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Winconsin 114 east
Wis 114 begins at the commercialized diamond interchange with Interstate 41 within the city of Neenah. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Although already wholly within the city of Neenah, an entrance sign for the southernmost Fox City stands along Wis 114 (Winneconne Avenue) east of I-41. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Although already wholly within the city of Neenah, an entrance sign for the municipality appears. The first Wis 114 reassurance sign stands within the median of Winneconne Avenue. Photo taken 04/25/16.
The intersection with Green Bay Road was reconstructed to a roundabout. The statue in the center was built to mark the gateway into the city. Photo taken 04/25/16.
A second roundabout joins STH-114 with Lake Street ahead of the bridge across Neenah Slough. The trunk highway enters a residential area over the next half mile. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 (Winneconne Avenue) continues east towards Downtown Neenah as a four lane undivided roadway. Photo taken 04/25/16.
A viaduct carries STH-114 over a Canadian National Railroad between Harrison and Henry Streets. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 turns north onto Commercial Street at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Overhead lane signs and an extra Wis 114 shield precede the northward turn onto Commercial Street. Winneconne Avenue extends east to Walnut Street as a local roadway. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 north at Commercial Street. Commercial Street south is the former route of County A to the city line near Adelia Beach. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Commercial Street takes Wis 114 northeast towards Downtown Neenah. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Neenah's old city hall clock tower still stands as a landmark in Downtown. The rear of the building was torn down.
Note also the traffic signal at the adjacent intersection with Columbian Avenue mounted to a building. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 (Commercial Street) passes by the Neenah Place towers beyond Wisconsin Avenue in Downtown. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 crosses a small canal north of Wisconsin Avenue. Photo taken 04/25/16.
A HAWK signal protects pedestrians crossing from a parking lot to a paper mill. Wis 114 then crosses the southern split of the Fox River onto Doty Island. Doty Island is formed by the Fox River splitting between Little Lake Butte des Morts and Lake Winnebago. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Commercial Street lives up to its name across Doty Island in this scene north of Forest Avenue. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Crossing the northern split of the Fox River into the city of Menasha on STH-114 east. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 intersects River Street and crosses a railroad spur into a paper mill on the subsequent island. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Main St leads northeast from Wis 114 (Tayco Street) into Downtown Menasha. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 (Tayco Street) reduces to two lanes north of Main Street. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Four blocks further north, Wis 114 turns east onto 3rd Street. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 lines 3rd Street five blocks east to Manitowoc Street. Photo taken 04/25/16.
A dedicated right turn lane bypasses the upcoming railroad tracks that angles across the intersection of 3rd and Tayco Streets. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Now facing east, STH-114 (3rd Street) enters the signalized intersection with Racine Street. Racine Street was the lone eastern connection to Wis 441 when it only existed as a bridge across Little Lake Butte des Morts. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 expands to four lanes again east of Racine Street. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 47 begins ahead at DePere Street and heads through central Appleton. The lengthy state trunk highway concludes at Manitowish in the Wisconsin Northwoods. Photo taken 04/25/16.
3rd Street spurs east to Jefferson Park and Brighton Beach as a local road while Wis 114 turns northeast onto Plank Road and loses a lane. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 (Plank Road) passes through a residential area. A reassurance marker appears at Konemac Street. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Hilbert and the end of Wis 114 is 16 miles away. Photo taken 04/25/16.
The Friendship Trail runs alongside Wis 114. Long term plans call for the trail to extend from Stevens Point to Manitowoc, mainly following U.S. 10. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wis 114 becomes a divided roadway ahead as it approaches U.S. 10. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Upcoming U.S. 10 travels north along Oneida Street on the Calumet / Winnebago County line to Wis 441 (Tri County Freeway). Photo taken 04/25/16.
U.S. 10 east runs concurrent with Wis 114 along the northern periphery of Lake Winnebago to the village of Harrison. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Oneida Street provides a direct route to Downtown Appleton from Wis 114. U.S. 10 bypasses the city center via Wis 441 west to its own freeway beyond Interstate 41. Photo taken 04/25/16.
Wisconsin 55 south & 114 east
Passing by the first set of shields for Wis 55 south & 114 east as the trunk highways angle southeast from their merge. Photo taken 05/06/16.
STH-55 & 114 enter the village of Sherwood south of a CN Railroad crossing. Sherwood was a growing community, but after the Town of Harrison incorporated to become a village, it is severely limited as it can no longer annex additional land. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Ascending on a hill that makes up High Cliff to the south on STH 55 & 114 south. The hill is part of the Niagara Escarpment. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Wis 55 south & 114 (Veterans Avenue) east intersection County M (Military Road) at the Sherwood village center. Photo taken 05/06/16.
County M ventures northeast to connect Sherwood with U.S. 10 east. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Wis 55-114 turns southwest to overtake Military Road from CTH-M through Sherwood. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Leaving the Sherwood business district along Wis 55 south & 114 (Military Road) east. Photo taken 05/06/16.
County B heads east from Wis 55 & 114 through St. John to end in 4.8 miles at Wis 32 & 57. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Travelers pass by the final reassurance markers for Wis 55 south & 114 east beyond County B. Photo taken 05/06/16.
A short distance further, Wis 55 south branches to the southwest from Wis 114. High Cliff Road ties into the pending split from High Cliff State Park to the west. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Wis 114 heads toward Hilbert while Wis 55 travels along the east shore of Lake Winnebago to Stockbridge and U.S. 151, north of Fond Du Lac. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Gore point of Wis 114 and Wis 55. STH-55 south continues 11.8 miles to an end near Quinney. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Wisconsin 114 east
Reassurance marker posted for Wis 114 as it leads away from Wis 55. Photo taken 05/06/16.
STH-114 continues another 6.4 miles to end at STH-32 & 57 in the village of Hilbert. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Wis 114 heads due south another 1.5 miles through rural Calumet County. Photo taken 05/06/16.
Wis 114 curves sharply at Kees Road to run along a section line east to Hilbert. Photo taken 05/06/16.

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04/25/16, 05/06/16 by Peter Johnson

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