
County T follows 18th Avenue south to Alabama Street east from Wis 42/57 Business as part of a loop east to Whitefish Point and north to Wis 57 at Valmy. 07/08/16
Wis 42/57 Business end ahead at Wis 42/57. 07/08/16
Wis 42/57 south provides a bypass of central Sturgeon Bay while northbound Wis 42/57 rejoins its original alignment. 07/08/16
Wis 42/57 Business (Egg Harbor Road) end at a roundabout that was constructed in 2016. 07/08/16

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07/08/16 by Peter Johnson

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