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Interstate 77 South

Interstate 77 South
Glancing northward at the Cleveland skyline from Interstate 77's southbound beginning from Interstate 90 west. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Milepost 163 of Interstate 77 exists along the Exit 172A off-ramp from Interstate 90 west. A second ramp joins in from East 14th Street south. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Turning southeast, Interstate 77 leaves the Gateway area of central Cleveland and parallels Ohio 14 & 43 (Orange Avenue) and U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 (Woodland Avenue). A split diamond (Exit 162A) interchange joins the freeway with the adjacent highways at East 30th Street. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Passing over East 14th Street, Interstate 77's ramps from East 9th Street and Broadway Avenue join from the west. Ohio 14 & 43 follow Broadway Avenue southward from Ontario Street near Progressive Field to Garfield Heights in the south suburbs. U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 also follow Broadway Avenue briefly to Orange Avenue but turn onto Woodland Avenue at the East 30th Street interchange. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Interstate 77 south at the Exit 162A ramp departure onto adjacent Orange Avenue (U.S. 422 east & Ohio 8 south) ahead of East 30th Street. East 30th Street connects with Ohio 14 & 43 (Broadway Avenue) nearby. U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 veer away from the freeway onto Woodland Avenue toward East 55th Street and Ohio 87. Ohio 87 continues Woodland Avenue east to Shaker Heights while U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 continue a more southern route via Kinsman Road. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Interstate 77 curves southward over the Norfolk Southern Railroad on the approach to junction Interstate 490 (Exit 161B). Interstate 490 represents a short east-west freeway leading east to East 55th Street and west to junction Interstates 71 south & 90 west. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Traveling the viaduct toward the Exit 161B symmetrical stack interchange with Interstate 490. The high powered stack was meant to connect Interstate 77 with a much longer freeway. Originally envisioned as part of Interstate 80N and later Interstate 290, the unconstructed freeway was to continue east from Interstate 77 to Interstate 271 at Beachwood. However the path through Shaker Heights was opposed by area residents and the freeway never was built as envisioned. Photo taken 08/12/06.

Southbound Interstate 77 at the Exit 161B off-ramp to Interstate 490. Interstate 490 travels briefly to a signalized end at East 55th Street and west to West 7th Street and junction Interstate 71 south to Columbus and 90 west to Toledo. Interstate 490 replaced the planned Interstate 290 between East 55th Street and Interstate 71 in 1990. Photo taken 08/12/06.
Exit 161B ramp split between Interstate 490 east to East 55th Street and Interstate 490 west to Interstate 71 south & 90 west. East 55th Street heads north to U.S. 422 & Ohio 8 (Woodland Avenue / Kinsman Road) at Ohio 87 and south to Ohio 14 & 43 (Broadway Avenue). Photo taken 08/12/06.
Interstate 77 southbound meets Interstate 70 near the city of Cambridge at Exits 44B/A. The junction between these two major highways garners the distinction of the only rural crossing of two such Interstates in all of Ohio. Interstate 70 crosses the West Virginia state line at Wheeling 45 miles to the east. Photo taken 10/15/04.
A directional-cloverleaf interchange joins Interstate 77 with Interstate 70 at Exit 44. A left-hand off-ramp carries southbound traffic onto Interstate 70 eastbound to Saint Clairsville and Martins Ferry. However at the time of this photograph, Exit 44A for Interstate 70 east was closed due to construction. Photo taken 10/15/04.
Interstate 77 passes over Township Road 452 at the Exit 44B ramp departure onto Interstate 70 westbound. Interstate 70 reaches Zanesville in 25 miles and the Columbus city limits in 62 miles. U.S. 40 parallels the freeway to the north between Cambridge and downtown Columbus. Photo taken 10/15/04.
The southbound control point changes to Marietta at the city of Cambridge for Interstate 77. Interstate 77 meets Marietta just north of the Ohio River crossing into West Virginia. Ramps for Interstate 70 meanwhile leave the freeway here for Wheeling and Columbus. Photo taken 10/15/04.

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