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Wisconsin 32 & 57 north
Wis 32 & 57 north enter the city limits of De Pere just ahead of Rockland Road. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The two trunk highways pass through a developing area of south De Pere at Ravine Road in this scene. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Approaching County X (Heritage Road) east and Fox River Drive north on STH-32 & 57 north. County X, along with County GV, provides a bypass around the east side of De Pere. Photo taken 02/22/16.
A new roundabout was constructed at CTH-X (Heritage Road) and Fox River Drive in 2015. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Reassurance sign for Wis 32 & 57 posted after CTH-X. Wis 57 gains elevation as it passes over the Fox River Trail and southbound County PP. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wis 32 & 57 north at the Fox River Trail bridge that used to be the Milwaukee Road rail line. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wis 57 and County PP (South Broadway) come together at a wye interchange. Wis 32 once followed County PP a few miles south of De Pere and turned off onto what is now County W. County PP otherwise leads to the Town of Brillion. Photo taken 02/22/16.
County PP ends and defaults onto Wis 32 & 57 as the trunk highway expands to four overall lanes. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Cook Street intersects STH 32 & 57 at the first traffic signal along northbound in De Pere. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The Fox River parallels Wis 32 & 57 directly across from St. Norbert College. The bridge in the distance carries STH-32 parallel to De Pere Dam. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Merrill Street angles northwest to intersect Wis 32 & 57 (Broadway) across from Front Street at both Wells Park and De Pere City Hall. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wis 32 and County X will soon split from Wis 57. Wis 32 leads to the west side of De Pere, Ashwaubenon and the west side of Green Bay. County X follows Wisconsin Avenue for a block, turns right onto George Street, then heads north on Webster Avenue into Green Bay. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The roundabout configuration was changed in 2013 so both lanes can turn left onto the Claude Allouez Bridge. Frequent traffic backups occur here as this is the only bridge across the Fox River in De Pere. 30,000 VPD cross the bridge. Photo taken 02/22/16.
STH-32 & 57 separate at CTH-X. The first multi-lane roundabout in Wisconsin and the busiest, it was constructed in 2007 as part of the De Pere bridge project. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wisconsin 57 north
Wis 57 continues north along Broadway after Wis 32 departs across the Fox River for Main Avenue. Photo taken 02/22/16.
STH-57 (Broadway) north at the George St intersection. The old bridge crossed the Fox River to the left from 1932-2007. Some of the old piers were reused for a lookout onto the Fox River Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wis 57 (Broadway) passes by the historic Union Hotel at James Street. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wis 57 passes through a historic home area in this scene between Fulton and Morris Streets. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Continuing north, Wis 57 (Broadway) exits the historic neighborhood in De Pere for a more suburban feel. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Entering the Village of Allouez. The village is the only Green Bay community that is landlocked so it can only grow within its borders. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Traveling 0.9 miles north from the village line, STH-57 (Riverside Drive) meets the STH-172 freeway at a folded diamond interchange. Photo taken 02/22/16.
STH-172 forms an eight mile freeway east from CTH-EB in Ashwaubenon to Interstate 43 in the village of Bellevue. Photo taken 02/22/16.
0.6 miles north of the ramps with Wis 172, Wis 57 (Riverside Drive) intersects the west end of County O (Allouez Avenue). CTH-O heads 2.7 miles east to CTH-GV (Lime Kiln Road) in Bellevue. Photo taken 02/22/16.
St. Joseph Street winds east from Riverside Drive to a commercial area at Webster Avenue (County X). Photo taken 02/22/16.
View of the Fox River and an industrial area from north Allouez. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wis 57 (Monroe Avenue) enters the city of Green Bay at Marine Street. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Advancing north from the city line, STH-57 (Monroe Avenue) travels through the Historic Astor Park neighborhood. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Northbound STH-57 at the intersection with Porlier Street. Many motorists use this as a short cut into Downtown Green Bay. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Three blocks further north, Wis 57 (Monroe Avenue) combines with Wis 54 east at Mason Street. Photo taken 02/22/16.
STH-54 travels along the Mason Street freeway west across the Fox River to STH-32 (Ashland Avenue). Mason Street extends east to U.S. 141 where it becomes CTH-V en route to I-43 and the town of Humboldt. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wisconsin 54 east & 57 north
Access to Wis 54 west from Monroe Avenue is provided by Chicago Street, where a ramp loops onto the Mason Street bridge. STH-54 serves areas of west Green Bay and Hobart as part of a 243-mile cross state route. Photo taken 02/22/16.
The first reassurance markers for the 8.6-mile overlap of STH-54 & 57 appear along Monroe Avenue between Chicago and Crooks Streets. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Approaching Wis 29 and Walnut Street along Monroe Avenue north. The St. Francis Xavier Cathedral is on the left. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Another cross state route, Wis 29 runs across southern reaches of Downtown Green Bay to combine with Wis 54 & 57 along Monroe Avenue north. STH 29 joins Howard and Green Bay with Shawano, Wausau and Chippewa Falls as a freeway / expressway. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wisconsin 29-57 north & 54 east
Wis 29 merges with Wis 54 & 57 for a 0.3 mile overlap along Monroe Avenue north. Photo taken 02/22/16.
U.S. 141 bisects Downtown from Dousman Street and the Fort Howard neighborhood to intersect STH 29-54-57 (Monroe Avenue) at Olde North. STH-29 joins the US route east through the Joannes Park and Three Corners communities along the East River. Photo taken 02/22/16.
STH-29 and U.S. 141 share 6.9 miles of pavement east from Downtown to a split in suburban Bellevue. U.S. 141 ends just to the south of there. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wisconsin 54 east & 57 north
Alternate I-43 briefly joins Wis 54 & 57 as the routes turns east across the East River from Monroe Avenue to University Avenue. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Entering the Webster Avenue intersection along Wis 54 east & 57 north. Alternate I-43 turns left where traffic can rejoin Interstate 43. If the Frigo Bridge is closed, Alt 43 guides I-43 traffic through Green Bay. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Wis 54 & 57 bypass some of the older homes through the Three Corners neighborhood. Photo taken 02/22/16.
An at-grade railroad crossing precedes the traffic light at Wis 54 & 57 (University Avenue) and Elizabeth Street. Photo taken 02/22/16.
University Avenue used to be called Willow Street, and the Willow Street Bakery is a remnant of that. When UW Green Bay opened in the late 60s, the street name was changed to University Avenue to better guide people to the campus. Photo taken 02/22/16.
Danz Avenue heads south from East Shore Drive and the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary to intersect University Avenue toward the east end of the Green Bay street grid. Photo taken 02/22/16.
University Ave splits to the right and Wis 54 & 57 will become a freeway after the intersection with County N (University Way). Photo taken 02/22/16.


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