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Interstate 75 North - Cincinnati area

Interstate 75 North
Interstates 71 & 75 enter Ohio and quickly part ways from the north end of the Brent Spence Bridge at Exit 1B. Interstate 71 north merges with U.S. 50 east along southern reaches of downtown near both Paul Brown Stadium and Great American Ballpark; Interstate 75 continues northwest along the west edge of the Cincinnati central business district. U.S. 50 leaves Interstate 71 south for the 6th Street Expressway along the north banks of the Ohio River. The tandem northbound travel the lower deck of the Brent Spence Bridge. Photo taken 11/14/04.
Emerging from the lower deck of the Brent Spence Bridge, Interstate 71 north & U.S. 50 east turn east, splitting with a ramp onto 2nd Street at Paul Brown Stadium nearby. Interstate 75 partitions into ramps immediately for 5th Street east into downtown and U.S. 50 (6th Street Expressway) west to River Road. Interstate 71 heads northeast from Cincinnati to Columbus and Cleveland; Interstate 75 joins the Queen City with Dayton and Toledo. Photo taken 11/14/04. The replacement overheads are pictured in the image taken 06/04/08.
Traveling north along Interstate 75, one half mile out from the Exit 3 directional-cloverleaf interchange with Hopple Street. Hopple Street travels west from parallel U.S. 27-52-127 (Central Parkway) to the Camp Washington industrial area. Interstate 74's westbound beginning departs from Exit 4 next, adding U.S. 27 & 52 northbound from Central Parkway across Mill Creek. Photo taken 06/04/08.
Exit 3 departs Interstate 75 north via a left-hand off-ramp to Hopple Street. Interstate 75 narrows to three lanes at the Exit 4 directional with Interstate 74 west & U.S. 27-52 north. Interstate 74 joins Cincinnati with Indianapolis, Indiana and the Quad Cities. U.S. 27 follows the route briefly to Exit 18 and Colerain Avenue. U.S. 52 remains coupled with the freeway through to the state of Indiana. Photo taken 06/04/08.
Interstate 75 leaves the interchange with Interstate 275 and enters Butler County, the freeway next meets Union Centre Boulevard at Exit 19. Union Centre Boulevard joins the freeway with Fairfield to the west. Photo taken 11/13/04.
One half mile south of the Exit 19 diamond interchange with Union Centre Boulevard on Interstate 75 north. Union Centre Boulevard ends 0.7 miles east at Cincinnati Dayton Road to the east. Fairfield lies five miles west via Union Centre Boulevard and Symmes Road west. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 19 departs Interstate 75 northbound for Union Centre Boulevard. Union Centre Boulevard west intersects Ohio 747 (Princeton Glendale Road) in three miles and Ohio 4 (Dixie Highway) at Symmes Road in 7 miles. Photo taken 11/13/04.

Cincinnati Dayton Road heads 1.75 miles north from Union Centre Boulevard to the Exit 21 diamond interchange with Interstate 75. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Northbound Interstate 75 at the Exit 21 ramp departure to Cincinnati Dayton Road. Cincinnati Dayton Road continues north 1.25 miles to Tylersville Road at the community of Maud. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Left-lane ends overhead along Interstate 75 northbound between Exits 21 (Cincinnati Dayton Road) and 22 (Tylersville Road). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Advance notice is given to Interstate 75 northbound drivers two miles south of the Ohio 129 (Exit 24) trumpet interchange. Ohio 129 constitutes a full freeway between Exit 24 and Butler County seat of Hamilton. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Tylersville Road travels east-west between Hamilton, Maud, and Mason, meeting Interstate 75 (Exit 22) at a commercial strip near Cox Road. A diamond interchange facilitates the movements at Exit 22. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Tylersville Road heads 2.75 miles east from Exit 22 to junction U.S. 42 (Reading Road) in Mason and 4.7 miles west to Ohio 747 (Princeton Glendale Road) and 9.3 miles into the city of Hamilton. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 northbound carries four lanes to the westbound beginning of Ohio 129 (Exit 24). Ohio 129 follows a full freeway 9.5 miles west to Hampshire Boulevard in Hamilton. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 24 consists of a two-lane off-ramp onto Ohio 129 west from Interstate 75 north. Ohio 129 travels along High Street to the Miami River and Main Street north into downtown Hamilton. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 129 travels 25 miles overall between Interstate 75 (Exit 24) and Indiana 252 at the state line. Ohio 129 originally ended at Ohio 747, but was extended eastward along the 1999-opened freeway to Interstate 75. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 24 leaves Interstate 75 northbound for the Ohio 129 (Michael A. Fox Highway) freeway westbound to Hamilton. Interchanges along the freeway include Exit 24 (Cincinnati Dayton Road), Exit 21 (Ohio 747 at Princeton), and Exit 18 (Ohio 4 Bypass at Indian Springs). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 interchanges with Ohio 63 (Exit 29) north of a set of rest areas near the city of Monroe. Ohio 63 (Hamilton Lebanon Road) constitutes an east-west arterial between Ohio 4 (Wright Brothers Memorial Highway) in west Monroe to Interstate 75 at an industrial park area. east of Exit 29, Ohio 63 ventures 6.8 miles to junction U.S. 42 in the Warren County seat of Lebanon. Photo taken 11/13/04.

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