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Wisconsin 156 stair steps 26.7 miles southeast from Wisconsin 22 north of Clintonville to Wisconsin 29 at the Shawano and Brown County line. Beginning at Wis 22 in the north side of Clintonville, Wis 156 travels east along Green Tree Road into rural Waupaca County. The state trunk highway enters Shawano County ahead of a short concurrency with STH-187. STH-156 then turns east once more toward Navarino and STH-47, where it briefly follows the state trunk highway before heading east to Rose Lawn (Wis 55) and its end at Wis 29 at the Shawano and Brown County lines. Prior to 1986, the stretch between Wis 187 and Wis 29 was a part of Shawano County W but was added to the state system due to increasing traffic.

Construction is slated to commence Summer 2017 to improve the connection between Wis 156 and Wis 29. As part of planned improvements, an overpass will be built between the current end of Wis 156 and St. Augustine Street while a realigned STH-156 will be siphoned onto Old Wisconsin 29 south to Brown County Y north to make the connection to STH-29. Other improvements include new drainage infrastructure and resurfacing existing Wis 156 between Wis 55 and Wis 29. Completion of this project is scheduled for Fall 2018.1

Wisconsin 156 east
0.6 miles east of Fir Road, Wis 156 east enters the unincorporated community of Rose Lawn. Photo taken 08/09/16.
Rose Lawn centers around the approaching intersection with STH-55. The state trunk highway stretches overall 175.6 miles from U.S. 151 near Quincy to the Michigan state line. Locally, STH-55 connects STH-156 with Seymour to the south and Angelica to the north. Photo taken 08/09/16.
A four-way stop governs movements between the two state trunk highways. Wis 55 was placed on its current alignment between Seymour and Angelica in 1996 to provide a better connection to the Wis 29 expressway. Previously Wis 55 followed Wis 47 northward to Bonduel. Photo taken 08/09/16.
Drivers pass by one final confirming marker for Wis 156 east beyond the intersection with Wis 55. The state trunk highway currently ends four miles ahead at Wis 29. Photo taken 08/09/16.
The city of Green Bay lies only 13 miles ahead along STH-29 south. The state trunk highway enters the city from the northwest along an expressway, connecting with Interstate 41 before continuing into Downtown. Photo taken 08/09/16.
Farmland lines both sides of Wis 156 as it continues a short distance further to its upcoming end. Photo taken 08/09/16.
Wisconsin 156 ends ahead at a joint intersection with Wisconsin 29 and St. Augustine Street. Photo taken 08/09/16.
By Fall 2018 Wis 156 will be extended south along Old Wisconsin 29 to make the final connection with Wis 29 as part of an overall improvement project between the two state trunk highways.1 Otherwise Wis 29 extends southeast to Green Bay and northwest toward Bonduel. Photo taken 08/09/16.
Currently an at-grade intersection marks the end of Wis 156 at Wis 29 opposite St. Augustine Road. An overpass is slated replace the intersection by late 2018 linking directly with St. Augustine Road while realigning Wis 156 an additional 1.7 miles south along Old Wisconsin 29 and north along Brown County Y. Wis 156 will then connect with Wis 29 at a diamond interchange along with Wis 32. Photo taken 08/09/16.


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08/09/16 by Peter Johnson

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