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07/28/07 photos taken by Ryan Pooya.

Interstate 75 north
Departing the Michigan Welcome Center and Mackinaw Bridge toll plaza, Interstate 75 approaches a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 2 west and Business Loop Interstate 75 north at St. Ignace (Exits 344A/B). Photo taken 07/28/07.
Business Loop I-75 constitutes the former alignment of U.S. 2 through St. Ignace. The business route follows State Street along East Moran Bay to Mackinac County Airport and Evergreen Shores. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Exit 344B loops onto the westbound beginning of U.S. 2 to Manistique, Gladstone, and Escanaba. The US highway originally continued northeast along or with Interstate 75 to Sault Sainte Marie. Truncation of the route occurred in 1983.1 Photo taken 07/28/07.
Interstate 75 south
One mile north of the full-cloverleaf interchange (Exits 162B/A) with U.S. 10 west and M-25 east at Bay City. U.S. 10 begins at the forthcoming exit, traveling west to Midland and Ludington on Lake Michigan. M-25 begins at Exit 162 and heads eastward with Business Spur Interstate 75 into downtown Bay City. Photo taken 07/28/07.
U.S. 10 saw truncation from its downtown Detroit terminus to Exit 162 of Interstate 75 by 1987.2 This occurred due to the overlaying nature of the freeway over the original US route southward to the Motor City. U.S. 10 travels its own freeway west to U.S. 127 at Clare. Photo taken 07/28/07.
M-25 follows a 154.67-mile routing from Bay City along Saginaw Bay and Lake Huron, skimming the edge of Michigan's thumb, to Port Huron. Business Spur I-75 follows M-25 eastward 3.05 miles to M-84 (Washington Avenue) in downtown. Photo taken 07/28/07.

Interstate 75 scenes
State-named trailblazer posted at the East 1st Street intersection with Conant Avenue in the city of Monroe. Conant Avenue north ends at Front Street, with Front Street interchanging with Exit 13 of Interstate 75 nearby. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Summit Street is bisected by Interstate 75 at split Exit 2 interchanges in the town of Erie. Exit 2 from Interstate 75 northbound turns into Summit Street northbound in this scene at Sub Station Road. Summit Street constitutes a four-lane divided roadway between the freeway and M-125 (South Dixie Highway). Photo taken 09/02/05.


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