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Wis 441 / Tri County Freeway forms the south and east legs of the Appleton Beltway. The westernmost section of the freeway doubles as U.S. 10, with exits along this stretch numbered for U.S. 10, while the remaining Wis 441 exits north and east are unnumbered. A major reconstruction project is currently adding a second bridge across Little Lake Butte Des Mortes. The project also includes a complete interchange with I-41, adding between 6-8 lanes, and flattening curves around County AP. The project spans the entire concurrent portion with U.S. 10, and is set to be complete in 2021.

Wis 441 was originally planned as an expressway to be constructed by Winnebago, Calumet and Outagamie Counties in the mid 1960s. The project was known as the Tri County Expressway. The first segment that opened was a bridge across Little Lake Butte Des Mortes in 1975, which was known as County Q.

State legislators in the area pushed to complete the project, and soon WISDOT took over the project and upgraded the route to a freeway. The segment between County P and U.S. 10 opened in 1991, while the remaining stretch opened in 1993. The freeway has fueled major growth for the eastern Fox cities, as many of the interchanges have had to expand capacity to handle the increase in traffic.

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