Added photos covering the south end of Interstate 5 at San Ysidro in San Diego, California from July 9, 2018. The previous entries were all from 2004!

Updated the guide for Interstate 97 with eight photos from January 4, 2019. Also converted Interstate 68 into the newer photo format.

Revamped the guide for Interstate 17 and added new photos covering both end points from April 2017.


Converted Interstate 22 into the new photo format and added complete coverage of the west end with photos from 01/13/19 and 01/26/20 by Peter Johnson. Also updated Interstate 269 with photos from the same days and 01/14/19.


Interstate 220 Louisiana – AASHTO approved adding Interstate 49 along I-220 west to I-20 in Shreveport on May 21, 2019. Added a scan from a 1979 map and three photos from J.P. Nasiatka of I-220’s west end from 05/31/19.

Interstate 220 Mississippi – converted guide to new photo format and also added a scan from a 1979 map.

Interstate 49 – construction on the remaining sections of the Bella Vista Bypass in Northwestern Arkansas and southern Missouri will complete the freeway between I-40 near Fort Smith and Kansas City, Missouri. With ground breaking taking place on October 15, 2009, the Arkansas section will be completed by mid-2020. A contract for the Missouri portion is scheduled for Spring 2020. The MoDOT web site indicates a 2021 completion for the five mile section. A news article on the project however referenced work continuing to Summer 2022. With how projects are these days, 2022 is more likely.