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Wis 147 is a 14.9 mile route in Manitowoc County connecting Maribel, Mishicot and Two Rivers. The trunk highway originates at the exchange joining Interstate 43 with County Z to the north and at Wis 42 (22nd / Washington Streets) north of Downtown Two Rivers to the south.

State Trunk Highway 147 South
County R is former U.S. 141, which was replaced by Interstate 43 when the freeway was completed. Photo taken 07/28/16.
Wis 147 ended at CTH R before I-43 was completed. Photo taken 07/28/16.
First Wis 147 reassurance sign posted southbound. Photo taken 07/28/16.
Photo taken 07/28/16.
Traveling down the West Twin River Valley. The pavement was chip sealed to better preserve the asphalt underneath. Chip sealing involves spraying oil on the road surface and covering it with pea gravel. Photo taken 07/28/16.
STH 147 angles southeast to Larrabee, where it crosses paths with CTH Q. Photo taken 07/28/16.
County Q leads to Manitowoc Photo taken 07/28/16.
Wis 147 reassurance after County Q Photo taken 07/28/16.
Mischicot lies four miles southeast of Larrabee. Photo taken 07/28/16.
Continuing east past Cherney Road Photo taken 07/28/16.
Wis 147 spans the East Twin River outside Mishicot. Photo taken 07/28/16.
Entering Mishicot Photo taken 07/28/16.
County B north of Wis 147 was formerly Wis 163. The road was transferred to county control in 1998. Photo taken 07/28/16.
Luxemburg is where the former state highway ended. Photo taken 07/28/16.
County V continues on a brief concurrency with Wis 147 Photo taken 07/28/16.
County V quickly turns east onto Randolph Street after joining Wis 147 (Main Street). Photo taken 08/12/16.
County V leads from Mishicot to Wis 42 and Point Beach State Forest along Lake Michigan. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Downtown Mishicit Photo taken 08/12/16.
Wis 147 (Main Street) turns southward at Washington Street to cross the East Twin River. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Continuing though a residential area south of Church Street in Mishicot. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Two Rivers lies seven miles south of this assembly preceding Samz Road in Mishicot. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Leaving Mishicot the chip seal surface returns Photo taken 08/12/16.
Paralleling the East Twin River, Wis 147 progresses south from Fox Lane along an increasingly rural stretch with a 55 mile per hour speed limit. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Approaching Two Rivers as the speed limit drops Photo taken 08/12/16.
Wis 147 reaches the Two Rivers city limits at upcoming CTH VV (45th Street). Photo taken 08/12/16.
2 photos
2 photos
Providing a crossing over the East Twin River, County VV travels along the north end of Two Rivers east from County B at Shoto to Wis 42. Photos taken 08/12/16.
Following Mishicot Road, STH 147 advances south from CTH VV (45th Street) through a residential area between the West and East Twin Rivers. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Tannery Road intersection. Tannery Road is a minor arterial linking STH 147 (Forest Avenue) with CTH VV (45th Street). Photo taken 08/12/16.
Reassurance marker southbound at 27th Street. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Wis 147 turns east from Forest Avenue onto 22nd Street at the forthcoming intersection. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Wis 147 follows 22nd Street east to Wis 42. Monroe Street stems south to 16th Street, providing a bypass of Downtown Two Rivers. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Wis 147 ends at the turn of Wis 42 from Washington Street south onto 22nd Street east. Photo taken 08/12/16.
State Trunk Highway 42 runs southwest from Two Rivers to Manitowoc and north to Kewaunee. Photo taken 08/12/16.
Wis 42 overtakes 22nd Street east and crosses the East Twin River to Lincoln Avenue. Washington Street leads the state trunk highway south into Downtown. Photo taken 08/12/16.

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07/28/16, 08/12/16 by Peter Johnson

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