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State Trunk Highway 93 South
Wis 93 begins at Exit 86 off of US 53. Despite the route of US 53 going to La Crosse, the city is listed as the control city for Wis 93 as the preferred route between La Crosse and Eau Claire due to it being a straighter and more direct road than US 53. It is also on the national highway system so the federal government recognizes it as the better route also. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The portal to the Wis 93 tunnel under the single point interchange between US 53 and US 12. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Inside the tunnel along STH-93 south. U.S. 12 (Clairemont Avenue) travels overhead. Photo taken 09/04/16.
A ramp from U.S. 12 merges from the left as a loop ramp adds traffic from U.S. 53 Business north on the right. These movements precede the Wis 93 southwesterly turn and two way traffic signal with the U.S. 53 Business southbound on-ramp. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The aforementioned two-way signal from the ramp of U.S. 53 Business south to Wis 93 south. Despite only having a right turn, the two lanes here frequently back up, warranting a traffic signal. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Hamilton Avenue intersects Wis 93 by a number of big box retail centers north and east of the state trunk highway. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The first confirming marker of Wis 93 appears as the arterial route leads away from Hamilton Avenue. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Wis 93 is an urban expressway with access only at limited intersections. This scene looks at a reassurance marker posted south of Brian Street. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Southbound drivers next enter one of the busiest intersections in the city of Eau Claire with Golf Road. Golf Road skirts the south side of Eau Claire and passes by the Oakwood Mall and the busiest commercial areas of Eau Claire. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Continuing south from Golf Road, Wis 93 meets Interstate 94 at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Interstate 94 circles the south and west sides of Eau Claire for the next ten miles. The freeway joins the city with Menonomie and the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The eastbound on-ramp for I-94 also takes U.S. 53 Alternate off Wis 93 south. The U.S. 53 freeway ends at the adjacent interchange from I-94, so Wis 93 is the preferred main route from this point south over U.S. 53 to La Crosse. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Lorch Avenue leads to the Eau Claire Expo Center and a waterpark hotel. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The speed limit increases to 55 miles per hour on STH-93 south beyond Lorch Avenue. The state trunk highway was expanded to four lanes in 2005 to accommodate suburban growth south of Eau Claire. Photo taken 09/04/16.
STH-93 maintains four lanes for nearly four miles through the town of Washington. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The subsequent southbound traffic light operates at STH-93 and CTH-II (Deerfield Road). Photo taken 09/04/16.
County II (Deerfield Road) travels east two miles to County I and west 4.5 miles to County B along a rural course. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Wis 93 turns to face due south after County II and prior to Willow Creek. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The roadway gains a more rural feel south of Walnut Road. A number of subdivisions lie west and east along this stretch however. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Cedar Road is the last intersection before Wis 93 transitions into two lanes. Photo taken 09/04/16.
The divided highway ends along Wis 93 south ahead of Pine Creek. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Crossing Pine Creek, the ensuing landscape along the two-lane Wis 93 varies between open farm land and forest stands. Photo taken 09/04/16.
Rolling hills and forests dominate the landscape on the way to La Crosse. Photo taken 09/04/16.
County HH leads east from STH-93 to Foster and an interchange with I-94 Photo taken 09/04/16.

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