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Interstate 75 North - Dayton to Lima

Interstate 75 North
Interstate 75 leaves the interchange with Interstate 70 and approaches its counterpart in Ohio, U.S. 40 (Exit 63). U.S. 40 (National Road) serves central Vandalia and Dayton International Airport west of Exit 63. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 63 consists of a diamond interchange with U.S. 40 (National Road) east of central Vandalia. U.S. 40 follows the National Road west from Brown School Road 2.5 miles to Dayton International Airport Access Road and 4.5 miles to Englewood Metropark. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Northbound at the Exit 63 ramp departure to U.S. 40 (National Road) on Interstate 75. U.S. 40 travels south along Brown School Road to Taylorsville Metro Park on a circutious alignment around the Great Miami River. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Northwoods Boulevard intersects Interstate 75 at the Exit 64 diamond interchange just north of U.S. 40. Northwoods Boulevard ends at Robinette Park nearby and Dixie Drive (old U.S. 25) to the west. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Engle Road leads north from Northwoods Boulevard at the Exit 64 interchange to Old Springfield Road; Old Springfield Road leads northeast to Cassel Road. Dixie Highway travels along the back side of Dayton International Airport from U.S. 40 (National Road) north to Old Springfield Road. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 enters Miami County and approaches Ohio 571 (Main Street) at Tipp City. Ohio 571 travels east-west from Greenville to New Carlisle north of the Dayton area. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 571 totals 50 miles from the Indiana state line at Union City to near New Carlisle. Locally the state route follows Main Street one half mile east from Exit 68 into downtown Tipp City. Photo taken 11/13/04.

