Interstate 169 Tennessee

I-169 Tennessee


Interstate 169 is a designation that was considered in 2002 as a spur route from I-69 between Union City and Martin along the Tennessee State Route 22 freeway. SR 22 extends southeast from Gibbs to Martin. This designation was almost codified into Tennessee State Law as part of Senate Joint Resolution 512, but that resolution failed to pass the state House of Representatives.1 The resolution2

expresses support for the designation of State Route 22 from Martin to Union City and the Tyson Bypass in Union City as an interstate highway link to Interstate 69, to be tentatively known as I-169.

Since Interstate 169 was not approved by the Tennessee State Assembly at the time and was not considered part of the I-69 high priority corridor, funding would need to be identified to connect I-69 at Union CIty with the SR 22 freeway at Gibbs.3

Route Information

  • East End – Martin, TN

  • West End – Union City, TN

  • Mileage – 17.5

  • Cities – Union City, Martin

  • JunctionsI-69

Source: Google Maps estimate


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