This week’s round of site updates includes new photos covering the west end of Interstate 26 from Peter Johnson (06/19/19). A replacement of the former end shield included the addition of a begin shield for Tennessee Route 137. SR 137 overlays the final 2.7 miles of U.S. 23 north to the Virginia state line.

Updates south end coverage of Interstate 95 again with five photos from Peter Johnson taken on 02/27/20, including a shot of the replaced signage where U.S. 1 formerly split with the beginning of I-95 along Brickell Avenue. The 2014 relinquishment of Brickell Avenue from state maintenance left U.S. 1 with a gap between I-95’s south end and SE 2nd Avenue at the bridge spanning the Miami River. FDOT GIS Data indicates that U.S. 1 was realigned onto I-95 north to the Downtown Distributor (SR 970), and along SR 970 back to its original alignment through Downtown Miami. The GIS data also indicates that U.S. 1 and U.S. 41 run concurrent from the north end of the bridge over the Miami River to SR A1A and I-395 at MacArthur Causeway. U.S. 41 however is not signed in the field.

Converted the page for Interstate 65 to the new photo layout and updated south end coverage with photos from 05/06/16 and by Peter Johnson (02/23/20).

Revamped the guide for Interstate 894 in Milwaukee with photos covering both ends, including the completed Zoo Interchange, from Peter Johnson taken earlier this week. Also converted Interstate 794 to the new layout and added three recent photos of the Hoan Bridge and one of the south end shield from Peter Johnson.

The Twin Ports Interchange project, where Interstate 535 and U.S. 53 converge with I-35 in Duluth, Minnesota was dealt a setback last Fall when costs increased by around $100 million due to needed design changes. The bulk of work at the interchange will go on as planned, but improvements at Garfield Avenue and U.S. 53 are deferred until additional funding becomes available. Work at the Can of Worms Interchange gets underway this Fall, with traffic shifts taking place along I-35 starting next Spring and running until Fall 2023.

Added four photos covering the south end of Interstate 39 from I-55 northbound taken 05/07/18 and converted the guide to the new photo layout.