Close look at the Ohio 571 overhead at the Exit 68 diamond interchange. Ohio 571 travels 7.5 miles west to Ohio 48 (Miami Street) in West Milton. Nashville also lies five miles west on Ohio 571. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 69 joins Interstate 75 with Miami County 25A (old U.S. 25) in north Tipp City. Old U.S. 25 crosses from west to east of the freeway en route to Troy. Photo taken 11/13/04.
A partial-cloverleaf interchange facilitates the movements between Interstate 75 and Miami County 25A (Old U.S. 25) three miles south of Troy. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 turns northwest across Miami County 25A at Exit 69. Subdivisions surround Exit 69 along old U.S. 25 north and Kessler-Cowlesville Road west. Miami County 25A intersects Miami County 137 (Swailes Road) in two miles. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 55 travels seven miles east from Phio 48 at Ludlow Falls to the Exit 73 diamond interchange at Troy. Ohio 55 follows Market Street 1.75 miles northeast into downtown and Ohio 41 (Main Street). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 73 is the first of two interchanges serving the Miami County seat of Troy. Ohio 55 joins the city with Casstown and Christiansburg on a rural drive east to Urbana. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Drivers bound for Ohio 55 (Market Street) leave Interstate 75 northbound at Exit 73. Ohio 55 heads 6.2 miles west to its merge with Ohio 48 near the settlement of Ludlow Falls. The state route totals 41 miles between Laura and Urbana. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 718 (Arthur Road) passes over Interstate 75 one mile south of the Exit 74 diamond interchange with Ohio 41 (Main Street). Ohio 41 travels northwest from downtown Troy on an eight mile drive to Covington. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Residences lie adjacent to Interstate 75 northbound between McKaig Avenue and Ohio 41. Sound walls segregate the freeway right of way from the nearby homes on the one mile approach to Ohio 41 (Exit 74). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 northbound reaches Exit 74 (Ohio 41). Ohio 41 is a long route traveling 163 miles from Aberdeen to Covington (Ohio 48 & U.S. 36). Ohio 41 north to U.S. 36 west lead travelers to Gettysburg and Greenville. Main Street southeast continues Ohio 41 1.75 miles to Ohio 55 (Market Street) in downtown Troy. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 narrows from six to four lanes north of Ohio 41 (Exit 74). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Miami County 25A (Old U.S. 25) continues north from Elm Street in Troy to Eldean and junction Interstate 75 at Exit 78. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Old U.S. 25 and the Great Miami River parallel one another northward from Troy to the city of Piqua. A folded-diamond interchange joins Miami County 25A opposite the river near Farrington. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 78A leaves Interstate 75 northbound for Old U.S. 25. Miami County 25A continues 2.4 miles north to Hemm Road in south Piqua. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 sees a set of rest areas south of the Statler Road overpass near the Piqua city line. The freeway next interchanges with U.S. 36 (East Ash Street) at the Exit 82 diamond interchange. Photo taken 11/13/04.
The freeway passes over Gabry Road next to a shopping mall on the approach to U.S. 36 (Exit 36). U.S. 36 follows Ash Street west one mile to Spring Street. Spring Street carries the US highway two blocks south to Water Street through Downtown Piqua. Following Covington Avenue, U.S. 36 leaves the city on a 5.5 mile drive to Covington. Photo taken 11/13/04.
U.S. 36 continues east 5.5 miles from Interstate 75 Exit 82 to Fletcher and 25 miles to junction U.S. 68 within the city of Urbana. U.S. 36 west provides connections wth Ohio 66 north to Houston and Ohio 185 west to Versailles. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Old U.S. 25 (Miami County 25A) again meets Interstate 75 in north Piqua. Following Sidney Road, the county highway leaves Ohio 66 (Riverside Drive) and downtown Piqua to Looney Road east of the freeway. Ohio 66 leads into the Piqua Historical Area north of the city. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 83 consists of a wye interchange with Miami County 25A (Old U.S. 25) near an industrial park area. A half diamond interchange provides return access to Interstate 75 north. Old U.S. 25 travels east of Interstate 75 along a combination of Troy-Sidney, Miami-Shelby, and Sidney-Piqua Roads. Photo taken 11/13/04.
A railroad line bisects the Exit 83 interchange at Miami County 25A. Use Old U.S. 25 north to Kirkwood and south to Rossville. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 90 is the first of four Sidney area interchanges from Interstate 75. Joining the freeway ahead is Fair Road on the southern edge of the city. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Fair Road serves the Shelby County Fairgrounds on its northward trek to downtown. Fair Road/Fair Avenue becomes Water Street in 1.6 miles, trhree blocks west of old U.S. 25 (Ohio Avenue south / Main Avenue north). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 northbound at the Exit 90 off-ramp to Fair Road. Fair Road west splits with Mill Creek Road nearby; Fair Road continues southwest 3.5 miles to Miami-Conservancy Road near Lockington, Mill Creek Road heads 2.9 miles west to Hardin-Wapakoneta Road south of Hardin. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Next in line for northbound drivers is the Exit 92 diamond interchange with Ohio 47 (Michigan Street) and the Sidney Business Loop of Interstate 75. Ohio 46 enters the city from Hardin three miles to the west, joining Sidney with Versailles and Union City along the state line. Business Loop Interstate 75 follows Ohio 47 (Michigan and Court Streets) east 1.4 miles to Ohio and Main Avenues (Old U.S. 25). Photo taken 11/13/04.
Drivers pass over an abandoned railroad line one quarter mile south of the Exit 92 off-ramp to Business Loop Interstate 75 north & Ohio 47 (Michigan Street). Business Loop Interstate 75 follows the old routing of U.S. 25 northward along Wapakoneta Avenue from downtown to Exit 94 of Interstaet 75. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 47 and Business Loop Interstate 75 follow the one-way couplet of Main Avenue (north) and Ohio Avenue (south) two blocks from the Sidney city center to North Street. Ohio 29 begins there and follows Business Loop Interstate 75 north to Russell Road west and St. Marys Avenue north. Ohio 47 east continues five miles from Sidney to Port Jefferson on the 24 mile drive to Bellefontaine. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Two miles separate Ohio 29 from its south end in downtown and the Exit 93 diamond interchange with Interstate 75. Ohio 29 follows St. Marys Avenue north from Russell Road to the city line. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Ohio 29 links Sidney with St. Marys 21 miles to the northwest. The state route meets Ohio 705 in 2.8 miles and Ohio 119 at McCartyville in 7.1 miles. Ohio 705 stems west nine miles from Ohio 29 to Fort Loramie. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Interstate 75 northbound parts ways with the Exit 93 off-ramp to Ohio 29 (St. Marys Avenue). Ohio 29 north to Ohio 119 west lead drivers to Lake Loramie State Park. The state route ends at the Indiana State line. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Shelby County 25A (Wapakoneta Avenue) meets Interstate 75 again at the Exit 94 interchange north of Shelby. Wapakoneta carries Business Loop Interstate 75 back to Interstate 75. Photo taken 11/13/04.
Exit 94 departs Interstate 75 northbound for Shelby County 25A (Old U.S. 25). Wapakoneta Avenue heads two miles north from downtown to the freeway. Old U.S. 25 continues northward along Sidney-Wapakoneta to Anna. Photo taken 11/13/04.

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